The Sling Experience

  • The SLING Experience is a 4 Day National Slingshot event being held here in Houston, TX April 2-5th , 2020 that my buddy Storm Mansell and myself (Mark Maillet) have been working on. It's 4 days of Vendors, Competitions, Day and Night Group Rides, Even the 2020 Demos, Entertainment and Prize giveaways. We have been working on this event before last years 2019 event even ended. We put in hundreds of hours coordinating, long phone calls, meetings, route scouting, working with vendors and sponsors meetings at event venue and getting everything set. We have lots and lots of people helping make it possible and helping with the planning process. Some Key people including George Ochoa, Danna Kaye Fullen, Daniel Alford, Rodney J. Poole, Kevin Rose, Charles Fernando, Toi Debose, Stan Griffin and many more who I haven't mentioned helping as well. This is all volunteer work they are putting in work and I wanted to tell everyone Thank you for all your help!

    One thing that is very very important is that any slingshot owner who wants to attend either 1 day or all 4 days. You Must Pre-Register for the event. So please if you are planning of coming or if you are just now finding out about this event. Please register NOW! (If you already registered. you are good to go!!) The people registered is how we know what to plan for. This enters you into the giveaways, allows us to push updates directly to you and also helps us identify who each slingshot owner is in case we need to reach the owner of a slingshot while at the event for an emergency. This also gets you into the event space for FREE. It costs absolutely nothing for you to attend as a Slingshot owner, Passenger and Free to Spectators as well! We do the event for Slingshot Owners for FREE!! We don't even require you to buy a shirt. Although it is totally optional to purchase a Hat or Shirt which is on the EventBrite link below.

    I know not everyone is on Facebook and Instagram and on the forums and many of you communicate with friends who have slingshots outside of this group. So if you can copy and paste this entire message with the link below to anyone you know with a slingshot in Houston, TX or anywhere in the country as people are traveling from all corners of the USA.

    Please let them know that it only takes 30 seconds to register for the event. Click this link. Tap Tickets. Select the qty and put in your name and email address. That's all it takes.…-2020-tickets-59339227226

    Thanks for your time and we will see yall all at THE SLING EXPERIENCE 2020. — feeling excited.

  • This years event is going to be so awesome!!!

    The best part is going to be able to connect with so many friends from all over the USA when they get to Houston April 2-5th, 2020!!!

    Let's Sling!!!!!

    Slingshot LIFE!!! #SlingshotHouston Find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube