Texas Slingshot Events

  • I know a lot of you aren't on Facebook, but here's some quick notes on some future events in Texas coming up!

    Some big Texas Slingshot Events in the works!!

    8-19-17 - Dallas SS22 Massive Meetup

    10-14-17 - Slingshot Houston / SlingLife Houston to Lake Charles Poker Run (Garage rooftop party if we meet the buy-in targets)

    11-4-17 - Slingshot Houston / SlingLife Houston to Galveston - Meet at Mancuso Gulf Freeway for party then ride to Lone Star MC Rally

    3-30-18 - SSTAKEOVER Houston Multi-Day Event (still planning, unofficial)

    4-22-18 - Slingshots in the Texas Hill Country - Slingshot Roadsters Multi-Day Event

    Beware of Sling Ninja...