Offer: Sling lines cupholder

  • This cupholder also has the additional domed carbon fiber rings.

    65$ + shipping


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  • Let me k ow if this is still for sale. I will buy it

  • Please send me your address so I will know what the postage will be for the side side bags - thank you

  • If Bkl bails, I'll take it along with the side bags.

    • Thank you echoraven but I will be dropping them in the mail later today I think.

      If you want dibs on the side bags they are yours! Let me know.


    • Yep. Send me the info for the side bags.

  • I've been thinking about one of these for a while.

    • Nice to get to meet you! I will pack this up tomorrow and if the shipping is nominal I won’t worry about it.

      Bob Shigo

      806 Hearst Way

      Corona CA 92882

    • Once I get this all together tomorrow I will send you a PayPal request and you can just respond in kind.🙂

  • PayPal is fine with me )don't use Venmo).

    My address is:

    Berlin Lewis

    3311 Candleway Dr

    Spring, TX 77388-5223

    Let me know the total cost with shipping and I'll PayPal you. What's your email?

    • 65 + 12.70 =77.70 🙂

  • I'm interested. Does it seem sturdy enough to handle a large metal vacuum insulated cup. How much shade does it provide to the radio?

    Assuming the answers indicate it will meet my needs, how do you want payment?

    • You lift up the two cowlings on the dash and there are pushbutton pins that affix this into the dash. I do believe it will hold the cup you’re talking about. It came with my new sling and it is in great shape. Perhaps check out the slingmods site and they will give you more information. Venmo or PayPal works great.

    • I just measured the cups and they are 3 inches deep and 3 1/4 inches wide

    • Let me know the combined price ($65 + shipping) and I'll PayPal you.

    • did you sell this?