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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    My local dealer in Bangor (Friend and Friend) is closing at the end of the month.

    They've sold their franchise to another dealer in Bangor. But they will be new to polaris in general and slingshot specifically. they don't (yet) have any parts or qualified techs. So I'm looking for a tried and true dealer.

    Don't really care where in ME or NH.

    TIA, Dave

    I do my business with Absolute Power Sports in Gorham NH. Great place and they've always treated me well.

    Does anyone have any good ideas for cup holders on the Slingshot? The factory ones are just worthless. Have seen someone that used the RAM cup holders and am leaning that way, are there any other ideas that are better. Please provide pictures if possible. Thanks

    @chevy2 when I said worthless speaking of location. I have already did the insulation and use a Yeti just hard to get at, looking for something easier to get to.

    this is my setup, it's an old picture but love it. Move up, down, in, out,....^^^^ get your mind out of the gutter! :00008356:Works with 12 oz, cans or yeti cups.

    It was my absolute honor to present Rob the Slob with his “Slingshot Support Across America” poster.

    For those of you that don’t know Rob has been fighting that damn cancer with everything he has in him and I’m proud to say he is doing well and in good spirits. The whole SS family came together to make this possible with well wishes from the Atlantic to the Pacific. This was a kinda behind the scene mission so if you didn’t get to sign - my apologies. For all those that were able to sign and contributed to this endeavor my hat is off to all of you. When you can bring a tear to a tough ole bastard like Rob you know you have done a good thing!!:00008172: You all are the best bunch of guys I have ever had the pleasure to be associated with. Well done once again folks !!

    Sorry for my French, but..... holy shit! Someone told me to check out the forum, haven't been on for a while. Rob the Slob if anyone can kick this in the ass, it's you bud. At SSITS '17,... I think we solved the worlds problems 2 times over. I loved hanging out with you and would do anything for you. If you need anything sir, please let me know. Why is it that this shit happens to really good people and not the shit bags.

    OK, this thread is about the smokies and not buttons, but this needs to be said. NO ONE has the right to give out a e-mail, unless it's their own. Maybe there is a reason someone doesn't post for a while. Maybe they need some time away,.. other then work. If something is available, great,.. if not, wait or go without until it's available. Whatever,.. it doesn't matter to me, I'm out and this is my last post. Now I need to find out how to sign out,.. never did that before. This OG is out! Stay safe.

    Not that, just figured he didn't want his email address dropped someplace where it can be skimmed (by spammers). Got another way to share it?

    Goats_Hogs , we traded a few emails and got it worked out. Thanks

    it's not your place to give his e-mail to anyone, unless he says so, you comment everywhere weather you know the subject or not,... when someone corrects you, they are wrong . Look at the freaking battery thread. You act like some kind of demi god on here. Yet another reason older or long term members left or don't post. Along with a few others. I have messages from members stating so. I know you'll respond because you must have the last word,.. and be right!. Some may turn the other cheek, and not say anything. I won't,... shut the hell up!

    just put this on,.. we'll see how long it last,.. as far as shine, I see no real difference then my regular wax. The Meguiar's liquid wax is thicker and at this point, that is my choice,.. but I'll wait and give this stuff a shot

    just checked out their web site,.. looks good, but I don't like the pictures,.. they're fake:P,... look at the clouds on the windshield, they are the same,.. dirty and clean,.... it's not possible!:00008359: I guess it helps with sales!


    Ceramic Sealant hybrid secret sauce, that after 10 car washes is still as hydrophobic as day 1.

    To be heard to this day Shine Armor is the only solution that I know to keep brake dust/road grime from sticking to wheels, as we all know Hawk pads are great for breaking but they throw dust that seems to be magnetic and attaches to the wheels like crazy.

    After applying Shine armor to all the wheel all I have to do is rinse them up and everything just goes out on its own without scrubbing.

    thanks for the recommendation, I've never heard about this stuff till now. Going to try it. Can it be applied over current polish and wax or should everything be stripped off?

    Damn,... I guess there was some confusion with Custom Alley. They no longer make the VTR s,;( they were making this model for me:/


    not sure if I want that or this with a full windshield,..

    Venom ss trikeVenom ss trikevenom ss trike

    I can get it with a supercharged inline 4,.. reported about 300 hp

    Remy Breton at Custom Alley just sent me these pics of some trikes he is building. I told him I'll wait for my G2 VTR s. Hope to have soon, but at this point, who knows. Thought I might have it by April but now it looks like end of May or June