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    That's exactly why we moved further north of Nashville. The area we were in was just getting to crowded and Nashville seemed to be spilling over. So got out of the city last year and moved to the Kentucky Tennessee state line. Found 23acres up there with a house comparable to the one we sold and didn't hesitate. No neighbors, no Walmart or McDonald's, one red light etc etc... hour drive to Nashville for work now but happy wife happy life, now she can have all the chickens and cows she wants:thumbsup:

    now we're talking, thank you sir. I just want enough land so I can have a 350 yard driving range for golf. After the docs figured out what was wrong with my back and hips, I got back into golf and now loving life. My last day as sheriff will be Feb 1, 2023,... I CAN"T WAIT!:00008040:It will give me 33 years in public service with 25 with the sheriff's dept.. I love what I do but hate the politics, so it's time to move on with a slower pace and different job. I want to be east of Nashville, around Sparta, Crossville,.. North or South,.. even looked in southern Kentucky around Glasgow

    Well it is growing on me,.. enter Tripod, lol,.. I have taken it on a couple trips around 40-50 miles and the best I've got is 33.6mpg. Haven't towed anything yet but everyone says I'll love it. By the way, I have told my wife I really like the truck. I think she's buying it.^^

    Good areas. Not very far from some really good roads. My house is about an hour from Crossville.

    thank you sir, Not sure where to look but those towns seem OK. I just want some land and neighbors or neighborhood that are not drug dealers or high crime. I even looked at Dayton, but nothing for sale with the land I want. Again, thanks and stay safe

    Not happy, my wife just bought me a new GMC truck.:cursing: WTF? my old truck was a 2015 Ram and had 36000 miles on it. I loved that truck, it had plenty of power and did anything I needed it to do. This thing is nice but it's a diesel. I know nothing about diesels. She is in the f'ing dog house this time!

    Did they tell ya I called em for ya to get that price ?? I got lotta pull with em ya know :00008172:

    I did, and one of the guys told me to never mention that name again. He said he was in court one day for a DWI, and by the end of the hearing, he was put on the sex registry. He said his attorney was Bill Martin:/:thumbsup:

    Duly noted, your right, this will pass, the POS president we have now will pass, hopefully sooner then later, and this country can get back to where we were. I don't care if someone was here for 5 hours, 5 days, or 55 years,... if someone entered this country illegally, you should be kicked out. If you commits a crime,.. you should be held accountable. With this shit happening today, anyone can do anything. The justice system is truly blind

    really? I mean REALLY? You must be a POS democrat. In other words, by your video, you must think that you need to make others do something they don't want to do, because your right. You can not be a US citizen, or here legally. I hope and pray you have no say with the education of kids. If so, they WILL drown. I pray the parents can see this, if you have the balls to come out of the closet, and they kick your ass out.