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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    Tell me about it! :cursing:
    Short term? Probably going to get the @slingmods rear shock cover...

    Long term? Sell jris and get something else or powder coat the springs... Either way the goal is silver, black, or green springs.

    I know a local powder coating place that could do better work than the cover.

    Just can't go wrong with @slingmods. They always seem to make things right and never make it sound like they are doing YOU a favor. Will continue to support them and even more so now that I am living out of their state. :D

    The military sure straightened my ass out. I was on my way to either prison or death in my troubled youth. Def was considered the black sheep of our family. Now it’s the complete opposite. I am the model family member with a solid head on my shoulders, have made nothing but stellar decisions (sans the SS purchase) and put family first. I could not have done all this without the military. It provided me with drive, determination and making critical decisions on the fly. I advocate the military as a great path for all youth coming of age.

    Not everyone who enters the military comes with a strong moral conviction, a high GPA and and clean mental health record.

    I would really like to add these, but fear they won't work with my overall setup. Stinger top and rear windscreen. Would need a set to test fit/modify setup to make these work.

    Then once mounted... does the open/closing of the top impact the bag size too much?

    Too bad the coat hanger fix didn't stop the rattle. It really looked awesome after it was installed. :D

    I'm in the rear exit only camp! (paging Tripod)

    Based on the amount of known problems, I would seek a different MFG.

    Picked up two sets of SL wheels over the years. 2015 with like new tires for $600 in Nov 2016. Then a set of 16.5 SL wheels with new tires for $300 just a month ago. The all black 2016 SL set seems to command about $5-600.

    The SLR wheels are the only set commanding a premium to date that I know of. Usually around $1k with like new tires.

    Great news indeed. Thanks for posting Tripod.

    I hadn't heard this benefit was coming until I saw this post and boy do I miss the BX shopping days.

    We are like 4 miles north of 1604 up Blanco. Hard to tell what traffic if any would be like. Depends on when you leave. Takes about 30 minutes to get south to Lackland when not in the thick of traffic.

    Been rather busy getting our new home all set up. Finally settled on a pool/backyard oasis contractor. Pretty stoked to have broken ground and get the yard to match the quality of the home/interior. Project should be done NLT Feb 2018. Pulling the necessary permits and getting fuel for the spa heater all worked out. Fingers crossed the local utility company can bring in natural gas and I can avoid a buried propane tank.

    Did someone say Slingshots in Texas Hill Country after party at my place? :D

    Here is a sneak peek of what it will become:

    Here are some before shots of the back yard.