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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    I'll bring the 30mm socket and breaker bar to do the belt tension. That's the only special tool I know of unless someone has an actual belt tension measuring tool (I just measure by gut feel). I presume someone has an 18mm socket in a standard kit. I have jack stands too.

    Otherwise, I need electrical stuff that I have that I'll bring - Solder iron, solder, shrink wrap, connectors, etc.

    If anyone needs an oil change, I can bring the socket for that too. I have the right size oil drain pan to fit under the SS while on the ground if anyone needs.

    I have the oil change socket and plenty of other standard sockets and wrenches up to 22mm.


    Just wanted to get a chat going to see if we need to place a call out for any special tools. The belt tension thread had me questioning how tight mine is or isn't. I'd like to be able to test deflection and adjust if needed. I have a large torque wrench 1/2" with 3" extension and 1/2" to 3/8" reducer if needed. What i think I need is a longer extension, belt tension tool and 30mm socket (Need to double check if I have 30mm).

    If you have any projects that will require special tools or the like, let's air those now and ensure I have it or can be brought by someone attending.

    Another set of Jack stands may come in handy if anyone can bring a set.

    Yep, pretty easy to do. And you don't need to get on/off the ground that much.

    • Take off the gear cover (ok, so you may have to be on the ground for this).
    • Break the angle drive nut. I ended up buying a 30mm deep impact socket from Autozone (~$12) that fit perfectly with a 2' long 1/2 drive breaker bar from Harbor Freight (~$10). You only need to take about 1/4-1/2 turn out of the nut so you don't need to take it too far. I was able to get my socket/breaker bar in from behind just about perfect instead of underneath as shown in the video. I didn't have to get on the ground for this.
    • Using a 15mm socket on a 6" extension, adjust the final drive position in 1/4 turn increments. Remember: Lefty-Loosey, Righty-Tighty. The hole for it is right behind the passenger seat. Check your belt after each 1/4 turn - it doesn't take much to tighten that belt a lot.
    • Retighten that angle nut with the same socket. Heck, I don't think i even actually took the socket off the nut while adjusting the belt.
    • Put the cover back on.
    • Drink a beer in celebration of a job well done!

    Can you bring stuff to check my adj. on the 26th? I'll call you.

    Installed and tested mine out today. Totally notice a difference right away. I like Sport +1 for city driving and Sport +3 for more spirited driving.

    I have a custom turbo with Mefi Burn tune. Can't wait to get more seat time.

    I will say the turbo spooled up faster and I was roasting the rear faster than normal. :D

    I'm keeping it that for sure!

    I thought he posted about it further up in this thread, we put a silicon hose kit on his ride during the last wrench day, something he had bought a couple of YEARS ago and was sitting on the shelf.

    IIRC, the instructions were horrible and some of the clamps didn't fit well, so we may need to evaluate and go pick up a few better hose clamps.

    I have a huge assortment of hose clamps at my house. I am sure we can come up with something to get him all patched up. I saw where he said he had a leak I just didn’t realize what it was from. It’s sad that I could not attend the last wrench day and see what was done.

    My better half gave the green light to host at our place the 26th. She promised to help entertain since I plan to be covered in grease and handing out tools. is the date a go still? What do we need to get this ball rolling further?

    A list of people planning to attend and what mods they are considering would help me game plan.

    MiM - Dual rear exhaust install + Dave has to re-wire something

    chavey2 - A HUGE list of mods required... will need to focus there Dave!

    arabel - Arnold/Alisha what do you have planned?

    I can fit/work on two slings in the garage at once with the garage shut and AC running (helps cut the temp by 10* in the garage and makes it comfortable). have plenty of room to safely park 20+ slings. A few of you have been over and know first hand.

    I plan to invite a few non-forum members over for the day to see, meet and learn... possibly get some stuff done as well.

    For the record I don't have any mods lined up. :P

    First and foremost I don't trust data presented by the masses on BookFace and get 99% of my SS data from this forum. I am a vet here and would have been here sooner if I had realized where you all went when I was plugging away on TDS. This place is truly a goldmine for owners however there are a lot of people I meet that are resistant to online forums vs social media.

    Aside from the typical lazy questions on FB which I ignore, I see a ton of quality questions being asked there and I provide them answers with a link to a thread here. I see DKF Texas aka Dana doing the same often. Others here may do the same but I don't have a good way to validate FB names with user names here. I still am passing out business cards to all SS owners I meet here in San Antonio as well.