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  • Hey jeff , we spoke on the phone a few months ago about my rear tire rubbing against my W.P. Dual exhaust… I sent you my address so that I can get the NEW CLAMP so that I can peform the modification and bring the exhaust closer to the rear and give me more space b4 my new wheels arrive…..Im sending you my address once again and thank you again !

    Mr Mose Walton jr

    14 Elliot St

    Mt Vernon, NY 10553

  • Yes I finally found a combination for the front exit exhaust system that makes the grade and and I’m very confident everyone will be pleased. I venture to say it’s the best sounding system yet. I can now focus on the manufacturing side and still waiting on all components to arrive to build the kit. Should start having final production kits starting to ship within a week aka second week of July. When you hear this thing you will agree it was worth the wait.

  • just checking in, I was wondering if there is any progress on that side/ front exit exhaust. I got home from Maggie valley and have been swamped at work, first chance to check in. looking forward to getting the real deal, that I can actually say that this is a welter exhaust.

  • I have a question about your new front/side exit exhaust that you are working on

  • Thanks for the good, staight talking advice, to my exhaust question. This world need more people to do that, more often.
    We can all lurn a thing or two that way.

  • I like your rear exhaust system for the SS. A couple of questions

    1. Will this fit or made to fit with an Assault rear fender?

    2. Does this work this an Alpha turbo? My current exhaust system is an Alpha turbo side exhaust exhaust.