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    open the link I posted in post 15,444 in this thread

    and you can apologize anytime.....I post things I can prove...

    reading is your friend....

    the Great Depression lasted 10 you didn’t know that either...

    the depression also included the dust that too...

    So just because you read it on the internet, it must be true? I asked who was your source for your claim. The facts you claim to back up your belief came from a man named Boris Borisov, who wrote his story for Provda. I went to the link you provided and clicked on the highlighted section "popular belief". So you can believe Soviet PROPAGANDA if you want to, I choose not to. Reading is my friend, so is critical thinking. Your post in 15,444 proved nothing, so no apology for you comrade.

    7 million people died of starvation during the Great Depression...that could easily turn into 50-100 million in short order...From starvation and gun shot wounds.

    Open the economy people will die from getting the virus, keep it closed people will die from unnatural causes....catch 22...where’s the balancing point?

    Where did you come up with the 7 million people dying from starvation during the Great Depression? This is not an accurate figure. Try using facts in your posts and cite your sources if you do. Google is your friend.8)

    Here is some information I would like to share with anyone who is upset, as I am, with Slingshot Only's offer of the KN-95 masks:

    I sent an E-mail to Slingshot Only to express my displeasure at their "offer" of an overpriced mask made in China. It was my opinion, and it still is, that they were price gouging. Slingshot Only replied to my E-mail and defended their price, claiming that their supplier was charging them 4 dollars per mask. (Not my problem that they chose to do this.)

    The most expensive top of the line N-95 mask from 3M is sold to retailers at around 2 dollars. At least that is what the guy at the 3M fraud and price gouging hotline told me.8)

    Like FunCycle , I am done with them. :thumbdown:

    I have the Race Deck brand that is one of the snap together floors. It works as ConnMan describes. If there are a lot of cracks or uneven surfaces there is an epoxy that uses small stones. There is a company around here called Nature Stone. They apply small stones in epoxy with an optional clear gloss coat. Water will flow to the drain and can be hosed off to clean. The plastic tiles are a lot easier to keep clean. The stones will show any oil or other fluids that drip and will take more effort to clean. (unless you place a drip pan underneath)

    Went to the local Lowe's to pick up 22 bags of mulch, some furnace filters, and a small air compressor for tires. Had to wait in line to get in, as they were metering the amount of customers. One out, one in. I needed to make two trips to get all of the mulch into my Honda Fit without overloading the suspension.:00000455:I'll be spending the rest of the day in Porchview, PA.

    Actually I've never owned a Toyota but my wife has one and its a great car. Just wanted to install some comic relief. In my younger days Honda was not known as a well built car but they recognized that and really turned it around!

    Anyway, wasn't the Yugo aka the thing? I'll bet that ugly thing is well sought after today. I actually saw one a few months back in really good condition.

    The Thing was made by V.W. The Yugo was made in Yugoslavia. The best option on the Yugo was the rear window defroster. It kept your hands warm when you had to push it to the side of the road when it quit running.

    The Washington Post has reported an Australian newspaper, as a public service, printed an edition with eight blank pages to be used as an emergency toilet roll.:00008172:The bad news is that it does't work as well if you get the paper on your tablet or phone.:00008356:

    Fast Eddie Felson was the character in the movie The Hustler played by Paul Newman. He played pool against Minnesota Fats, who was played by Jackie Gleason.8) A couple of great nick names for guys that played pool.

    When I was in seventh grade my math teacher gave me the nickname of O.J. (before he went all stabby) because we had the same last name.

    Later on, in high school, one day I had a pair of bib overalls on and someone called me "John Boy Walton". That got shortened to Walt.

    Once I started working in the State Pen, my block Sergeant called me CJ7 because of my first two initials and the number of letters in my last name. That got shortened to Jeep. As I went up through the ranks, so did my nickname, Sgt. Jeep, Lt.Jeep, and finally, Captain Jeep.8):BLACKSS:

    I was out and about today at the local Target Store and was able to pick up a red one that was stuck way in the back on the end of a display hook. I had to move about five or six of the other type of Matchbox cars out of the way to find the only Slingshot. Still going for 99 cents.

    Just to press my luck, I stopped off at a second Target Store and found two more! I then went out and bought some scratch off lottery tickets. No winners, but two out of three ain't bad.:thumbsup: