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    Sam, folks weren't really criticizing your video, one of many informative videos you've contributed. They were mainly pointing out the thread title implied blame on the extended hood hinges instead of just reminding folks to check their hood latches before every ride. The Slingshot is enough like a car that it is all too easy for folks to just hop in and ride, forgetting little things like a pre-ride check, but I have finally learned to at least check my hood latches before going on a ride.

    Has anybody ever had the latches spontaneously disengage once they have been confirmed latched?


    On the rare occasion that we have failed to assure that the (stock) hood latches are secure, we have noticed that the hood does quite a bit of moving around, (like I see the hood in the video doing?), which should give plenty of warning to the observant driver? But, being conscious of what can happen is very helpful, thanks!


    So anything you add like my roof, just made my SS illegal to operate. No different than an overloaded semi. Good thing they don’t use scales when doing a safety inspection.

    We are mixing apples and oranges. In this thread the topic has been what is the maximum manufactured weight the SlingShot can be and still be legally considered a motorcycle, which has little to do with its load carrying capability. Like most vehicles there is a given maximum gross weight which can be found in your Owners Manual, for the 2015 SlingShot it can be found on pages 14 and 84.


    Added note: I got brash and emailed Polaris where I promptly received the following response:

    "Good morning William,
    Thank you for contacting Polaris. There are federal regulations that we have to follow to ensure the slingshot will be categorized as a motorcycle. One of the regulations is the weight of the vehicle but we have some additional regulations including stopping distance as well for example. Please let me know if you have any other questions or if there is anything else I can do to assist. I can be reached at 1-800-765-2747 or by replying directly to this email. You may receive a brief survey at this email address inquiring about my service levels with regards to your concerns. If you wouldn’t mind completing it, I would very much appreciate your feedback.

    Stephen| Case Manager
    2100 HWY 55 | Medina, MN 55340 | P: 1800-765-2747 |"

    Sounds just like the Cat's meow of what we are looking for.
    We did a couple hundred mile round robin today including interstate, two
    lane and single lane mountain roads where we are really pleased so far
    with these tires. Temps ranged from high 30's to high 60's. They
    definitely grab the road better where with the Kendas it was very easy
    getting it to break loose, (even frustrating at times), and today it
    only broke loose when I intentionally meant it to do so. The ride is
    very smooth and noticeably more comfortable, we didn't feel every pebble
    or pine cone and it is holding the road more consistently. The ride
    has been so improved where we were starting to think about upgrading the
    shocks there appears to be little advantage now. I can hardly wait for
    it to start raining!!

    Oh, an added note, even though it has been handling fine, in looking closely at the takeoffs, the left front tire was showing a bit more wear on the outside so it looks like a road trip up to Eugene Oregon, (150 miles), is in the future. We have discovered that you just cannot take this tricycle to just any ol alignment shop!


    My take is that I cannot imagine why Polaris would apparently be keeping to such a tight weight limit unless there was a major compelling reason, what ever it is.

    The bottom line is obvious, however, and that is that the 2015 is undeniably the best model year for the SlingShot because Polaris has been sacrificing quality for weight every subsequent model! :thumbsup:

    The Slingshot has been at a maximum weight limit since day one...if they do some thing that adds pounds on one side they must remove pounds from the other side....New top means take some weight off the bottom...

    Smaller battery
    Redesigned hood
    Redesigned front fenders
    Redesigned seats
    Different wheels
    and supposedly yes, redesigned frame

    What have I miss?


    We just installed stock sized BF Goodrich G-Forc Comp 2 A/S tires all the way around. The initial 30 some mile ride home at 70 degrees appeared to show better traction from the stop sign and a slightly softer ride. The true test for us will be when the rainy season gets here with cooler temps and wet roads. Here is a picture comparing the Comp 2 A/S and Kenda take off.

    We were lucky in getting A slingShot which already had pretty good brake feel, (definitely no double pumping required), but our dealer made it even better by doing the secondary bleeding, without even asking), when we took it in for the recall work, no force or coercion required.


    When Justina and I took our SlingShot in for the recall work the dealer had an SLR on the floor. As we each worked down a side inspecting and commenting on this and that when we reached the rear and saw that tire, we looked up at each other and said "Fat Broad, (of BC fame), at the same time!

    True story!


    Discount tire just opened their store in Medford Oregon and the G-Force Comp 2 A/S tires now are on order for all around, I forgot to ask if they would take the front Kendas in trade?


    I did the trike test with the SlingShot here in Oregon, (it was the first time the Medford DMV tested a SlingShot), which was somewhat of a challenge mostly due to the SlingShot being a larger vehicle, but I still passed so it can be done. Now it is immaterial since a motorcycle endorsement is no longer required in Oregon.


    Ok, let's give this new forum, (to us), a try.

    It seems that as soon as one does a search for SlingShot parts the costs doubles or more, so we are curious if there is a cross reference for simple off the shelf "plug-n-play" shocks for the SlingShot??


    Bill and Justina

    Our first post, we're in Grants Pass, who else do we have in the neighborhood?

    Bill and Justina