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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    You guys are the BEST!

    samowens44 - I want to watch these videos right away... but I'm giving final exams all day today and somehow, I think that the students would be mad at me if was was up at the desk distracting them with cool slingshot videos while their academic careers were on the line! :/8o

    I'll check up on these tonight! :thumbup:

    Yes, take care of students. If you have questions, let me know, each video will give something I have discovered about the Latches and adjustment. Want to help you get your latches working, important.

    New owners, you will find out at some time in your ownership of a Polaris Slingshot, the hood latching system does not latch all latches 100 % of the time. The latch system has 4 latches, two at the front and two at the rear. The front latches are adjustable, the rear are not. Hood alignment is how you achieve adjustment of the rear latches. Too much information to post in text as to how all of this is done. Over the years I have spent a lot of time working with improving the latching system by finding out what works best. I have documented all my research into the Hood Latching System into 8 video and placed in a playlist on my youtube channel, samowens44. Each video will address an issue with the latch system and adjustments. I did add two more video that show installation of the extended range hood hinge. This video will show removal and installation of hood and alignment for latch adjustments. It may help. Learn what it takes to close your hood and have all 4 latches to latch. I am also posting the installation of the Twist Dyanamics Cool Air Intake system. Reason is that it can have an effect on hoot closing and latching. Due to mounting issues with Air Filter box. The box fits close to the top of hood to have a tight air box. Just be aware of it if hoot latching becomes a problem for front latches.

    After I installed my Hahn CAI w/the airbox sealing against the hood, I was having some hood latch issues and was concerned that the hard rubber molding on the airbox was pushing too hard against the hood*, so I replaced the stiffer rubber molding with some AC weatherstripping that normally is used around in-window AC units. I used a razor knife to slit the foam weatherstripping so it would fit over the top edge of the airbox and placed some wide double-stick tape folded over the top edge of the airbox to hold the weatherstripping in place. The foam weatherstrip seals nicely against the hood and you can see how it seals against the hood. I'll post a pic once I get dressed to go outside! Ok. i put on pants:) and here's the pic -

    * I had also been playing with using some springs to help overcome some sticking at the rear of the hood that made it harder to open and actually had the hood lift up, blocking my vision during a night ride! I ended up removing the springs after that escapade!

    BKL I took photos of how it looks under the hood, here is the view, it is close and can be a source of hood latching problems that would be hard to figure out without see how tight this fit is. You did good changing to a softer material.

    Doc&Ruby I reviewed some of my Youtube Video on Latches and the Cool Air Filter Box. Here are photos.

    One shows the Air Box and how close it comes to the hood. I don't know if you have the air box or not, but maybe it will help someone that does and has latching problems.

    The other photo is a common problem that can happen, latch cable gets kinked in the front latch lever. The photo will show how a kinked cable will look. The latch will not latch like this. 10 min 30 sec, I show the condition and discuss it.

    Here is my Hood Latch test procedure video for you to look at. Good Luck on your Problem. I will also give you a link to my playlist of all the Hood Latch Video I have.

    Video for Latch testing

    Video Playlist There are 8 video. To see a list click on the youtube sybol at bottom of viewer.

    having trouble getting the hood to latch properly. Front two latches seem to be the most troublesome.

    Good slam doesn't do it, pressing down firmly (as samowens44 recommends) won't get these two securely fastened.

    Any recommendations or ideas would be appreciated. Photos are also helpful!

    Do you have the cool air input? The filter box can obstruct the hood from closing all the way down into the front latches. Just want to mention that. Another member had this problem. Forgot who. The filter box was too high. Make sure the latch pins are not bent.

    Now that you have purchased you new or pre-owned Slingshot and have been taking rides and enjoying the new life style and attention, you want to be with other Slingshot Owners. You watch for other owners on the road or in parking lots. You just don't know where they get together. Well I am here to tell you. Coming up this month of May 28th though June 2nd there is a huge event for Slingshots in Maggie Valley, NC. Slingshot in the Smokies, SSITS. The Event has been going on for a number of years and increasing in size each year. As a new owner, you may want to look into this event to attend if possible. There are hundreds of Slingshot Owners that you will meet, group rides, and find vendors for accessories to install and much more. This event will give you opportunities for information to jump start into the world of Polaris Slingshot Life Style. You can meet other Slingshot Owners, enjoy group rides throughout the Smoky Mountain area. I am providing a link to the main website that will get you started. Also, I am providing my Video playlist of aerial drone video of my 2017 attendance to the SSITS Event. This will help let you see some of what to expect. You will see there are many other Slingshot Events that happen all over the USA. This is a starting point to explore how to have fun with other Slingshot Owners. Enjoy your Slingshot.

    Slingshot in the Smokies Event Website…lingshots-in-the-smokies/

    2017 SSITS 6 video Drone Video from my youtube channel, samowens44

    If you are new owner of a 2015 through 2016 Slingshot, your passenger is going to discover real quick that there is a heat problem in the floorboard area. The reason for this heat on the passenger side and not so much on the driver side is due to the Exhaust System discharge of hot exhaust is right below the Firewall on Passenger side. You can see the point by looking under the Slingshot just behind the wheel. This Exhaust heats up the floorboard area and the passenger will be hard pressed to enjoy the ride with their feet very hot. Gail complained about this early into our own ship of our first 2015 Slingshot. I went to work and came up with a helpful solution. It came in two parts. First an Air Duct System using hoses to capture cool air from the splash guard area. I also add a 12V fan to help. I found that I needed something else to add to the air ducts. Insulation under the floorboard. I order some online and installed to the firewall, floorboard, and tranny area. Oh, was she happy. Starting in 2017 Polaris added a exhaust deflector to the firewall. Well this helped with the firewall area of the passenger side floorboard, but the other parts of the floorboard area were still getting the hot exhaust. When we got our 2017 Midnight Cherry SL LE, Gail reported that she needed the insulation system I installed on our 2015 model. I have installed the installation and also the 11 Piece Twist Dynamic Floorboard Kit. She is happy as a clam now.

    Please listen to your passenger and if they complain of heat in the floor board area. I am giving you some ideas of how to solve the problem I think some Accessory companies are now selling the insulation kits. We did not install the air ducts as there are no holes in the Splash Guard area and we are happy with results obtained at this point. Good luck on your heat issues. I have already been where you are trying to get!

    Insulation Ordering info:

    The Sump Pump Hose can be purchased at Home Depot. I believe I got the 1 1/4 size. It will fit tight into the openings in the 2015 and 2016 models.

    Air Duct System

    Floorboard Insulation

    I tried all kinds of things, the fan only lasted a little while as it created noise in the entertainment system and just did not work well enough. Air Ducts and Insulation are the best solutions.

    Important notice: Follow the directions and instructions in your Slingshot Owners Manual for your year and model.

    New Owners , this thread was created to help you see some of the important information needed to maintain and enjoy your Slingshot. It is almost impossible to make one posting fit all Slingshot years and models. The information I have posted is for my 2017 Midnight Cherry SL LE. The information is posted from the 2017 Slingshot Owners Manual. If you have a different year and model Slingshot, you should ALWAYS check your owners manual that is for your Slingshot. My information is a guide to lead you into looking the information up in your Owners Manual. Be careful and by all means, Read your owners manual for the section you are to perform a procedure on your Slingshot.

    Link to select your owners manual.

    I want to give you a view of the Albuquerque NM and the surrounding area. This video is part of our trip from Fl. to Oregon in 2015 when we purchased our Slingshot. Most people on our travels across the USA had not seen a Polaris Slingshot and we really got a lot of attention and comments. All positive!

    Come alone, we have a seat in the middle for you to watch our ride through Old Downtown Albuquerque on our way to Midrid, NM. Now if you don't have a Slingshot, get one and experience a whole new world of enjoying a ride.

    Sorry, I deleted the video, was live and did not work as well as I had hoped. Video was to jerky

    That will work, you are using it for a very good purpose. Stay safe!

    Here is a little area on the back of your Slingshot that makes a perfect "Billboard Area" to display something of importance to show off as you park and drive. It is where I display my Youtube Channel. As I am out and about on a ride, my youtube channel picks up a lot of hits and subscribers. Clean the area real well then attach self sticking letters. Mine have not come off. Got my letters from Office Depot. Let's see what you put on your Billboard Area.

    For the folks that don't own a Slingshot, here is why you may want one. A ride for lunch becomes a real adventure. You experience a really good feeling as you ride and look at that great view through the low windshield. We love the view you get without the optional top a lot of folks opt for. You will get great comments and looks as you travel and make stops for gas. Here is a view of one of our rides on Easter Sunday. Went to St Augustine, Fl for lunch and look around. As we are leaving, I captured the view of some of the area. Full of things to see and do.

    I have had the Aux LED Turn Signal Indicators installed on Snazzy for a couple of months. I did a review video to show how well they light up and are in your line of sight mounted on the Driver Rear View Mirror Arm. I strongly recommend installing an Aux Turn Signal Indicator in the line of sight to give warning when your Signal did not cancel from a turn. I have found having both indicators, left and right together works best. Good luck and keep safe.

    Note: I did find a place to order 75 ohm resistors that are necessary for the LEDs to blink. In my installation video, I used two relays that had the correct resistance, order the resistors from Ebay and install in series with each of the leads to the turn signal leads. It is located in the video half way.

    Folks, I am very bad about riding with my turn signal still on due to small radius turns. In the Car, there is a clicking sound that my passenger will alert me to the fact. The Slingshot has no clicking and I don't think you could hear it with the wind noise. The indicators lamps on the Instrument Panel does not get your attention as they are way down from your driving view. I mounted two small LED Lamps on the dash over the Entertainment System location for attention. It did not work. Too far out of driving view. Oznium has some ultra thin bright LED Strips that really are bright that will stick to surfaces very good. I took a 35 in strip with two connecting ends and cut at the cutting point of 15 LEDs on both ends. I attached these strips to the Driver Side Rear View Mirror support Arm with the adhesive strips. I wired the black lead to ground and the red lead to the blue wire pin 1 on the Turn Signal Lead for Driver side, and the red Lead from passenger side to the Blue with pink strip pin 1 at the Passenger side Turn Signal Plug lead. I found I need to add 75 to 100 ohms of resistance in the circult as the LEDs drew too much current and will trip the circuit breaker for the turn signals. I could not find a resistor, and had two relays that had 75 ohm coil resistance. I wired the coils into the circuit wiring and all is working great. You do not use the contacts of the relay only the coil for resistance. If you can get a 75 to 100 ohm resistor then use it.

    This works great for me as both indicator lams are right were they get my eye attention and can manually cancel when needed quickly. Good Luck. Find some way not to drive with your turn signals on, I see lots of guys Slingshots doing it. If you have a indicator on the far right mirror area you may not see it while driving, that is why I mounted mine on the driver side.

    Wiring diagram.

    Enjoyed a Visit in Gainesville, Fl with EjFord and Georgia his wife on Monday evening. Here is his travel outfit with Slingshot on Trailer that he left Indiana on Sunday. Enjoy your Birthday Friends, take that Snow back with you!

    As you get use to your Slingshot, you will discover you can not judge distance from the wheel Curb on Passenger side wheel when parking. I did post earlier in this thread about angle parking at curbs when parking parallel to curb.

    When you install the Ipad and Gopro, here is another way of viewing the Passenger front wheel distance to the curb. Uses the same connection to Wifi as before in above post. There are other camera positions that will make this a useful addition to your driving experience. I point out a few in the video.

    Folks, I want to share our Special Friends desire to ride in our Slingshot Snazzy. I want you to see the smile on her face, the excitement and happiness it has given her. Friends, if you have someone you know that has disabilities, see if you can brighten their life with a special ride in your slingshot. I received a special reward for doing this for our friend. The feeling of giving! It is close to winning the lottery!! Watch her have the best time of her life.