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    Hmmm "keeping me safe" and "ride my own ride" sound kinda boring. lol. :evil: But thanks for looking out, and great advice for anyone riding these roads for the first time. If I rode my own ride, I'd probably ride right off a cliff... so I need someone experienced in front of me to help me know when to slow it down, just as much to help me know how fast I really can take the next corner. You never know your limits, unless you continuously push them. Can't frikkin wait!

    Storm, we will have a great time probably depending on which roads we will be on, as to whether we ride at the pace we did in Kerrville or faster the road conditions are better up in this area so we will be able to ride a bit harder it will be a great time!! are you going to have a sling to drive or you riding with @DKF Texas? Besides hopefully we will get @FunCycle to lead us on one he's a badass driver i was telling you about in texas..

    I would not even take the Comp-2 Summer to the track. I put the new spare Kenda on the back and it stuck when hot on the track

    i made that mistake of going with the comp-2 because the max as-03 and i hate them they don't stick for shit on the roads near me so i was debating on just running a kenda for maggie

    I've not ridden the slingshot for the past few weeks, between moving, remodeling a kitchen for my parents, and my son's football.... wished I could have made it. The sling sat so long the bearing in the rear decided to go so we headed to florida on a bad bearing and we made it.

    @WraithSS it is apparent that you are going to disagree with my opinion on those certain officers in that town and that is ok with me. I have been stopped numerous times and in numerous states most are just doing their job and there is a right way and a wrong way. I have been ticket alot and let go with a warning alot. But when it comes to those guys in that particular town I have been harassed and stopped for the most miniscule shit when I was just trying to pass through to get home or to the next state. I've even had an officer stop me wile going 55 in a 55 to climb under my vehicle to inspect my exhaust meanwhile people were flying by him laying under my jeep. So when I feel that yes these guys could definetly find better things to look for like drug dealers and thieves which is a bigger problem than my lights or exhaust in this area I will have a bit of a bitter attitude with them

    you know @Cameron Roberts I agree non flashing non emergency shouldn't be an issue. And if the guy had just pulled me over and said hey you can't run any underglo lights in virgina. Seeing I'm from Kentucky that would have been fine. But no I had to provide license proof of insurance and registration and sit there for 25 minutes while he did whatever back there.

    So, the officer asked you to comply with Virginia law which you waited a "half a mile or so" to do and you give a rant for him following you and running your tags? You didn't get a ticket, right?

    He yelled across a parking lot for me to turn them off when your wearing a helmet its kinda hard to hear anyway, so when is dark inside the slingshot and you are trying to find the remote it takes you a second and yes I "complied" when I found the remote yes I did rant and will continue to do so. He wanted to run my license not the tag

    I dont know about VA but in Alabama you can run them at night as long as they don't face the oncoming traffic or blink or strobe. (Halo circles would have to be white) And they are not blue or red.

    That was my understanding across the board and I even said that to him, I'm pretty sure if I asked him for the exact section or subsection that law is in the rule book he couldn't provide it to me. @rabtech he was just trying to be all cool cause I didn't turn them off exactly when he said

    Picture this..... it was a cool evening riding back from abingdon va, after eating dinner with some really nice forum members @jrogers I took a back road with a nice set of twisties on the way around norton va. Pull up to the red light and these dope heads were being harassed by norton va finest dipshits!! I say to Aimee looks like someone's having a rough night referring to the dopers.... then out of nowhere officer barbrady swells up and yells something to us!! After I proceeded to turn and got down the road a half mile or so i realized he was yelling to turn my green lights off (which I understood red and blue were only illegal ones) and have made hundreds of trips with green on. I DID turn them off... After this dumb dick cop leaves druggies behind to chase me down to scold and harass me over my lights, which were turned off way before he followed me over a mile, I figure to hell with that stretch of virgina and there pos police force who harass over exhaust, window tint, and now they find it more important to chase me over green underglo lights instead of all the theft and druggies in our area.... rant over.... hope everyone enjoyed thier labor day weekend