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    ok, so we are 503 days away from the 2020 election. Many Dems (with public jobs) hit the campaign trail a year and a half out. Trump, though never leaving the 2016 campaign trail with his victory tour, jobs tour, border tour, immigration tour, vote for Republicans in the mid-terms tour...has now officially entered his re-election tour.

    Could you imagine if we left our jobs for weeks, months, years to travel the country what our employers would say? Oh, that is right, we would no longer be employed. These election cycles are ridiculous. As one of their employers, I hope somebody enters the race 3 months before the election and is worth voting for and wins. That way, maybe, just maybe these boneheads will get a clue.

    Personally I think people that show up to these rallies, town halls... prior to 6 months out from election day are encouraging poor behavior.

    Sorry for the rant. I saw a promo for "20 Dems, first debate" and it irked me.

    Thank you canegrinder. One of the prerequisites of serving in a combat zone is the reassurance that your country has your back, always and will do everything in its power to support the warfighter. I was shocked that the whole executive branch could sit and watch our embassy (our land oversees) come under attack for hours. They could have called on fighters over in Aviano Italy for a show of force, a flyby may have been all that was necessary. Nothing. Why?

    My opinion, President Trump would have been on the phone in minutes ordering a squadron of fighters from Aviano.

    If that is the case, should the chant not be, "lock him up"? If Trump, the President is who you think should/would respond, why is all the blame put on Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State?

    I'm not defending her, just inquiring. Her position(Secretary of State) being the one "entirely responsible for all faults related to Bengazi", has always baffled me.

    WOLF , I am a Korea and Vietnam Veteran and I am very concerned about what happened in Bengazi. Yes my dreams would be fulfilled if Hillery and all the people involved were sent to prison. Coruption in our Government has to stop. So I will dream until the day I die that Justice will be served and that this great Country that I love Will be Great Again. God Bless America!!!!

    As a fellow Vet, I thank you for your service. You do realize I was busting your chops over your , "ALL my dreams come true" statement, right. I just thought it was that that is your one and only dream.

    I have said over and over, I don't care about any politicians enough to get emotional over their rightful imprisonment. I also never defend the indefensible because somebody is my friend, I voted for them or any other reason. If they are guilty, prove it, convict them and I will nod in approvement.:)

    That would make all my dreams come true.

    All your dreams? I hope you get it, because that is the saddest "dreams" I've ever heard.

    Amazingly healthy long life, love, family unity, happiness, riches, ability to fly, super human strength, truly know everything, travel through space and time, invent something that changes the world for the better forever, The end of pollution, see a time where all men and women live in harmony, the end of world hunger, poverty and suffering and find a cure for every major life ending/altering ailment. Own my own large lake attached to my hundreds of acres that has an indoor gun/archery range, outdoor gun and archery range, dragstrip, 8 mile long car/motorcycle track, 50 mile long dirt track through dense woods for dirtbikes, quads and side by sides, a few boats waverunners...

    But, if Hillary in prison is ALL your dreams I feel for you and hope you get your "dreams".;)

    Let’s be realistic here - I don’t give a damn who is President - Rep, Dem, Libertarian, the family dog - none would ever see the inside of a jail cell. Can you imagine putting someone in jail that knows all the country’s top secrets?? What they gonna do - issue the Secret Service shanks for their security detail?? This is all just political theater - sorry WOLF - Trump ain’t getting locked up no more than Hillary (which I have prayed for)- but we can dream :00008172:

    The reason you all like Trump is because he isn't a career politician. That is the exact reason he is in real legal jeopardy. He may be "just one of the guys", which is what appeals to his supporters. However, he is not one of the boys and will not be protected like one. Yes, you can dream he will.:*

    Well if are right - Comey, Clinton, Lynch, Clapper, Strzok, Page, Brennan will be waiting on him in Federal Lockup - there is a LOT more hard evidence on them than Trump that I FULLY understand - of course for Never Trumpers that will fall on deaf ears:00008359:

    One or two of them may be waiting on him, not all. Those that aren't waiting on him are not necessarily clean, just well connected.

    Trump however will be in court within a month of losing the election and in jail within 6 months. New York owns his ass once he is no longer protected by his position.

    Did she give a reason? I'll bet 10 to 1 she gave no reason.

    I just checked and it was because of his actions. What does that mean?

    When he's in prison you'll understand. Any explanation before then will fall on deaf ears.;)

    It's not that they aren't using his name that's interesting, I understand the concept of denying notoriety. It would appear that his politics, background, education and religious preference doesn't fit the current agenda of the left.

    Both sides have agendas, how quick is FOX to call out somebody as Muslim?

    However when I think of the most recent shootings, Vegas... None of the media have jumped into that pit. Maybe all media is starting to realize their methods of reporting were/are toxic and provoke more of the same.

    I figure since he worked for the local government, he was probably a registered dumbocrat.

    They probably don't want the public to know that or that info to become viral.

    More ammo for the repubs.

    Come don't believe "dumbocrats" own guns.

    Also, I work for the local government and again contrary to Republican talking points more than half of the 100+ employees I have contact with voted for Trump (though for many, their support for him is waivering).

    Really not hearing a lot about the Virginia Beach shooter from the media. I wonder why his pedigree isn't being talked about?

    There was a lot of talk about the shooting. Quite a few media outlets seem to be in agreement and only mentioned the shooters name on their respective original report. To Bill's point, the lack of notoriety will deter some would be infamous status seeking dirtbags. Which is always a good thing.

    There ya are off the rails again —

    Guess Biden is your guy - think they will start a 2 year investigation into this .....EVER !!

    How is pointing out a blatant cover up being "Off the rails"?

    Also, I don't have a guy in the 2020 race. I also stated many times if somebody is suspected of wrong doing investigate them. Unlike many, you won't find me crying foul when somebody gets investigated. I care about the truth and facts, those are only found through an investigation. Lock all the Dems and Republicans up if you find evidence backed criminality. My blood pressure would stay flat and no tears would well up in my eyes.

    Here we go again. Pelosi states President Trump is "engaging in a cover-up". So much wasted time. Predictable, totally predictable.

    Same approach different words. What's the cover up? Lets hear it!

    Trump has been involved in an elaborate cover up since before he was President. You asked, so I'll show you. Try to defend that PIECE of **** Now!

    too much fun California politicians beating each other up at conference

    seems that the new way for the left to deal with differences in politics is to sucker punch someone even if its another liberal

    You understand words different than me. I read two "collegues", no mention of party affiliation, were having a heated discussion and one was hit from behind. Authorities haven't been able to find the assailant(s) or identify the seven(7) people involved in the altercation.

    I need to watch more FOX News pundits to help me properly decipher the truth behind the written word.

    Those look like my daily driver wheels WOLF !

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