Keeping things organised, for cheap

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This is just a little idea I use to keep my stuff organized. You can't be mixing up lifters, rockers, valves and springs. these need to return where they where.

Luckily, most ice cube trays have 16 ice compartments. Hmm ;-)

So, I got 1 for the lifters and rockers for the exhaust side, one for the intake, and one for the valve springs and retainers.
The cams, once removed, I wrapped in Saran Wrap until they are padded enough. you don't want to dent or score a bearing surface...

Once all your parts are in the tray, saranwrap the crap out of it, an you will not loose or misplace any of the parts. Arrow indicated engine front.

Vi Engineered Turbo (V-Mount)
Forged LE9
DDM Works Fuel Rail
RRR Oil Catchcan
Assault Hub / Steering wheel
DDM Works short shifter
PRP Shifter Boot
Cipher Race Seats and 4 point harness
XO Luxury Verona 20x12 Toyo R888 315/35r20, 19x9.5 Toyo R888 265/35R19
and more...