Internal Engine work - Removing the head...

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So, I have taken all my prior posts from the "other side" and put them all in here, its going to be easier to stay organized.

So. Where to start. I have a JonV turbo setup, which is known for its insane boost creep. I don't even think we can call it boost creep anymore...
So, I decided to try and build a LE9 that could deal with 14 psi of boost without destroying itself.

Warning: I am NOT a mechanic. Everything you see me do, I have NEVER done before. I am learning as I go. I read a LOT, I talk to a lot of people that know WAY more than I do, I try to make sense and logic from what I learn, I get the proper tools for the job, and I do it. This is my warning. Don't look at what I do thinking I know exactly where I am going with this, I don't. There, it is said.

So, 1st things first. My turbo kit was installed, by me, last summer. so everything needs to come off:

Then the fuel feed line, water hoses, everything, Off...

Then, to remove the head, you need to remove the cam gears. throw away the bolts, they are torque to yield= no good after removal.
I marked everything yo make sure I could put it back the way it was...

Make sure you drained the water from the pump to not make a total mess and unbolt the head, starting at the center and working towards the exterior.

My initial idea was to only remove the head, clean the deck, replace rods and pistons, but then life happened and I removed a cam when I could hear a bit of scrapping when turning the cam... hmmm. So, cam removed, oh shit!

WTF!!! Where does that crap come from ?!?!? looking at the cast flare, this head casting is horrible:

I will not be able to sleep knowing this is inside my engine... so it has to go.

Vi Engineered Turbo (V-Mount)
Forged LE9
DDM Works Fuel Rail
RRR Oil Catchcan
Assault Hub / Steering wheel
DDM Works short shifter
PRP Shifter Boot
Cipher Race Seats and 4 point harness
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