iNewton's build thread

My ongoing quest for an turbo Le9 that doesn't blow up, and can eat T-Rex on a track :)

    This is just a little idea I use to keep my stuff organized. You can't be mixing up lifters, rockers, valves and springs. these need to return where they where.

    Luckily, most ice cube trays have 16 ice compartments. Hmm ;-)

    So, I got 1 for the lifters and rockers for the exhaust side, one for the intake, and one for the valve springs and retainers.
    The cams, once removed, I wrapped in Saran Wrap until they are padded enough. you don't want to dent or score a bearing surface...


    Once all your parts are in the tray, saranwrap the crap out of it, an you will not loose or misplace any of the parts. Arrow indicated engine front.

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    So as you saw in part one, casting flare on the head is horrible and needs to be fixed:


    I did this thru the entire head interior. No more flare from casting anywhere to be found.

    Now, I have this dremel in my hand, the head already needs to be cleaned professionally and looking at the intake ports, they are sharp, unequal and generally look like shit.
    So, might just take the corners off a bit, and make it round...

    intake port2.jpeg

    that was simple enough... Looking inside the ports, oh god, I can't do any worst. it's impossible... how long can it take anyways right ?
    this is what your intake looks like right now:

    After 3 hours of work, this is how ONE of my ports look like:

    its far from perfect, but its 100x better that it was. I left the hole where the injectors go as it was, I have read everywhere that it prevents fuel from pudling up this way. Ok.
    now, I have 3 other ports to do, and they

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    So, I have taken all my prior posts from the "other side" and put them all in here, its going to be easier to stay organized.

    So. Where to start. I have a JonV turbo setup, which is known for its insane boost creep. I don't even think we can call it boost creep anymore...
    So, I decided to try and build a LE9 that could deal with 14 psi of boost without destroying itself.

    Warning: I am NOT a mechanic. Everything you see me do, I have NEVER done before. I am learning as I go. I read a LOT, I talk to a lot of people that know WAY more than I do, I try to make sense and logic from what I learn, I get the proper tools for the job, and I do it. This is my warning. Don't look at what I do thinking I know exactly where I am going with this, I don't. There, it is said.

    So, 1st things first. My turbo kit was installed, by me, last summer. so everything needs to come off:
    Engine 1.jpg
    Then the fuel feed line, water hoses, everything, Off...
    Engine 2.jpg

    Then, to remove the head, you need to

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