Offer: UAS Under Dash Dual 6.5 Subwoofer Enclosure


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  • I'll give them a try. A fair price to my mind would be closer to $200. Acceptable?

    • Sure, that sounds fair, but you understand I'm only selling the enclosure itself, not the speakers, correct?

    • I feel it's a fair deal given the original $350 cost. I save and you don't lose your shirt. Send me you PayPal email and I'll pay when I get back from my ride tonight.

    • I appreciate that and I'm sure one day, I'll be able to return the gesture. I'm afraid l don't have a PayPal account, I never have. I use Zelle for everything. Can you do that? If so, my phone number is 520-732-3858. If that's not possible, I would take a personal check from you. Let me know and we'll exchange mailing addresses. I'll need a day or two to get it packed up and over to UPS. Jeff

    • I finally caught up with the times and created a PayPal account. My email is or you can use my mobile number. Hope to hear from you soon. Jeff

    • OK. Just sent the money via PayPal to your phone number listed above. Sorry, I didn't get it done last night, but I was too tired when I got back from my ride. I sent the money using the Friend option, so PayPal shouldn't charge you any transaction fee.

      My address is -


      3311 CANDLEWAY DR

      SPRING, TX 77388-5223

      Cell # is 7035974233, if needed.