Offer: Angle drive bracket

  • I just bought this’s new. It won’t fit with my welter exhaust pipe in the I’m selling it. You’ll save $38

    $160 includes shipping


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  • Still have it? I ordered one but they seem to be back ordered.

  • Will this fit on a 2018-SL and what is involved with installing it? Thanks.

    • it’s supposed to fiT 15-19....

      jack up the SS. Remove 6 bolts from Around the angle drive cover plate ...loosely bolt On the curved bracket with the provided longer bolts...attach the machined pieces around the angle drive ...and to the curved plate and tighten all the bolts.... I printed out the’s a pretty simple install. I can’t install it because the bottom bolt on the machine pieces is hitting my exhaust pipe...and I’m not going to reroute the pipe....