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    Texas Rangers all the way!

    I'm hoping to see a world series in our future this year.

    how do you think i feel as a Reds fan lol i feel like we have been leading the way for the Triple AAA

    Happy Opening Day!!!! I will say i am excited to see how the Cincinnati Reds do this year with all their changes they made. Here's to 150 years of professional baseball in the queen city! What team are your rooting for? GO REDS GO!!!

    Colorado Avalanche!!!!

    The problems have been fixed they worked hard to fix any issues that may arise. They strive on customer service and their product. They aren't happy unless the customer is happy.

    I don't believe so... Why do you ask? Did you want to mount harnesses to them??

    Mounting Luggage Racks to them and just trying to decide which model of rack i need as the 2016.5 hoops seem to be different from the actual 2016 models maybe its just me.

    Does anyone know if the roll hoops on a 2016.5 are the same as the 2017/2018 Slingshots or are the hoops the same as the 2015/2016 Slingshots?

    There is no company better than SlingMods and i don't see one beating them anytime soon. They are simple and easy to work with and stand behind their products and the products they deal. If there is an issue they will work to get it resolved quick and correctly. SlingMods gets an A++++ rating if you ask me.

    Got this new flag holder and flag from Baker Built just in time to show off my patriotic pride and thankfulness for our Veterans. Found them on their website really like how easy it was to install and how great they look they had several other flags to chose from too. might get one for the other side too.

    Seen this on Facebook today watched the video and this thing looks pretty nice. I am going to be on the look out for this when it hits the market. Luggage Rack easy installs and the one side pivots to allow easy access to gas cap.

    I am excited Baker Built Air Wings is going to be there this year. I have their Side Wings they really help direct the air in and out of the cock pit. Heard they have a new wing system they are trying out for the roof tops to act as sunvisors/ block more wind. Hopefully they will have these finalized and ready to sell by show time. Also looking to get some LED's on my bike as well as seeing/meeting everyone. See y'all in a few months.

    @slingmods is awesome quick communication replies and service. Got some Baker Air Wings for the windshield they look and work great!! easy install clamps to the windshield, highly recommend both Slingmods and these Air Wings to anyone. No more roasting in the cockpit with this things.