SPORTS-who's your team?

  • Being in Minnesota, I'll admit I'm a homer for pretty much any of the local teams.

    Hockey and specifically the MN WILD are definitely my sport/team. My wife and I have split season tickets with a couple friends for a number of years now, and a hockey game every couple weeks is a great way to get through our winters which seems to drag on forever. I'm sure many intermissions will be spent scrolling through the phone looking at slingshot pictures this year.

    On the Motorsports side of things, I'm also a fan of MOTO GP motorcycle racing (no TV broadcast this year so it's been tougher to follow) I've been to all three tracks they've raced in the USA over the last few years. Laguna Seca, Indy and COTA in Austin.

    Who do you cheer for? Cheer against?

  • Seahawks all the way! If my SS were a base model, it would have been painted Seahawk blue with lime green plastics on the hood and tail. Then I could use it to try to get free entry to the games. Maybe do doughnuts on the field. :D

    Might still go with that color scheme if I upgade to the new seats in black.

  • Go Pack Go!

    CO D12

    Hahn SST stage 2X PRP Seats Sparco Steering Wheel (Not SLR) w/ NRG 3.0 Quick release Canadian Headlight R-Shot Accessories Windscreen Rear Protection Plate by Slinglow NASCAR Windshield Kenwood Double DIN SSV head pods with Polk DB 6.5"s SSV Works Subwoofer enclosure w/10" JL Audio Kenwood Amps Slingshot Side Storage 11 Piece Mat Kit TD Canvas top TD lip spoiler 22" Asanti Wheels TD sway bar TD shifter boot cover & parking brake Graphics by AMR Racing QA1 front TrakHamr rear

  • Seahawks!! Packers are backup because Jordy Nelson is from little Kansas town where family lives - plus he's a neat guy. Used to follow the Seattle Mariners, but not so much anymore. I did go to Griffey's induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame last month.

  • Okay, okay...

    Football : Go Cowboys or Texans! Grr Patriots...
    Basketball : Go Knicks or Spurs or Rockets! Grr Golden State...
    Baseball : Go Yankees, Mets, or Astros! Indifferent with the rest of them...

    Not into college football...

    Let the bashing begin (so many Cowboys haters...) ;(

  • Yankees and Cowboys!?'re begging to be bashed 8)

    No feeling for the Dallas Stars? They have a very talented and dangerous team. As a hockey guy I seems crazy to me but totally understand many are not into it, it probably feels like watching soccer. It's an acquired taste.

  • I actually don't mind soccer, just don't really keep up with anything else.

    As far as Yankees and Cowboys... I'm a product of my father... He's originally from New York (hence Yankees, Mets, and Knicks), but I guess once he was into football, he had already moved to Texas.

    And my belief is, if you're from Texas (aside from Houston), you're a Cowboys fan. Seems only those born in H-town are/were Texans/Oilers fans.

  • Big Hockey Family here..I played and son plays now...I'm a Die hard New Jersey Devils fan for hockey (Son & I both) :thumbsup: We clash with my wife cause she's a Bruins fan-BOOOOOOO!!! :thumbdown: (Daughters a neutral for now?)


    Baseball-RED SOX (EVEN THOUGH there pitching sucks & they make me mental-Waiting for them to fire Farrell!!!! :whistling: )

    Basketball-No one, can't stand NBA....College, may watch UConn once in a blue moon???

    Anti NEW YORK for everything!! NY SUCKS!

    I Have No more toys, just memories.... :/

  • So you must go mental a lot like me....Farrell makes the WORST moves!! Makes me Loco!! :cursing::S

    I don't know enough about everyone and all the options to say good/bad calls, but it seems that every game I watch has a handful of new players that weren't there last game. Seriously? To be honest, I was just happy to see Buckholtz as a relief instead of a starter. Took them long enough....