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    Rab, is that the new Polaris plant in Madison? Is it over there by the Harley Shop? Greenbrier road area. I grew up in Huntsville long time ago. I used to bird hunt in that area when all that was there was Hwy. 20.

    You had to remove side panel? I hear some say yes and some say No? I was looking @ mine and thought I could do without removing panel...Removing the seat is new? Never heard that??

    I just didn't see any way to get that big assed muffler out without the plastic side panel removed. I took the seat out so that I could get to the one screw that was under it. Also if you have the speaker pods you will need to remove it.

    Well I have completed my FIRST mod today. I installed the 1320 header and exhaust to be ready for my next mod, the DDM Works Rotrex supercharger. I want to tell y'all I am impressed with your skills on moding your slings. Who would have thought that you have to remove the passenger seat and side to remove the stock exhaust?

    Well Dave I just bought one from you today. I know that the Rotrex has been test by you for quite awhile. Didn't know much about the Procharger. I do have one of theirs on my Mustang GT.

    Rob the Slob here from Lake Charles, LA. I got my SS in June. Too damn hot to ride it in the daytime. I haven't done any mods to mine yet. But I did order a supercharger from Dave@DDMWorks . I have also purchased the 1320 exhaust and header. Looking forward to some cooler temps this fall and make some rides.

    I wrote Procharger an email asking about the super charger. This is their reply.

    Thanks for your interest in ProCharger Superchargers for the Polaris Slingshot. See the attached PDF for more information. We’re projecting our supercharger system to be ready in about 3-4 weeks and it will have an introductory price of $5,498. Click on the link below to find an authorized ProCharger dealer in your area. Thank you for your interest in a ProCharger Supercharger for your Slingshot.

    Accessible Technologies Inc, ProCharger
    14801 W. 114th Terrace
    Lenexa, KS 66215
    Phone: 913-338-2886
    Fax: 913-338-2879