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    Hey guys. After many complaints about MEFI Pro being locked out to only one ECU, we have finally come up with a solution. For those of you who dont know what MEFI Pro is, it is a tuning software for the Slingshots that we have developed. It allows you to be able to tune your own Slingshot instead of using a standard reflash. More info HERE.

    So whats new this time around? Not only has the price been dropped but now you have the ability to tune multiple Slingshots! So here is how it works. When you buy the software at the price of $1099.99, we will supply you with an ECU that is keyed to match the tuning software and your laptop. Now to do more then one Slingshot, its not quite your typical "license fee" or "credits". The way we are doing it is a bit different. For each additional Slingshot that you would like to tune, you will need to purchase an ECU from us. It will be keyed to your cable/laptop. Pretty much, just plug the new ECU in and tune away. Each additional ECU will be $400. There will be no limit on how many additional ECU's that you can buy.

    Questions, comments, suggestions? Post them up!

    Sorry, forgot to get back with you on this. I was asking because on all of the custom Wiseco pistons we have made for the Slingshot, the Wiseco name is not etched into the side skirt slick coating. I have actually never seen Wiseco etched in the side of any of the pistons we have used for builds here, not sure if that is just a thing that they are doing for promotional shots or not. All of our custom pistons ship with the upper ceramic coating and the slick coating free of any logo and work with any 2.4L rods. Just wanted to clear up any confusion on this, hope that helps.

    Dave - Since you are doing custom pistons, they normally give you the option. You can even get DDMWorks etched in there! Since the ones you get have no logo, it is the standard coating that is there for the life of the piston. Same as JE. If you were to get one of the off the shelf Ecotec piston kits from them, they come with the logo in the coating. Those have the break in style coating.

    Dave - Physically looking and feeling the coatings, they seem similar. But I was told that the actual material and process to apply the coating is completely different. This was directly from the company who puts the coating on. I know JE does not do it in house and I am pretty sure that Wiesco sends them out as well. We don't use Wiesco pistons so I can't say what they would look like after a few thousand miles of use. I know that the JE coatings are still in tact when we tear engines apart. Most of the time there are just some scratches in the coating from contaminated oil.

    @iNewton - Plenty in stock and will be ready when you are!

    Fun fact for the day. For those of you interested in coating the skirts, not all skirt coatings are the same! As you guys know, the Wiesco pistons come with the skirts coated. You will also notice that the coating has the Wiesco logo in it. Any skirt coating with a logo in it is only a break in coating. It is designed to wear off over time. The Tuff Skirt coating that JE offers is not the same. It is a much better coating that will last the lifetime of the piston, not just for break in.

    Hey everyone,

    Seeing how popular these turbo and supercharger kits are getting, it seems like a piston and rod upgrade is in need! We had JE custom make some nice forged pistons in a more boost friendly compression. These pistons are set up at 9:1 compression. We also had valve reliefs cut just in case you feel like throwing in some bigger cams. These pistons are meant to be used with a 2.2L style rod. They are longer and give a better piston to rod angle then a standard 2.4L would. As of right now, we only carry one bore size. It is slightly bigger then stock at 3.470". The pistons come with file to fit JE pro seal rings. For rods, we normally go with the Eagle H-beam designed for the 2.2L. They have shown to hold a lot of power and are of great quality. This combo is proven to hold 600hp with no issues.

    PM me for prices and feel free to post up any questions you have.

    @rabtech Yes the software is for only one Slingshot. You can use it to scan and clear codes on as many others as needed.

    Whatever tune is on your ECU currently, that is where you would start. It does not put the stock tune back on as a starting point. Since you have Bobs tune, there may be some minor issues connecting at first but nothing we cant get through. So after that, if you have anything you need to adjust, you will be able to.

    Hey guy. As of today we are starting a great sale. This week only, Monday-Sunday, MEFI Pro tuning software is going on sale. For those of you who haven't heard of it, MEFI Pro is the only live tuning software available to the public for the Slingshots. For more information on the software and how it work, post a question, PM me, or click on the link below. This software normally goes for $1199.99 but this week only, it is cut down to $849.99!

    More info

    Hello everyone,

    For those of you who have not heard about us before, I will make sure to change that up. We are an engine building shop that has been building high performance LS and Ecotec engines for over 10 years. When the Slingshot first came out, we were very excited to see that it was Ecotec powered. Since then, we have started doing Slingshot specific boost friendly engine builds, made our own turbo kit and offer the only tuning software available for the Slingshot. We look forward to answering any questions you guys have and are open to suggestions on new products. We make all our billet parts in house and have no problem adding extra items to our list. If anyone needs a quote, feel free to ask.