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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    Fits, I honestly don't think you could leave us even if you did win. Where else can a sick and twisted mind like yours get along with so many like minded freaks and still be liked. Honestly I just can't see you leaving us for all the money in the world. So are we swapping out your plastics again this yr in Maggie :00008356:

    Me waiting for the Democrats to shut the hell up !!!

    i call BULLSHIT that guys got two feet! Sorry Bill just couldnt control myself :00008172: Us Canadians are watching the circus south of the border and wondering if you need any more clowns as we have quite a few in our capital also.

    Dave, the guys collection was stunning. He was like a kid showing me his prizes. His house garage was full and the shop out back was full but they were works in progress. These all ran and were as original as possible.

    I have never seen an ad for the slingshot, ever! Not on tv or in writing anywhere. People in Canada just don't see them so sales are next to nothing. I bet Texas has twice as many slings as all of Canada from coast to coast

    Frankie55 its no different in Canada. They learn to survive on what they receive and are content with it and have no drive to do better. The worst part is when the lifers bitch whine and complain how bad they have it and their checks are a few hrs late getting deposited. Social assistance is a needed thing but it's being abused by so many

    I had that last week and it drove me nuts for a few days. I am on an ipad and iphone and i clicked the right hand side of the POI and eventually i must of clicked the right spit cause my red dot went away. I thought it was just me that the red dot drove crazy :S

    The chrome one will blind you in the sun. I made a radio mount when i first got my sling as it was a base model. I cut it out of checker plate aluminum and spent a few hrs polishing it up and boy was i pretty proud of the way it looked till i backed up out of the garage and couldnt see due to the glare. A shake of the paint can and it was black and all good.

    I think the clock makes it yours. Its a personal touch that will make others want. :thumbsup:

    Rob the Slob keep smiling brother, looking good and chavey2 could always be worse. Know a guy that was doing the same and he was up on the bumper of his dodge and turned to get down with the battery and his leg went between the bumper and rad and his body went for the floor. Broke his leg and was caught like that for 8 hrs before his wife came home and went back in the shop and found him. He went in and out of conscience all day due to pain. Sometimes even the simplest tasks can turn your day into missery

    There are 3 factors that made the SS something exclusive, the need for a motorcycle endorsement, discretionary income, and the standard shift (not many people under 50 have experience with standards). I always felt special. On a purely selfish note, some of this exclusivity will be gone with the introduction of an automatic. A lot more Jane or Joe Blows will be driving around, with sometimes inferior driving skills. I ain't a happy camper, but am happy for those few that really require an auto version for any special needs.

    Around my neck of the woods there are a lot of country raised kids that know how to drive a standard transmission. Possibly the more densely populated city areas that don't know what a farm is can't drive standard but most farm kids grew up knowing this.

    Well i have been working on a mod for the last week a little at a time between the honey do list of painting and flooring in two bedrooms. Anyways i took the saw to the sling and with some painting guidance from the master himself I attempted my first stab at painting on the sling. Need to make up a center vent piece still and toying with making some screens for the holes