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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    hold on there EjFord slow down on the mods, two mods in one picture. Alpha suspension and the funnel cooling. Hope all is well and looking forward to seeing you next week in the poconos :thumbsup:

    Nope i was a goose guide for hunting for many yrs and got to be use to being called the gooseman by many clients so it stuck over the yrs. hunted from Texas to Saskatchewan and all over Ontario. Got to the point i never wanted to see another goose but that was yrs ago and now just hunt for myself and my son

    W0GEN nice setup! I love the in floor lift table. Buddy put one of those in for quads and mowers and when not in use it's gone even with the floor. Now you can work on your sling without bending over. You will be surprised how often you will just put it up just to wipe it down. I put marks on the floor when I found the sweet spot to put it in order to be able to swing the arms in and go.

    Well thanks to rabtech posting his hood latches i went and ordered some. My second set of minrons were worn and after trying bigdogs suggestion and having my fenders pointing straight up in the sky like volcans ears i made the first cut and that was that i was on my way. I used a mini grinder with a carbide bit for aluminum and gently cut to my lines. Just so you know i use to be a die developer in the tool and die industry and carved decorative duck decoys for yrs so a die grinder is second nature to me. Anyways i got everything in and seems to fit well but as rabtech mentioned you need longer screws and when i went to fastnel they wont have them for me till Wed. Oh well raining here for a few days so thats fine. Here are the pictures. As stated this requires you cutting into the hood and structure so if you are planning on trying this look and measure three times and go easy

    Met up with some others this weekend in Niagara Falls for a fun ride. Hodge , Chowder , Lui and a few others that I am not sure if they are on here. Had a great dinner over looking the falls and in the morning had a beautiful ride around the countryside. Was joined by two slings from the US side and ended the day at the Wayne Gretzky winery. Excellent weather and fun times had by all

    Remember people these are not mass produced and are created by a very talented sling owner that came up with these and is offering them to other owners. Gives the entrance area of the sling a finished look. :thumbsup:

    Thanks Phil, had great report last week it seems my largest tumor shrunk in half and the others shrunk significantly. This was after four rounds of chemo and immunotherapy. Had a treatment this Wednesday and then one more at the end of the month and then plans are to just do the immunotherapy for maintenance.

    “Happy Dance” :00000441:

    awesome news and great to see you out and about! :thumbsup:

    Check out the local classifieds for lifts. I found mine from the local Ford dealership when they were moving. When I went to see the lift a buddy that worked there told me to get the one from the far back corner as it was never used as it was a bitch to get to as no door was in front of it. I got mine for $1000 Canadian which would be around $600 American so not expensive at all.

    I have bought as of late some more metric sockets and a special oil filter tool...... it seems my SS commitment is SERIOUSLY lacking. A 9000 pound lift - really! How do you complete with that?? (Jealous)

    How to compete is to install a 10,000 due to driving 3/4 ton diesels. After having a hoist I don't know what I would do without it. Just to clean it even is so much easier to lift it and get at the bottom areas without bending and getting down.

    I have a question on a hydraulic system particularly a braking manifold on a hydraulic motor. This is one of my stump grinders that has developed a problem and I have never seen a braking manifold and looking for suggestions before I just start replacing everything. If anyone has some knowledge here let me know please. What is happening is when I engage the motor it is not getting flow and deadlocking and wanting to stall. I have torn the motor apart and it's fine, also all other hydraulic movements work except the motor. See the attached diagrams, as stated the cutter head motor Fig 2-2 will not turn and I am thinking the braking manifold Fig 5-5 is the culprit either the electric solenoid or a stuck valve.

    Nitrogen is delivered as a dry clean gas. Air from a compressor is saturated with moisture and this moisture will change the pressures in the tire depending on the temperatures it sees. Just remember the air your putting in from a normal air compressor is putting 78% nitrogen to begin with but its also has moisture in it

    I have thought about this, there is a local place that does all their tires with nitrogen and my brother in law takes their vehicles there for tires and gets them topped off there whenever they get low. I havent bothered since I have a compressor sitting right in my garage next to our vehicles and it is just easier to do it at home.

    one thing I have wondered is if the air that is in the tire before you pump the Nitrogen dilutes the Nitrogen or reduces the benefits - - I dont think there is any way to get 100% of the air out is there?

    atmospheric air is 78% nitrogen, where I work we produce pure nitrogen and oxygen for industrial use. I have access to a 5500 hp compressor for all the nitrogen I need. I run it in all my tires. Just because I can, would I go out and pay to have it put in my tires? Probably not.