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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    One of the most common types of crashes that I've worked over the years. I'm actually impressed by the performance of the frame on the slingshot. I'm always a little apprehensive when stopped at a light to many distracted drivers out there.

    My friends - I think a very dangerous can of worms is being opened by the Democrats. They are determined to get at all of Trumo’s financial dealings so they can try and find some type of crime or spin it to use against him in the 2020 election. The repercussions from this are 2 fold. 1.). If they are successful do you think Maxine Waters or many of the ultra wealthy Democrats can stand a Republican scope up their ass?? If we go down the road of using the IRS and bank records with a microscope as a political weapon - who could really pass?? 2). Who would really ever want to be put under the same type of scrutiny as Trump has?? We will be left with not the smartest and most capable but the power hungry which IMO is the scariest thing on the planet - a power hungry DEMOCRAT !!

    It's a real shit show. Several dems were asked what crime Trump was covering up? None could give an answer as to the crime. The most chilling answer was that they needed to have the records to find a crime. I can only imagine the ass chewing I would have gotten from a judge if I had asked for a warrant without knowing what crime I was investigating.

    That one bolt is the hardest part of the install, an engineer somewhere needs his butt kicked. Easy to to put back in with the brackets. Enjoy

    Nothing makes a school shooting drop from the news cycle faster than the suspects pedigree. One hates Trump and Christian's the other is transgender, it really doesn't support the left leaning media agenda.

    Will these work for a 2018 SL and if they do how in the world do I remove the bolt on the rear right side of the passenger seat, the bolt that goes in horizontal to the seat and that it's blocked by the hard plastic from the floor.

    That bolt is the hardest part of removing the seat. I normally use an open end 5/8 wrench or a 5/8 socket 1/4 drive with a 3/8 adapter and ratchet. A little hot water on the plastic makes it more pliable.

    The Chair of the Judiciary committee Nadler stated that AG Barr didn't show because he was afraid of being questioned by "competent" attorneys. The questions were going to be asked by staff not the seated members of the committee. He sat for five hours answering questions from the members of which a number are attorneys. So none of the members who are attorneys are competent?

    The left; How can anyone support an old white rich perverted man as President?

    Also the left; Joe Biden would be a great President.:/

    I made washers out of drywall sanding screen. It keeps the mirrors from moving.