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    Pulled this picture off a slingshot Facebook page. He was in a crash and received a serious laceration from his head hitting the slingshade top.

    You can't control other people's driving so be defensive.

    That has been the line all along. Even after that Republican lady in Florida got busted for voter fraud claimed, "They do it all the time, I was just leveling the field". Even during and at the fizzled end of Trumps, "Voter Fraud Task Force" that did an over one year investigation into voter fraud with no conclusive results.

    Do you and Orangeman assume that if it is Philly it must be Democrats? The article doesn't give a clue to what party or person's benefited from the fraud. It just says clients of a consulting firm. That could be any party or every party.

    Any voter fraud, Voter depression, map gerrymandering...should be rooted out because it all hurts our democratic process. All violators should be prosecuted and lose their right to vote.

    No assumption on my part, any voter fraud is a big problem.BTW the only one assuming anything is you.

    I'd like to take that idiot that completely ignored company policy and entered a Costco without a face mask, claiming he wasn't going to wear one because, last he knew, he woke up in a free country and didn't feel like he had to comply, and put him on a fucking plane to north Korea. If he thinks for even one second that I'm going to stand behind him or feel sorry for him because he believes he's the victim of Costco's draconian policy, let him spend a few days in Pyongyang and see how he feels when he attempts to "non-comply" with some of their policies... Fuck his fat ass and his cart full of toilet paper, which they took from him before kicking him out... (Drops microphone) 😎

    It amazes me how people don't understand private property rights. The store is private property and the owner or person in charge of the property sets the rules. If you don't like the rules on someone else's property stay off it.

    Got in new corona virus mask today - my bride says she was really concerned for my safety and it fits my personality is why she picked it - I’m not so sure🤔 :00008172::00008172:

    That is the most realistic lawyer mask I've ever seen.:D

    The media is telling us how dangerous and ineffective hydroxychloroquine is. Why isn't the media doing any investigating into its use? Shouldn't they be interviewing people with bad side effects or family members who lost loved ones from its use? How about the millitary handing it out like candy for the last 50 years without EKGs? BTW shouldn't the doctors authorizing its use be investigated for malpractice? It's not about finding the truth it's about politics.

    Remember the good old days when politicians shut down the government to hurt the other party and left everybody else alone.

    interesting thought but with that reasoning would all cancer deaths just be of natural causes

    That could depend on the source of the cancer. Radiation, smoking, tanning beds could make a difference. Lawyers couldn't make money off it it's all natural causes.8o

    If the covid-19 virus is naturally occurring and not a man made bioweapon shouldn't all the covid deaths be listed as natural causes?

    I joined the Block Party a few days ago...

    If we can't vote 'em off the island with a petition (an interesting question for admin...) then the block is a very restful option.

    I too have reached the end of the rope or maybe leash would be more appropriate.8)

    Why are you leaving it here?

    Do you think Flynn should be sentenced and jailed for lying to the FBI, then pardoned by Trump?

    Wait, were tipping me off that those that are cheering now, were crying in '17?

    So many questions!:D:D:D