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    Though, calling a little person little and a fat person a big m'f'er. Isn't insulting them. It's stating fact. If the truth offends anyone, go find a cry closet.:*

    WOLF those are good examples, attacking someone's physical attributes is often used by those losing. The cry closet one is great too it can be used to imply someone is mentally weak and the closet part can also be used to question someone's sexual orientation. Examples are always helpful.:thumbsup:

    I'm sure it will work as describe. After watching the video I'm not sure I'd like the control, not waterproof plus four modes with adjustment in each mode. I'm simple so the knob on the Petalmax works great, turn up or down without taking your eyes off the road. Looks like both plug in at the pedal.

    Looks like Warren's attempt to be a victim is backfiring again. You would think after the Native American lie she would stick to the truth.

    I'm curious why you are adjusting this on the fly.

    Adjusting in the fly allowed me to find the settings I like for different conditions. I travel almost a mile on a county road before hitting the highway. My road is incredible bumpy and washboarded, I turn it down so it's less sensitive until I get to the highway. Most times I run it at 50% but if the road turn twisty I turn it up a little and play. In Eureka Springs we did the low speed parade through down town, I shut it off for more pedal at low speed. It started raining on us coming home on the interstate, the road got slick so I turned it down. Personal preference on liking the knob over preset buttons.

    I have a PedalMAX installed and like the difference it makes in throttle response. I have no doubts this brand will also do the job. One thing I like with the PedalMAX is the knob to adjust sensitive. It's easy to use on the fly and I don't need to to take my eyes off the road when making changes.

    it is interesting how much difference in airflow you can get by using different windshields. I switched to the polaris OEM double bubbles this summer and the airflow down in the footwells is 100 times better than it was with the original blade - - down here in out heat I cant imagine how hot it would get with one of the plus size windshields

    The Madstad duals are a great balance between bubbles and blades. The adjustable brackets let you increase air flow or block more depending on temp. I had the bubbles originally love the duals I have now.

    I did my tranny at 50,000 and I do my angle Drive every other oil change even though it does not need it. One thing I haven't done is the brake fluid. Let us know how hard / easy it is the bleed the brakes

    Bleeding the brakes is easy if you have a second person to help. The only part of the system that can't be done is the abs control, you need to open it with a computer and digital wrench.

    So the Democrats are upset that Trump put official government files on a private server in his basement them destroyed them after a subpoena was issued.

    No wait that was someone else, they're upset that Trump stored official files on a secure government server and moved them to another secure government server.

    ."...and coincidentally Polaris thought is was a good idea because our lights are always on....there isn’t even a switch to turn them off."

    It's manufactured to motorcycle standards. Headlights always on is required, not a thought Polaris had.

    My running lights are ok.