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    My liberal friends were celebrating the US women's soccer team domination in the world cup. I made them mad by telling them they shouldn't celebrate America destroying smaller weaker countries. Apparently they don't get sarcasm.

    Dear Nike

    I see you have some shoes that you manufactured and are not going to sell. The flag might offend some people and now you have product you need to dispose of. How about donating those shoes instead of destroying them. Homeless vets need shoes, military families need shoes too. Why not donate those shoes to veterans organizations and the USO. Little chance of offending the people who get them and you can free up some warehouse space for a less patriotic product line.

    So it is a Jail not a immigration detention facility, I dont think thats civilization or at least not USA, all illegals should get deported if they have no homatarian

    Call it what you want, if you can't leave you are bring detained. Clean water, food and medical care in a US jail is better than their conditions at home. Why else would they come here knowing that they would be detained?

    BTW they can voluntarily deport if they don't like the conditions.

    Watched a segment on that this morning - this is what is in detention centers and jails all over the country use

    Just more of AOC’s bullshit - she needs to go back to bringing me my fine Kentucky bourbon with a $5 table dance!! And for detainees - if you don’t like the facilities - don’t come here illegally!!!

    Maybe they have never had a toilet. Welcome to civilization.

    So the news is reporting that some women in a detention facility were told to drink out of the toilet.

    Let's take a good look at that.

    1. The room has a toilet but no sink?

    2. They were "told" to do it, did they actually drink from the tiolet?

    3. Isn't the water we use to flush toilets here cleaner than any tap water where they came from?

    I'm calling BS on the whole thing.

    I keep hearing the dems say "rule of law" like it's important to them. If they actually believe in it how do you make a case for obstructing deportation of people who have had due process and have deportation orders from a federal judge?

    I'm noticing some issues with this discussion.

    Using the dyno argument is a non starter. The advertising doesn't say it adds hp.

    If it makes the throttle open faster electronically you can't match the speed by pushing the "switch" faster.

    I haven't driven one with it installed but with the adjustment knob you could easily compare performance.

    I might order one just to see if it makes a difference.

    Interesting to see all the info being released about the shooter in Dallas. I thought the media wasn't going to make the shooters famous anymore. I guess a white, male, veteran with high capacity mags is to good a story to pass up. He fits the narrative better than the one before.

    A little scenario to consider in the 2020 race for president. The Dems run Biden to pull the dems together with a far left minority/female as VP. If they win the election Biden is discarded and we have a POTUS that the dems really wanted but couldn't beat Trump.

    I agree - termination - loss of pension is a given. It is the prosecution that I am in a quandary over. I’m just not sure that vengeance for political reasons is not at play here. The law is for justice - not political retribution.

    It would appear that some do not agree with the last line. #witchhunt

    Something else to consider is the concept of a “special relationship”. It's possible that the DA sees the SROs relationship with the persons at the school in this light. If so he has a duty to protect them. Just a thought.

    Very interesting case in the news today. The Parkland High security officer has been charged for his cowardice in doing nothing to stop the maniac shooter. Your first thought may be he deserves to be prosecuted for child negligence which the DA clearly thinks he can win. On the other hand could this set a dangerous precedent going forward for law enforcement. Could any officer be charged for “not engaging” a dangerous suspect. I know there are rules that are intended to dictate an officers reaction to cover just about any scenario an officer may encounter but human reaction is very far from those rules sometimes - should they be prosecuted for it?? After all - whether some don’t want to admit it - cops are human - can anybody really say how they would react until they are under fire?? He is also charged with perjury - if so - prosecute to the fullest. Red - you are long tome LEO - what is your opinion —- or anybody else for that matter.

    It's been a long standing position that an officer isn't accountable for the actions of another person if they aren't present to intervene. It's also not uncommon to discipline an officer for failing to act if they are present. From all the info I have in this case I believe he holds some responsible for failing to act. His assignment was at the school and had received active shooter training.(It has been reported that he actually was an instructor for this training.) His excuse that he didn't know where the shooter was is diminished by the video of him standing outside the door and not looking for the suspect. His failure to act when he was equipped, trained and present makes him accountable. Whether he is criminally responsible we will see. At a minimum his walking away with his pension and no accountability would infuriate me if I had a child or loved one there. I can't imagine what made him stand there while children were being slaughtered when he had the tools to address it.

    Both sides have agendas, how quick is FOX to call out somebody as Muslim?

    However when I think of the most recent shootings, Vegas... None of the media have jumped into that pit. Maybe all media is starting to realize their methods of reporting were/are toxic and provoke more of the same.

    I'm guessing that may be the case, until the next shooter has a picture wearing a MAGA or posing with a Confederate flag.

    It's not that they aren't using his name that's interesting, I understand the concept of denying notoriety. It would appear that his politics, background, education and religious preference doesn't fit the current agenda of the left.

    Really not hearing a lot about the Virginia Beach shooter from the media. I wonder why his pedigree isn't being talked about?

    Lots of my favorite routes are closed due to flooding. I was able to find a pothole on the interstate ramp big enough to throw my rear tire up into my license plate. I've had the stealth fender for three years and never had that happen. You would think with all the roads under water they would be able to fix the ones that aren't.