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    As a Dallas fan this was a worthless Superbowl lol.... HATE the Eagles, but man the Pat's getting that 6th ring...... well damn what to choose.... I stayed neutral and didn't even watch it :-(

    I have no problems hearing my radio even at 100 mph. I rarely hit 100 and sadly the SS has spent more time in the garage these days :-( because well I hate cold weather.......

    This thread is so far right that arguing with anyone will have you arguing with many (I think I am closer to center/right), but with that said lets get into the topic of the bars & stripes.
    This flag original south flag for slavery has been adopted by the KKK and has now adopted a negative connotation. Many try and argue that just because the racism involved with the flag doesn't make the flag itself bad would on 1 hand be correct, but on the other hand are not looking at it from an outside or opposite race perspective. The flag only gained popularity because of t.v. shows (Dukes of Hazards) , but in all reality the KKK uses the flag as a representation of hatred & therefore cancels out most of your "freedom of hatred" you can call it what ever amendment you want, its still hatred arguments.
    A Mosque is a place of worship, granted a place of worship by Muslims in which has been the largest cause of terrorism in recent history. So to argue against the Muslim religion seems as though its a logical one, but if you use common sense you'll realize not ALL Muslims are terrorist. If you compare their place of worship to a flag is like comparing an apple to an orange. @sideseatdriver tried to point out with all ignoring it, was compare flag to flag as its more logical. I mean i'd love to compare those crazy Christians that were protesting military funerals to those crazy Muslims that are blowing up people (and themselves), but its not really apples to apples as those nut case Christians aren't technically harming anyone, but it doesn't make them less crazy. Just compare an apple to an apple & an orange to an orange is all that should be done. :P

    Okay guys. We got it, many of you don't like his posts. Stop reading them, and stop responding to them. Some of these posts are starting to border on abusive with the sarcasm and language choices. We don't need to be a forum of bullies. Don't like what he says or asks? Hit the ignore button.

    I thought we, as a forum, were better than this.

    I've kind of argued this same point before in defense of @Bigdog only to be told he brought it upon himself.... in all fairness he originally did and then he himself turned it into a joke by making other threads with the headline, but some members just didn't let it pass. I am a nobody that has only met a couple ppl here & so I just kind of lay'd low and only visit once a week or so now instead of checking everyday. Now that you have said it hopefully people will stop being assholes to @Bigdog (i never met him and he doesn't come off as an ass to me so I don't feel he deserves the abuse even if his original "catastrophic brake failure" was off the wall). Just my view but meh who the hell am I. :D (wonder how the dark side is doing hahahaha just kidding)

    Edit: as to the topic... I have no issues in my stock engine sling hitting 100 in 5th. I usually hit it in 4th as its faster, but its not a problem in 5th (I never slam the pedal to the floor maybe that's the issue as others have suggested) .

    I've been MIA for a bit doing things, but you/we/us are all wrong................................
    Politicians control most, politicians are controlled by about 10 to 15 people (the richest people in the USA....( click here for the top 10 ).
    If its a republicans time they'll let them know, if its a democrats time they'll let them know.
    The only power we have is to say which democrat or republican if we have a choice between several.
    Last election was a republicans turn (after 8 years of democrat it usually changes every 8 years these days),
    we choose Trump for 2 reasons... #1 were tired of life time politicians so wanted an outsider, #2 were tired of the immigration policies not being enforced.
    Just know if the top 10 in the link above wanted Hillary to win she would be our president, not saying they were against her, they just wanted a different party after 8 years as they they know if they keep it on rotation we the people will keep fighting among ourselves over who caused what and didn't or did what and they can keep controlling things. We will always lose unless we in force in numbers go against the current system and get rid of it all.
    The End.... lol

    That must be Hey-Hey from Moana ....... "boat snack". If you haven't seen it you'll never understand lol (I have a 3 year old and have watched it more times than I care to admit).

    I know all the Vegas money is on Mayweather so I think Mcgregor just might win (Vegas has a lot to say)... I mean whats Mayweather like 40+ years old and Mcgregor is under 30!!!
    I know age isn't always a factor but I think this time it could be.
    With all that said if I were to lay money down it would be on Mayweather...... but won't be surprised if Mcgregor pulled a rabbit out his ass & won this lol

    I hope it's not as cheaply built as the original double din kit they sold and now discontinued. I can't believe how cheaply made it was for the price. Had to re-glue it a few times as it was made from a type of foam board that was real brittle.

    Hey @gooseman are you talking about this one?
    Polaris Slingshot Double Din Stereo Dash Mounting Kit
    If so that's the 1 I have and have been using and haven't had any issues with so am curious how long it lasted you? (I've been using it for about 6 months or so).
    I really like the one advertised in this thread but need my stealth 2.0 to work with it, not to mention the $140.00 I paid for the 1 I linked makes it hard to just toss away lol.