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    I will wear a helmet on longer rides and just a cap while tooling around in town. I've been through several traffic check points without a helmet and all I get are questions about the Sling. One trooper at a Starbucks told me he would not ticket a driver for not wearing a helmet, especially if sporting a roof. The downside on all of this is some insurance companies will balk on coverage if you are in an accident while not wearing a helmet and sustain a head injury.

    I would love to see more participation in local events such as parades, fund raisers, car shows, etc. Also more opportunities to get together locally for meet and greets and great rides. I rarely see folks in my area who own Slings. It seems like I saw them more a couple of years ago than I do now...

    <woltlab-quote data-author="Bubblehead" data-link=";postID=248743#post248743"><p>I have been seeing an awful lot of Slingshots for sale on the internet lately, and most have many mods but ALL seem to have Very, Very little mileage. Saw one today 2017 SL and they are asking $25,000 with less than 2000 miles. What is this becoming, a status symbol like a Harley where you buy one and keep it in your garage unless, it's an nice warm, sunny day and then only ride around the block just so you can tell your friends you own one. If that's the only reason someone bought one, then that's pathetic.</p>
    <p>Mine is a 2016 Limited Edition, and I just turned 45,000 miles. Bought mine to ride not to just polish and keep garaged so I can say I own one.</p>
    <p>Just my thoughts, what are yours</p></woltlab-quote><p>Well I’m happy to say that I’ve truly enjoyed my Black Pearl. Although I haven’t gotten in as much seat time as a lot of others on the Forum, the times that I do ride is pure joy. Keep in mind that I have a 16 with only 16k on her. I avoid riding in temps below 50 degrees and love to mod...$15,000 so far...but don’t tell wifey. Bottom line is that I love the damn thing and toys in general...on my way to Brewer Cycles today to purchase a new Can Am Spyder F3 Limited. Life is too short so Ride On!</p>
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    Ah Crap - that sucks.. Glad you are healing and hope you can get back in the saddle soon.
    Tell ya what - as soon as you are up to take a ride let me know, I will rally up the boys and we will come down to fetch ya!
    Be safe - go easy on those meds - they are some bad shit!

    I found out exactly how bad after they started pumping me with Morphine before surgery. I made friends with the little leprechaun that I kept seeing perched on the headboard of my hospital bed! Why aren’t there any “good” hallucinations? Like Halle Berry in that scene from the movie Swordfish?

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    Hello Gang! I'm back...well sort of...

    I am so sorry I missed Clarksville...was traveling extensively at the time. Since then it has been quite a challenge to even check email. (Thanks Mitch for checking up on me.) Unfortunately a couple weeks ago my appendix ruptured and I was rushed to the ER and later surgery to remove the troublesome bugger. It was touch and go for awhile and now I am on the mend with the assistance of oxycodone and mega-doses of antibiotics. I hope to return to work in a couple of weeks. I guess the more miles, the greater the chances of a part malfunctioning! I should have contacted the crew to get ideas on how to get rid of all the painful gas they use to inflate my abdomen in order to poke around in there. Anyway I'm so looking forward to the next ride after I have this tube taken out this week. As of now, all I can do is look at the Black Pearl and daydream. And please...nobody say "Pictures or it didn't happen!"

    I've been on here from the beginning and thought I was on the map from the beginning. I just redid it and I think it's on there now. Did our info disappear during an update?

    Just did mine. I see a few Slings in the Burlington/Greensboro/Raleigh-Durham area but not on the map. Maybe they are passing through??? Anyhoo...mark your locations so we can get together and ride!

    My Dad used to make my brother and me pick those off the shrub and put them in a can and burn them when we were kids. Every time my wife has suggested one of those shrubs they love I remind her of that. I refuse to have one of those shrubs in my yard! Bad memories!

    Ha! That would be considered child abuse by today’s standards! I don’t mind at all seeing posts like this...just being neighborly.

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    I took my helmet off for a short ride on the Interstate and WOW, the drone and wind noise is definitely most irritating. I didn't realize just how well our helmets with intercom were doing in keeping the noise down and making it possible to talk normally with each other keeping our rides much more pleasant.

    Bose Noise Canceling ear phones...can still hear traffic but dampers the noise enough so it still sounds exciting when riding!

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    Bought my Extended Warrenty three months ago. Brake light switch went bad at Slingshots Uncorked. Cost of part is 200.00 plus 100.00 labor. All covered by warrenty!

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    Believe me I’m working on it! Maybe I need to stop paying for mods and invest in a Sling for her...hmmm.

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