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    Epiphany this morning. Have really been trying to figure out what makes someone a Hillary or a Trump voter. Besides certain single issue causes, why are two intelligent people of the same socioeconomic status, raised in the same town who are good friends on opposite sides? I think the answer boils down to whether or not they have a job that exposes them “to the system” and how badly it isn’t working. If they do, they are a Trump voter. If they don’t, they believe big government can fix things and are a Hillary voter. For example, if they work deeply in the medical field (not where they lack patient contact), they see how badly Obamacare has hurt everyone. They also see how much fraud and abuse occurs within the welfare system. Someone who works at a university would have no idea the magnitude of this problem and innocently believe government run healthcare can help people. A small business owner, who deals every day with the mountains of restrictions and would like to hire more employees but can’t due to Obamacare issues that mean they lose certain health care tax credits if they get too many, is likely a Trump voter. They also have to deal with ridiculously high business taxes, which big corporations have money to pay lawyers to get around and set up offshore bank accounts, etc. If you work for a big corporation and are salaried, you wouldn’t probably think about any of this and may be voting for Hillary. If you are a police officer and you deal day to day with the criminal justice system and see the effects of broken homes, broken families, which is encouraged by our welfare system which penalizes people from marrying and providing that stable family unit, and then on top of that you feel the lack of support from top level administration, you are probably a Trump voter. If you maybe work in a tech industry, you would be completely isolated from this and not have any true understanding of how horrible things are. My point is this. Nobody is stupid and name-calling is uncalled for. But maybe, just maybe, questioning is called for. Maybe if you tend to trust the government to handle things and you have friends who do not, ask them why they do not. Go to work with them one day or just talk to them seriously for an hour of their time, listening to their opinions instead of bantering with them. Then, think about what they have had to say and consider the possibility that things maybe were not the way you had thought. Maybe things do need a change. Even if you do not like Donald J Trump, my suggestion is that you strongly consider a Republican vote for the purpose of system change. And remember, our country has had several effective presidents who were not at all well-liked including Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt.

    I really hate to hear this news. Devon and I enjoy watching his videos on UTube.

    Someone is going to get a VERY sweet deal on his Sling.


    Pictures of @devonpams sling that @Painter created do it no justice! The purple is like a chrome and the ghosted flames in the middle of the hood rock. Something to be proud of!

    Thank you Trent for the kind words.
    We are both so lucky to have Painters creation as our toys. LOL
    I love the sound of the super charger when you punch it. NICceeeeeee

    One ride Saturday goes north of Branson and we will be going to Lambert's for lunch. Home of the throwed roll. On the list of top 10 pig out spots in America!

    We have a Lamberts 45 minutes from our house. If you love ham steaks be sure to order that. You will not believe how HUGE it is. The cinnamon rolls are just amazing. Expect to walk out with a doggie bag.

    I have been in the medical field for over 30 years. That is not the video of a woman becoming weak or about to pass out as they are wanting the American people to believe. That is a neurological problem of some sort. See then appears in public again in a few hours looking as though she has nothing wrong with her. Then they spin the story expecting that we believe she now has pneumonia. That is not a case of pneumonia and not a case of dehydration either. I have seen dozen of people pass out during my career and they go down like a sack of potatoes. The severe weaving and bobbing she was experiencing just does not happen.