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    Campaign: 16V754000 on 10/17/2016

    Component:Fuel system, gasoline:delivery:hoses, lines/piping, and fittings

    Manufactured:03/03/2014 - 10/06/2016


    Defect:Polaris idustries, inc. (polaris) is recalling certain model year 2015-2017 slingshot motorcycles manufactured march 4, 2014, to october 7, 2016. the affected vehicles may have insufficient clearance between the fuel line and the hood structure.

    Consequence:The insufficient clearance may allow the fuel line to rub against the hood until it leaks fuel. a fuel leak in the presence of an ignition source can increase the risk of a fire.

    Correction:Polaris will notify owners, and dealers will replace the replace the engine fuel line, and inspect the retention clips to reduce the risk of interference, free of charge. the recall began december 2016. owners may contact polaris customer service at 1-855-863-2284. polaris' number for this recall is t-16-03.


    If I remember correctly there were some issues with the initial 2015's that retuning the ECU corrected, a couple being an rpm surge and a steering centering glitch, others also maybe?


    OK, we're back and finally got to try out our Ventist seat cushions. To keep it short and sweet, it was in the 90's today, we can actually feel the air circulating around our backs and butts, so they do exactly as advertised. If we were to change them at all the front of the seat part is just a bit narrow to fit the seat properly so it could be a couple of inches wider? Also, an added bonus is that the extra cushioning makes the original seats more comfortable, so, overall, even though these cushions are kinda pricey, our ride is now cooler and more comphy, at a cost significantly cheaper than replacement seats, which helps justify the cost.

    We relocated the existing straps so they go around the back of the seat bottom, and where the seat back narrows under the headrest.

    We like em! :)


    Boy, in my younger days I have many a memory of all of those tires, but as I, and technology, have aged, (I am sure going to jinx myself here and prolly should not be saying this), even though I am a real fanatic when it comes to checking / maintaining tire pressures, adding a pound or two here or there depending if wet, dry, sand, snow, weight etc. I literally cannot remember the last time I have had an emergency flat tire? I do not recall any of our current spare tires on our various vehicles having ever touched the ground??


    This is the biggest mistake many buyers make, to compare the SlingShot to an automobile. Completely different vehicles offering completely different experiences, mostly depending on one's mood and expectations at the moment.

    Ultimately, the only vehicles to be able to stay with the SlingShot in the twisties are two-wheelers! Here was our introduction to the SlingShot!


    This was an early attempt to treat a symptom, if the brakes are properly serviced then there is no reason for installing an additional auxiliary brake cylinder brace.


    We have had no complaints about our brakes on our 2015 since new. We did ultimately get the warning light, the dealer replaced the sensors and did the secondary brake bleed, which eliminated the light and give us a somewhat better pedal feel. Over the years I have got to sense that most of the misgivings are from folks that have had little to no experience with non-boosted brakes?


    Oh, I remember it well, where I would go fishing with my uncle in his 1963 Chevy pickup and 4-speed. We would head up along a stream where he would drop me off while he drove further down. I would fish down to where he parked the pickup and then drive it past him and we would do this most of the day. In the beginning there was quite a bit of bucking and killed engines, especially when crossing the creek where it crossed the road, but like mentioned previously, I learned quickly.

    Though, then came "three on the tree" which was another learning curve until I figured out it was just like on the floor, only sideways!


    We will be showing them at Maggie. They can be ordered with colored billet washers. We will have them up on the website this week.

    Thanks, now that summer has arrived the top will be more than likely off and it will be nice to be able to remove the A-arms without having to readjust the mirrors.


    LOL, Patrick, I was just into your website and came across the teasers for the above two new tops!

    Otherwise, I think I understand by when you say about others watching. Watching is OK, but when somebody takes your ideas and then offers them as their own? :cursing:

    When are you going to have the alternate mirror brackets ready for market?


    I just took a lil sneak peak into the SlingShot Owner's Group site just to see what has been happening there where I done do believe I heard that proverbial pin drop? :/


    MeanSling Grand Touring Top?

    MeanSling Spider Top?

    How about some additional tid bits just to whet the appetite a bit more, what do you say Patrick? :thumbsup: