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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    For a lot of years I have wanted to own a Subaru Baja Turbo. A few weeks ago, I was able to find one in excellent shape that has had an entire engine rebuild, at a price that was well below anything else in the Colorado area. Since picking it up a few weeks ago...I have gotten a little froggy and jumped in to modding it. So far I have done a 1" suspension lift, put wheel spacers on it to give it a slightly wider stance. Added new wheels from a Subaru Crosstrek and added larger tires. Soooo...since the slingshot is done...yes I said DONE! I am funneling mod money to the Subaru!

    Have you thought about turning the Slingshot into "Off Road"? Just a thought but you would probably have to give those shiny wheels away to someone! :evil:

    I thought I saw a while back that someone did some canards solely to reduce the dirt and dust build up in the rear wheels...Was I dreaming that or does anyone remember who and what was done?

    I tried to tell you at SSITR, the best thing to do was to trade wheels with me and you could have avoided this needless heartache you are experiencing now! :evil:

    I just wanted to add that last year coming from northern Illinois (30mi from Wisconsin boarder) we drove down first to Land between the Lakes then over to Knoxville and on to Maggie Valley. During the trip we were caught in violent thunderstorms in Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, and N. Carolina, the worst being going over from Tennessee we had to pull into the N.Carolina visitor center(wife insisted!) to let some of the weather pass. It was so bad it was like being in the wake of a boat with big rigs on both sides. I never broke loose even a little. I have been driving on snow and ice all my life and the one bit of advise I have is stay loose, never make quick corrections of ANY kind be it steering or speed or braking. If you stay calm and keep under control you will be alright. I have had vehicles with much worse traction than the sling and have had many episodes with slick conditions mostly by screwing around in my younger days! Like some have said, in the north we stop for nothing and let nothing stop us. If you use caution and keep your cool and know your vehicle you will be alright. Please, just be safe. If you are nervous and find yourself with a "death grip" on the steering wheel by all means the best thing to do is pull over ASAP. Hope to see EVERYONE safely in Maggie Valley.

    Thanks everyone for the imput. I do like the wheel straps but unfortunately with MV coming up after next week I am committed to axle straps. I thought they were the way to go I just wanted to double check with those more experienced than myself. Thanks again.

    Yes, I know where to connect I just am unsure of how. At the control arm would it be better to wrap an axle strap around it and then connect the hook of the ratchet strap to the axle strap or would it be best to connect the hook directly to the control arm?

    When attaching ratchet straps on the control arms do you use axle straps or just attach the hook onto the control arm itself? Not sure what would be best. Maggie Valley this year will be my first time on a trailer so I sure want to get it right!
    Thanks for any help or tips anyone may have.

    Just renewed my coverage with Allstate. According to my agent they have revamped their motorcycle coverage and no longer give discounts for Passive Restraints or Anti lock brakes on the Slingshot. This increased my cost by 20%. NOT HAPPY but after checking around they are still cheaper than anyone else in my area. I had the discounts for the last 2 years but he said there was nothing he could do about it and was not happy about losing customers due to this himself. Such is life I suppose.. :cursing:

    Got the postcard yesterday and it reminds me of the Yamaha "Star Riders" club that was a 1 year free membership when I had my Royal Star Venture. It wouldn't have been a bad deal as it did bring a lot of area riders together once a month at the local dealership but this chapter at the time was more interested in going to each others homes to sit around and drink beer than riding. If done right this could be a really good thing because Polaris may offer dealers that host chapters a deal to pass along discounts to members and put together ride events. This in now way will compete with this great forum but hopefully will bring people together locally for some good times making new friends as well. Trying to stay positive on this one :rolleyes:

    I have the Madstad Stinger top and absolutely love it! Would not even consider anything else. It looks like Twist took over Madstad, it looks about the same but? I also have a +5 windscreen with Baker wings and everything works well together.

    Agree with @jorgebri60, I just picked up a pair of small circular stick-on convex mirrors at the auto parts store. Knowing that everything gets marked up if it says "Slingshot" on it, I wasn't about to pay $100 for a mirror!

    Went that way almost right from the beginning and you are correct, works pretty well. The $100 mirrors on the other hand are so much better that they are worth every penny, INMHO :thumbsup:

    If I remember correctly, last year @ivor sent out confirmation emails after registration. I registered on 12/30/17 and do have my credit card statement of payment but have not received any confirmation email. Has anyone else received confirmations?

    Has anyone tried to get at the fitting from underneath? I have the Madstad Stinger top and the stinger support is in the rear cup holder. Just wondering if the unit needs to jacked up to get at it or not.