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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    While both those facts may be true it is impossible to infer that they can be compared. I would venture to guess that the armed forces have a higher kill ratio than even the police. The ratios are different because of the inherent risk of the job. the average gun owning citizen could generally go their entire life without being put into a situation where they are in a position to kill someone. Police would be at greater risk of being in a position to do that, but many policemen go their entire career without being involved in a shooting, much less actually killing someone. The mission of the military is significantly different than either of the other groups where the intent of today's operation is to kill specific people. All three groups have guns as a common factor, but how those groups use weapons is dramatically different. I personally cover two of those groups - I am an armed citizen and retired Army and there is no way that I would ever try to draw a comparison between those two different roles.

    Well you may not know it but you're snakebit. Next thing you know you'll decide that lone mod needs company and you'll buy a cold air intake, header, cat delete exhaust, tune, shocks, sway bar, taller windshield, wheels, steering wheel, halos, seats, LUGGAGE RACKS, master cylinder brace, stereo, and maybe a real horn to keep it company. :P

    LOL, I'm a little over half way through that list. got some work to do

    I picked up my 2016 SL last summer as a factory demo with a couple thousand miles on it and now it is due it's 10K service check. Wanted to poll the crew here to see what areas I need to mention for potential warranty fix areas that I need to make sure they go over while they have it in the shop. Mine has had a loud angle drive since the day I picked it up and my dealer was already planning on checking that since I've complained about it before (didn't know it was louder than others until this spring when I linked up with a few other owners here in town and realized theirs weren't as loud as mine). There was a tie rod post a few months back on here that made me check mine and I have some play on the passenger side so that is on the list too. I have a bit of a popping sound coming from the rear on low speed (parking lot) left hand turns so want them to check the rear bearings for potential problems. I know that drive belt tightness is a popular topic of discussion here so that is on the list, but figure that will be taken care of when they dissect the angle drive. I seem to remember someone complaining about a slow leak of transmission fluid from the reservoir so thinking I need to mention that. Any other recommendations for areas that I need to make sure they check for potential warranty repairs while they have it in? I'm already planning on it being there for awhile (from the angle drive discussion with the dealer a few months back) so want to get as much done this trip as I can. They have to open up the angle drive and send info to Polaris so this is going to be an extended stay visit and that is why I waited until the end of summer to get it over to them. Appreciate the feedback and recommendations so I go in there with a list of things so I can knock out all the checks / fixes and be ready to ride again in the spring.

    I've noticed some cup holders mounted in interesting locations in some the recent event pics, but haven't seen any in person yet to get a good look at the setup and find out who makes them, cost, likes/dislikes, etc from an actual user. Would like to hear from those that have found a way on how they did it, what product that used, and pros/cons of their setup.

    Yep, mine is a 2016 and the passenger side has the "objects are closer than they appear" message. I did a quick test and the slingmod mirrors did appear to have a wider field of view than the stock convex mirror Edward Neal so I do want to install it. I just don't want the thing to fall off on the 90 mph four lane section of my rush hour commute to / from work one day because it is only attached by a small piece of peel and stick on the back of the mirror.

    Has anyone else had issues with the passenger mirror? I bought the mirrors off Slingmods and installed them the other day. First day out the passenger side mirror fell off and broke but the tape stayed stuck to the original. Now I can't use the stock mirror because that tape wouldn't come off without scraping, and that scratched the crap out of the mirror. The problem I found with the new mirror is the back is flat and we're trying to stick it to a convex surface.

    Slingmods had me send them a photo and will forward it to the manufacturer to get a replacement, but I'll have to do something to modify the surfaces.

    I bought this same set, but have held off on installing because of the issue raised here. I'm thinking I'll go ahead and install the drivers side since it appears to be a flat surface and I can't find any posted issues related to the drivers side install. Any recommendations on how to install the passenger side or is it best to just use the stock convex mirror that is already there? Hate to have paid for a set and only use one of them, but don't want to mess up the passenger side mirror if it isn't necessary.

    I saw this and it looks interesting, but I also wonder if a thief would just do more damage trying to get things open and end up costing more money.

    when I was young my father and I did navigational road rallies and we had a special computer mounted in the glove box of his 911. One time when he left the car parked at the airport someone broke into his car and when they found the glove box locked they destroyed it prying it open - - in the end they didnt even take the computer - probably didnt even know what it was, but the damage they caused to the glove box and dash cost way more that it would have cost if they had taken the computer - - - after that my father never locked the glove box again - figured it would cost less

    I dont know how many of us really need this lock. for me I dont have any under the hood mods anyway and putting on a lock might just make the bad guys think there is more under the hood than there is - - - anyway just something to consider

    I had some neighborhood kids steal an aftermarket radio out of my jeep years ago. The cop that was taking the report was shocked when he asked if the jeep was locked and I told him "nope, never lock it". My logic was similar to yours that the soft top door skins cost more than anything I had inside the vehicle and I would much rather them open the door to take what they wanted than take a knife to the soft top to reach in and unlock the door to take what they wanted. If a thief really wants what you have they are going to take it, street cuffs, security cables, etc serves as enough of a deterrent to keep honest people honest and not be tempted by an easy grab.

    Sorry when I read this I thought it was a PM to me. I think the 3's da life guys still have them I just didn't have any luck getting the details on how to order them.

    I was trying to find a set. Slingrazor sent me a spare set he had laying around (I assume a prototype effort) that I'm going to install when I get a chance. ZZP said he was going to have them for sale by next spring.

    We will have them by spring. It's on our winter development list.

    Then put me on the pre-order list right now. I've been trying all summer to find someone making these and willing to take some of my mod money. Those big splash guards are pretty much the only part of my SS that I don't like style wise and I can't wait to yank them off.

    OK, the QuickShade has been out a while now, how about some reviews? :thumbsup:


    I picked up one at the Homecoming Rally a few months ago. Very happy with it overall. The minimalist design is exactly what I was looking for and the price was right. The mesh top does a great job of screening a majority of the direct sunlight to help with temps, but still allows you to be able to see the sky so it keeps the open cockpit feel. I'm running a F4 +5 windscreen and noticed a significant reduction in air turbulence when driving home after install which was a pleasant surprise. I still get air movement, but it is a lot cleaner coming in than it was before we added the quickshade. My guess is that the frame of the quickshade is right in the air flow over the windscreen and the mesh fabric disrupts the flow smoothing it out. Removal is quick and easy and everything rolls up in a bag that fits in the storage compartment or behind one of the seats. I had a Jeep in years past (until we had the 3rd kid and I ran out of places to put everybody). My wife commented when she saw it in person that it was sort of like a mesh bikini top on a jeep (which would be another great thing I wish I had on my jeep back then). No significant impact getting in and out on the drivers side with non-removable steering wheel (other than I have to slide at a bit more of an angle than I did before). My wife was used to just stepping in and sitting straight down on the passenger side so the top does restrict that and she has to come in from an angle now. The roll bar tops probably offer an advantage if you have a hard time getting in and out with a top since there is nothing to grab a hold of with the quickshade. No significant flapping at speed (compared to my old jeep bikini top). There is a slight "whistling" sound when driving as the air moves through the mesh fabric, but it isn't very loud and I didn't even notice it after a few rides. Haven't had any issues with straps loosening up with use. I run baker airwings and can still use them with the quickshade frame, but the turn in is more limited than before but still enough to get wind into the cockpit on those really hot days. The airwing mounts would rattle against the quickshade frame, but solved that with a couple of black felt pads from that hardware store. Great product and I would recommend it to anyone that wants a top with just enough substance to help with shade, but not so much that you lose the open air feel.

    One thing I forgot. I'm 6'2" and the quick shade is the only top that I've seen that doesn't restrict my view of the road ahead. The frame sits up a bit higher so the top is more parallel to the ground which gives it more clearance over the windscreen. I can see traffic lights sitting normally in the seat. Not sure if that was by design or not, but it was a key selling point when I gave it a test run with Ruptured Duck during the homecoming rally.

    Took them off. love it. where can I get the Inserts to cover the holes?

    Let us know if you can find the inserts. I tried to get some from @stylin, but no luck (couldn't figure out how to order them off their website and couldn't get a response from him so gave up). Did send a query to Zarate Steel Works that is doing some sling parts now, but they hadn't gotten around to developing the fillers yet. I really want to remove them and run fenderless (new fenders aren't in the budget for now), but need the filler to cover up the old bracket mounting point.

    Decided that I did not want to live in the hustle and bustle of Cali. I thought that I wanted to live in the big city. WRONG! I live in the best place on the East coast, we have 5 rivers and the woods and do not forget living in a coastal area. It is just starting to get crazy with all of the Damn Yankee's moving in and they want to make it just like the place they moved out of. :cursing::cursing:

    So one night my family is having dinner at a locally owned place here in town. Our server is chatty and is sharing her life story. Long story short is she moved her family to Alabama from Pennsylvania because the taxes were too high, cost of living was too high, lack of jobs, etc. Huntsville leans to the conservative side and has a pretty good job market because of local and state Govt efforts to attract industry (like Polaris) and she tells us she moved her family here specifically for those opportunities. She then goes on to tell us how much she loves Bernie Sanders and his policies. I almost fell out of my chair the hypocrisy hit me so hard. I'm an independent in terms of political parties, but for the life of me I couldn't understand how someone could rationalize leaving an area where liberal fiscal policies had created an environment she didn't feel she could raise a family in and then want to apply those same fiscal policies on a national scale. The liberal fiscal policies where she came from had made the conditions so bad that she pulled up roots and moved to an area where she had no family, friends, etc solely because she felt she could be successful there. I couldn't believe that she was standing there telling me how bad it was where she lived before and in the same breath saying how she wanted Bernie Sanders to be President so we could have those same policies on a national scale. There's just no reasoning with some people....

    I was at the Lowes down the street from my house yesterday and I got the military discount without any problems. A few months ago they changed their process and you have to register on-line for the discount and they associate it with your phone number. One of the cashiers told me that they had too many extended family members and friends trying to use the discount so they had to centralize the process instead of letting cashiers enter it themselves. Took just a few minutes to register and now they actually check my name against what comes up on the screen. From a business point I understand not wanting to extend my discount to any person I'm willing to share my ID card with so I don't have a problem with it.

    Jonathon, shot you a note on FB, but didn't hear back yet. Got a subtle hint that the fender kit would be a good birthday gift from the kids and wife wants to know how she would order it. Thanksl