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    Decided that I did not want to live in the hustle and bustle of Cali. I thought that I wanted to live in the big city. WRONG! I live in the best place on the East coast, we have 5 rivers and the woods and do not forget living in a coastal area. It is just starting to get crazy with all of the Damn Yankee's moving in and they want to make it just like the place they moved out of. :cursing::cursing:

    So one night my family is having dinner at a locally owned place here in town. Our server is chatty and is sharing her life story. Long story short is she moved her family to Alabama from Pennsylvania because the taxes were too high, cost of living was too high, lack of jobs, etc. Huntsville leans to the conservative side and has a pretty good job market because of local and state Govt efforts to attract industry (like Polaris) and she tells us she moved her family here specifically for those opportunities. She then goes on to tell us how much she loves Bernie Sanders and his policies. I almost fell out of my chair the hypocrisy hit me so hard. I'm an independent in terms of political parties, but for the life of me I couldn't understand how someone could rationalize leaving an area where liberal fiscal policies had created an environment she didn't feel she could raise a family in and then want to apply those same fiscal policies on a national scale. The liberal fiscal policies where she came from had made the conditions so bad that she pulled up roots and moved to an area where she had no family, friends, etc solely because she felt she could be successful there. I couldn't believe that she was standing there telling me how bad it was where she lived before and in the same breath saying how she wanted Bernie Sanders to be President so we could have those same policies on a national scale. There's just no reasoning with some people....

    I was at the Lowes down the street from my house yesterday and I got the military discount without any problems. A few months ago they changed their process and you have to register on-line for the discount and they associate it with your phone number. One of the cashiers told me that they had too many extended family members and friends trying to use the discount so they had to centralize the process instead of letting cashiers enter it themselves. Took just a few minutes to register and now they actually check my name against what comes up on the screen. From a business point I understand not wanting to extend my discount to any person I'm willing to share my ID card with so I don't have a problem with it.

    Jonathon, shot you a note on FB, but didn't hear back yet. Got a subtle hint that the fender kit would be a good birthday gift from the kids and wife wants to know how she would order it. Thanksl

    Thx for the feedback. Didn't know if it was just me here in the Midwest or if other owners noticed the same thing. I would imagine there would be more in warmer climate states than Ohio, but just didn't know hoe frequently owners casually noticed other SS's on the road. I plan to drive mine during cooler months as well as long as there is no snow or ice. So I won't be sure if I'm getting the "what the heck is that thing" stare OR the "he must have lost his mind" stare when the temperature drops into the 30's!!

    I drove my Goldwing rain or shine and as low as 23 degrees with dry roads. With heated gear and a big windshield, it wasn't an issue. I figure with the SS having the taller windshield, a top and heated gear...... it should be even better!

    I still have my heated gear from riding my Harley in Alaska when we lived up there. The SS has a lot less wind so riding in colder temps isn't a problem at all. I drilled a small hole behind the drivers seat and wired right to the battery just like it was on the bike. My Alabama neighbors think I'm crazy, but none of them have the gear that I brought down here with me. You will gets lots of stares in cold weather, but if you were a cold weather biker riding in the SS won't be a challenge for you at all.

    There just aren't a lot of them around. My neighbor has one and we both drive them pretty often, but I still only see him out occasionally. There is another one close by that I've passed a few times, but unfortunately it has always been when I was in my truck instead of the SS. I drive as often as I can and answer all the questions to hopefully increase that number.

    This thread is killing my inner juvenile self..... dalancroft has found that it is a two handed job,@ kyle d says to just stick your finger in it, and SlingLow says to use an extension instead of your finger.... Yall keep this up and we are going to have to move it to the NSFW section:)

    My favorite was one day when my wife and I were running errands around town. A very proper looking southern lady around my mom's age (mid 70s) driving one of those luxury import sedans stops beside us at a red light, rolls down her window, turns her head, and very matter of factly says "that is bitchin", rolls up her window and without another word made a right turn and drove off.... We were laughing so hard I missed the light turning green.

    Let me add in my $0.02. I went with their Fender Delete kits, eliminating the fenders all together. As far as stuff in the cab, yes, maybe, but not normally. If you're running on dry roads, no major issue. If you're picking up dirt/stones, there might be some intrusion, but very little. As far as water, I never run in the rain. But water on the ground mostly went down the side, not into my legs. I loved it and plan on doing it again on this set. Do it.

    Did you experience more fender "flop" once you removed the stock splash guards? Was out looking at my SS last night and there is a bracket on the bottom of the hood that sits down on the top of the splash guard that looks like it stabilizes the fender behind the tire (mine is a 16 model / looks like the newer ones have a rubber bumper on the splash guard instead of the hood like mine). Looks like the headlight assembly does same thing in the front so there is support on both sides of the tire in the stock setup. Worried about fender flap at speed if I remove half of the fender support structure since it looks like the fender delete kit is just the piece to fill the gap and cover the bolt holes once the splash guard is removed. the hood was pretty easy to flex up and down when I lifted it a bit to check how much flex there was in the hood/fender to get an idea of how much flex there could be if the splash guard wasn't there. It is all plastic supporting plastic in that area so not a good place easily add in a minimalist bracket to something solid to provide support to the hood behind the tire to maintain that support structure. I noticed that Kyle had his splash guards off for the speed run, but he also has the plastic fender panels removed. I don't plan on going 140+ mph anytime soon so don't plan on doing anything that drastic, but cleaning that area up a bit and improving aerodynamics while not causing new support structure problems is important to me. I'm really not worried about intrusion (water/dirt) since other than getting caught in an occasional pop up storm my rides are generally in dry, clear conditions. I figure I can keep the stock splash guards in the garage and throw them back on if we decide to take a trip, but for my normal driving around I'm not too worried about that. My main concern right now is whether removing the stock splash guards is going to make the hood look like a huge red bird flapping it's wings as I drive down the road or not. I read the threads on guys installing hood pins to counter fender flap and it looks like most of them still had the stock splash guards. I don't have a fender flap problem now and don't want to create a problem by pulling these things off.

    Thanks. Sent you a note on FB. I used a good chunk of my mod budget at the Homecoming Rally so not sure I can go for the fenders at this point, but I am interested in the elimination kit since it at least gets those huge splash guards off.

    Also, you can go to the vendor section on this forum and look at the Threes Da Life page to see discussions on those fenders.

    Thanks, I'm in that FB group already. I'll check it out. Are those the same fenders that FunCycle has on his? The fenders look great, but I'm not opposed to the semi-open wheel look if they make the aerodynamics worse than the stock piece. What did you add to provide support to the fender/hood to keep it stable once the splash guard was removed?

    I really hate how the front fender splash guards look on my SS. The recent fuel mileage and speed record conversations have got me thinking more about finding a better solution than the stock parts because those big plastic sails behind the front tires can't be good for the aerodynamics and are ugly as sin. I haven't had any luck finding an alternate solution on the aftermarket seller websites on options to remove them or replace with something that looks better with less aerodynamic drag than what the factory slapped on there. I found a few older posts on here that discussed running without them, but nothing recently so wanted to see if there were any new thoughts on doing this mod or if anyone knows of a good aftermarket solution to clean this area up. Looks like a pretty simple process to remove a few screws attaching the splash guard to the front rocker panel and then drill out a couple of rivets from the splash guard retainer. I would need something to fill the gap in the rocker panel to clean that up once the splash guard was gone (noticed that Slingrazor has something filling that gap on his) and was thinking I would also need a machine shop to fabricate a metal plate to replace the plastic splash guard retainer underneath the fenders to provide support and keep them from flapping around (and maybe a set of hood pins to securely lock it all down if necessary, but would like to avoid putting any holes in the hood / fenders if possible). The thing that scares me is that it looks like a pretty simple mod to just remove the OEM parts and have a machine shop fabricate a support plate, but just about every SS that I've ever seen still had those ugly hunks of plastic hang off the front side implying that it isn't as simple as it looks at first glance. There were some highly modified and beautiful slings here in town during the homecoming rally and just about every one of them still had the OEM parts installed. If there was a simple solution my assumption is that the owners of those machines would have already done it. I don't want to start yanking these things off only to discover that there is a major implication that I didn't think of (and I would rather leverage other people's lessons learned than have to learn them on my own if possible). I appreciate any insight / recommendations from the group on this.

    Having worked extensively in the music industry in the past, I would be hard pressed to think that foam insert plugs would be the best option. The issue with them is block all frequencies and distort sound. The best, but most expensive option, would be to get a set of ear plugs made for you by an audiologist. They will make a mold of your ear canal and then you can use interchangeable filters to select the amount of noise you want removed. I have a set and depending where I am at use different filters. -5db &-10db are great for noisy bars or sporting events, -15db would probably be great for accomplishing what the OP is doing, and -25db is good for large night clubs, and live concerts. The -25db would probably also work pretty well filtering out highway speed wind noise. The filters used in these ear plugs don't actually remove/block any frequencies, they just lower the volume. However, the cost is around $120 for a set the last time I checked.

    The next best option would be what is being called "high fidelity ear plugs". You can find them for anywhere between $10-$30 a set and I think I've tried just about every set out there. While not as good as ear plugs from an audiologist, some of them out there do a pretty great job of filtering sound and not just blocking everything. I think the best option for the OPs scenario and also probably my favorite are the V Moda Faders. Of the 3 I mention these have the cleanest sound. They advertise a reduction of 12db which should be perfect for driving at just about any speed and still being able to have a conversation and hear music. They're also comfortable for long periods and come with 4 sizes of inserts to match to your ear canal. One of my other favorites is the Sure Fire EP4. Super comfortable to wear for extended amounts of time. Filters out a lot of noise. They're great for concerts. Another I liked was the Etymotic ER20XS. Not as comfortable as the EP4s but I've worn them for entire concerts and they work well. They do not filter out as much sound as the EP4s which I like but the sound quality isn't as "clean".

    Just for the record, I have no stake in the game with any of these companies and prefer my plugs made by my audiologist the best but it's hard to justify $120 on ear plugs unless you use them daily. You can find all of the high fidelity options I listed on amazon. I think I paid $20 for the V Moda.

    2nd everything Kyle said. Your local guitar/music shop likely has a good selection and a sales guy that can help with selection, price, comfort, etc if you want to talk to a human vs just going in blind to the great big amazon world. I always wear a pair when driving and the difference is amazing.

    Here is my favorite NE Alabama ride. From Hwy 72 turn left on Hwy 35 to Woodville. Turn Left off Hwy 35 to Hwy 8 towards Pleasant Groves. Turn Left off Hwy 8 to Hwy 17 towards Skyline. Turn Left off Hwy 17 to Hwy 79 and go through Skyline (there is a little Diner in Skyline on the right as you go through town where the food isn't half bad and is pretty cheap). Turn left off Hwy 79 to Hwy 146 towards Princeton. Turn Left off Hwy 146 to Hwy 65. Hwy 65 takes you back to Hwy 72. Beautiful ride through the NE Alabama mountains and down through the Paint Rock River Valley. Roads are well maintained (most resurfaced in the past couple of years) with a good number of curves on the Hwy 8 and 65 sections.

    My 2016 SL makes the same slow roll sound (almost a small popping sound). The belt is tracking correctly on the inside portion of the pulley, but not so far over to have a rubbing issue there so that isn't the issue. Gonna try to give the belt a good cleaning over the weekend to see if that helps. Shop tech is talking to Polaris about it now and thinks they will tell him to open up the right angle drive to check it out as a solution since I have a pretty good gear whine issue going at speed in addition to the low speed sound you describe above, but still waiting on final word back from them on next step.