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    ivor trying to register. put in options I want and try to go to 'cart' but keeps saying add more options. Checked all I want and need.

    Answer every question.Use the answer none on the questions that do not concern you.It will then compute the fees and you can proceed to checkout.When you leave them unanswered it will then come up with add more options.

    Look forward to seeing you there.

    For early registrations we are holding last years fees.These will hold for the month of Jan.Registration fees will be increased 1st Feb.See our website....................................

    SSITS 2020 has had so far record early registrations for the event.Looking to be a great show.

    We will be attempting to break our record of 300 Slingshots in a conga line set last year.

    Now all we need is last years great weather to repeat itself.

    Looking forward to seeing many of you at the event.

    The world record attempt made in 2018 was done with Guinness.Full application was made and accepted by Guinness who responded that it would have to be under Polaris Motorcycles the figure to beat was 250.We had to have officials check it and videos and pictures sent to GuinessWe only allowed Slingshots in the event and the figure of 209 was set.All applicable fees ,videos were submitted to Guinness.We also requested the made the category Slingshots.This was refused.They further added we would have to have the town shut down roads in 2019 ,the attempt would again have to be made under Polaris motorcycles.

    We at Roadsters made the decision that we would not do this again with Guinness.We are for Slingshots.We therefore decided to run a world record attempt staged by us,using rigid rules of counting.We called it SSRWR.We have a trophy,publicized what we were doing.

    The record attempt under the SSRWR Banner was an immense success.It was a blast.300 Slingshots was the exact number beating our Guinness attempt of2018,209 Slingshots.

    It was a blast.The trophy is open to any group and is floating.We in 2020 will be attempting to break our own record of 300 Slingshots in a parade and our target is 400 our dream 500 Slingshots in the parade.

    The SSRWR record is open to any group who would be willing to come out and beat the record.There was some murmurings from Texas that it could be done there but that was it.

    Everyone push the boat out or should I say Slingshot.Come to Maggie Valley next May.Help us get to 500 and show Guinness what they are missing out on

    This the 6th annual Slingshot Owners Event will once again take place May26-31 at the Festival Grounds ,Maggie Valley,NC.

    SSITS the first and the premier Slingshot event in the USA

    Last years registration fees of $59.00 for Slingshot/Driver includes a free event designed teeshirt &$30.00 per passenger will be held for early registration until Jan.After that it will be increased by $20.00 for Slingshot/Driver &$10 per passenger.

    We will once again be attempting to break the world record of 300 Slingshots set last year at the event.500 plus Slingshots expected to attend the event.

    For further info or to register go to............

    I do not generally get involved answering these sort of threads but feel I need to put some comments put out by some of you right.

    This will be my only post from me on this subject.

    I am the person totally responsible for putting together and co-ordinating all the Slingshot Roadster shows.I also setup all Sling-a-Rama shows.All vendors as long as they are reputable are invited to participate in our shows.
    Scott MacIndoe has encouraged me to take as many as I could fit into the venues.The only exception is Led Lights where I made an agreement with Lite the Nite Leds to bring a team to every Roadster and Sling-a-Rama show.In return they would get exclusivity on led lites.This arrangement applied whilst I owned Slingshot Roadsters and I have carried it on since Scott bought the company.

    I noticed a comment Slingmods is barred This is not the case.Slingmods were always welcome at our shows.They made the decision not to attend or advertise on our forum.They would be as welcome as any other vendor.

    Another comment by wokka who states that as it’s Scott’s shows he gets to put in vendors who do not compete with him.”Not True”Again I put in the vendors and have never been instructed to turn any away.

    I have always found Scott MacIndoe to be a man of his word.I have enjoyed working with him so much so I agreed to do 2020 and hopefully more years down the line.

    Some new pics taken of SSRWR with a drone of all 300 gathered ready to roll.Also good pics of the entire Festival grounds where SSITS was held.

    Just wait for next year!!!

    Lots of goodies to come!!

    Thank you all who made the trip to SSITS.

    We lucked out with great weather.In answer to some of the posts I just read.

    We broke the world record.300 Slingshots exactly were clicked out of the Fairground gates.All three clickers matched with exactly 300.

    Just over 450 Slingshots registered and signed in to the event.The most ever.

    Slingshots came from all over the USA.

    From California,Las Vegas,Colorado,Chicago,New York the list goes on from many states.

    I am very proud to state that after this the 5th SSITS it is indeed The Super Bowl of Slingshot events.

    If you intend coming to Slingshots in the Smokies and have not yet registered if you want the really nice event Teeshirts we are doing you need to register by midnight Sunday as first thing Monday morning the order is going in for the hundreds of owners who have already registered.

    As of next Monday 6th you may still register but Teeshirts will no longer be available.

    Hey ivor I've been trying to get a hold of you about getting some event flags made up for Maggie valley. How bout it ?

    We are totally slammed at the moment getting all ready for Maggie Valley.I am not sure what flags you want .Send me a picture of one.I will look into it but highly doubt I can get something for the upcoming SSITS in a few weeks.