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    And you can always get slightly used parts from forum members if needed.

    I actually joke that there are parts of my slingshot all over the nation. I have either sold things super cheap or given them away to at least 20-25 slingshot just dawned on me...I might have an issue...

    I always thought the slingshot was pricey to mod until I started looking at other small production run vehicles. I considered doing a Lotus Evora...and brakes were over $6K... Clutch is over $8k... Exhaust over $4k. Ultimately with small volume vehicles the price will never be Honda Civic pricing...but all in all Slingshot isn't all that bad all things considered..

    But some of those stickers and LEDs are painfully expensive.

    A quad conversion is on my list to do one day. Probably not next year, but eventually. In fact I don't know who's sling this is (pictured below), but it's been my inspiration and "end goal" when I think of where I want to get my sling to looks wise. Here is the problem... the wife and I were talking tonight and she said if I did that she'd never ride in it again. I was kinda shocked...she said it'd lose all the uniqueness of the 3 wheel, yada yada. She won't say it, but she loves all the looks we get with the sling. That night downtown Denver with a big group and parading around downtown, she felt like a prom queen. So honestly I think that's what it is for her and feels like that goes away with conversion.

    So without starting a debate on 3 vs 4 wheel, as that's not my intention - curious for those of you that have the quad do you still get the same "sweet ride" looks/comments? More/Less? They are unique as hell either way in my opinion - I'm just chasing the adult go cart thing I think personally.

    I can tell you that I have been a lot of car and coffee's and larger shows...including the Hot Wheels Legends tour. I can tell you that the Slingshot is a minority in those shows...then you show up with a 4 wheel and you steal the attention of any other slingshot that is there. I got a lot more questions and pictures taken at shows after the TrakHamr kit went on.

    From a performance standpoint...3 wheels vs 4's not even a comparison. The 4 wheel set up allows you to go in to corners faster, come out of the corners faster, goes faster and quicker in a straight line, and you don't have to do the butt pucker over pot holes. Is it an expensive upgrade? YES. Is it worth it? YES!

    Finally...for those that keep saying "jUsT bUy A cAr!"... a couple of points:

    1. It's not your money.
    2. There is no car that can compete at the price point that is mass manufactured. With the Slingshot and Mods, I am in at around $46K...and nothing gets the attention and has the performace that the slingshot has now.
    3. It's not your money.

    4. It doesn't drive like any other vehicle...and this includes the Ariel Atom or the Donkervort. Having driven both of those...they are very surgical in the way it handles the road...and you would expect that at the price point. The Slingshot Seems to be more visceral . It is very raw and beats up corners more than it handles them precision. The other 2 are give or take $80K more than what I have in to my Slingshot.

    5. It's not your money.

    6. If you have boost, a quad kit is necessary. It's like taking the training wheels off. You actually can use the power...all the power you are paying for. Or you can buy tires every 5-6k miles. Sure...more expensive tires with better rubber helps, then you have the angle drive, and multiple other issues you could potentially run in to. Prior to the quad set up I was already on my 4th rear tire. That alone was around $1300 in tires.

    7. It's not your money.

    8. It's not your money.

    9. It's not your money.

    10. It's not your money.

    The list just felt like it needed to be 10 items.

    The reason I did the TrakHamr was that for made the most sense. At the time there were only 2 real options and the TrakHamr seemed to be the more simple/reliable set up. I say this because you can literally walk in to any junkyard and pick up parts to replace stuff if you ever needed to. I have played with every bolt on the set up and know how the tweek the suspension in every way possible...and it was easy to lear. Now that I have had it for over 4K miles I couldn't be happier. Since I went with my kit a few others have hit the market and they all seem to be really good and the price has come down a lot on the kits. I really don't think you can go wrong with any kit you choose.

    Also I am at the point where I just want to troll all the people that are ignorant enough to just say "wHy NoT jUsT bUy A cAr?"

    People don't seem to realize that when you go 4's like taking the training wheels off a bicycle. You can turn in and out of corners hard and faster. You can actually push it to the edge and hang or obliterate much higher priced vehicles.

    Left wing...Right wing...they are on the same damn bird. That bird doesn't fly unless both wings are working together. And because of that...we now have a coutry that is a direct product of choosing the lesser of two evils...and the people that support them are happy to just blame the other side. Mind you...there is no cooperation to actually make a difference for a better world...just finger pointing and blame with out offering any solution.

    Parler is funny becuase it's touted as "Diverse and open" but it's backed by prmarily pro republicans and almost the entire user base is pro republican. Nothing wrong with that. But you can't just say that you allow all kinds of points of view then get smashed by all the users for voicing that point of view. It is the purest form of an echo chamber I have seen in the social media yet.

    Kind of the reason I have mine up for sale. We are expecting #2...and we are it would be nice to have less vehicles to move...sitting on 4 right now.

    On a side note...I haven't driven the auto...but it's not an automatic transmission. It's a clutchless, stickless, syncromesh automated manual. I don't really know how it compares to modern Automatic transmissions as far as shift speeds and all that...but it's technology taken from late 70's I can't imagine it is the greatest "automatic" set up.

    I actually didn't see much that I would argue with in that article. Especially the part where he says that the Slingshot is not fast. Sure it's quick...and that is how I have always described it. Even Boosted it lacks the oomph to be considered fast in my opinion. I really considered doing a 3 motor "all wheel drive" electric set up about 2 years ago. At the time it didn't make financial sense, and I take longer rides than a typical electric set up would allow me to go.

    He definitely doesn't know the requirements to keep this as a "motorcycle", but he's not wrong...Going electric on the slingshot would make it amazing. I still think the slingshot is a fun vehicle, but I have done a lot to make it more capable, more powerful, and more fun...more of what it could have been at the price point.

    He's always got an excuse to not ride, and keeps talking about selling it, or modding it further. The boy just can't make up his mind! :)

    True story! I still need to order a new spoiler for it...then list it up for sale. lol.

    Thanks buddy - I wasn't 100% sure if that was you or not looking at the names wokka posted. Headed to breck on Saturday or supposed to with a few folks to see the troll. Should come!

    Helping a friend move on Saturday or I would be in.