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    I changed the Kenda rear tire at 16,000 miles and it was not down to the wear bars. SSITS was coming up and I wanted the max traction in the wet so I changed it out. The fronts I changed at 21,000 mile and they were not down to the wear bars either.

    My tire was the Stock Slingshot Brand Tire. That is another part of the equation for miles you can get, they brand and quality of tire. FunCycle has brought up a good point, the type and conditions you drive in will be important as to how far down you go with your tire wear. I know FunCycle likes his performance drives, so he wants good rubber on the ground for his many different driving ranges. The more your tire wears the less safety you have for wet road conditions and hydroplaning becomes a bigger factor and the tread groves are not as deep and can not pump out as much water as you hit water puddles. The more aggressive you drive the less wear you will want to place on the tires before you change them out. Keep a look at the wear bars and find the point you are comfortable with.

    While we are on the subject of Tires, let's tell you how long to expect to safely ride on them. I had a 2015 SL model and put a little over 19,000 miles on it before trading. At just a little over 17,000 miles I fund I was down to the deep wear bars in the tread. Now that is what you can expect if you do not do Tire Burnouts and pealing off from redlights. I do drive fast in the mountains around the curves, so I do put extra wear that a person that does not drive in the mountains. The Fronts will get twice the miles so you will just have to replace 1 rear and then next time 3. Now if you are close to your mark for changing your rear tire, that would be a good time to try a Tire Burnout in a very safe location. Pushing the ESP switch on the dash will take traction control off and you can really burn it off the rim!. Just remember, you still have to get to the tire store. That is another thing, when you need a tire, most custom wheel places do tires and will take care of you with no damage to your rims and they sell tires that will fit your Slingshot Rims. You will get a a good deal if you shop around.

    I had trouble see where the humps were until I studied the photo. I want to point out the area that most likely has some factor in the accident. This is so sad to have this to happen. Speeds of over 200 mph can not have track conditions with these flaws. Looks like the left lane is clear. I am guessing his left tires hit these humps, that could have started the accident from my thinking. RIP Driver, you did everything right, the track was the fault in my opinion.

    I found myself with him as he rode with all he could put into it! I know the excitement level he would have been at. I think he accepted the risk and he was in his element. Not many people will be able to have courage to attempt a 200 mph run. When you do things like this, you are willing to meet whatever comes!! Folks, 200 plus miles an hour has no room for anything to go wrong. Do not do this unless you are ready to suffer the results.
    Thanks for posting this! It is what any performance driver should watch and be ready for whatever!!

    New Owners, after the excitement wears off from owning a Polaris Slingshot, take a look at the rear Tire Rim, as shown in the video. You are going to see some caked up dirt that is glued in place it will seem. This is a condition that will happen to all owners unless you take actions I have outlined to prevent it. The first cleaning operation you preform on your new Slingshot will be fun spraying the wax mist on the finish and wiping it to a sparkling shine. then you get to the wheels. You find it is a big chore to clean that rear wheel Rim. My video will show you how to overcome this burdon and make it much easier and keep those Rims in nice shiny look. Dirty wheels just take away from the overall great look! You will need a new Cleaning Tool and a box of Refills, the 360 models. It will store nicely in the Drivers Storage area. Use it after each ride, or just show off at the ride meet with a quick dusting. Keep them clean and they will be easy peasy to keep that way.

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    New owner here -- '16 SL, pearl black/grey/white. I have many other thoughts I'll share elsewhere but I went with Geico for insurance and for very similar, if not exact, coverage as the All State info sheet for just a tad over $200/year. Chalk it up to being an ancient anal emission with a clean driving record!

    Thanks for sharing dalancroft . Driving record and multi-vehicle policies will affect your cost for sure. Sometimes you can even negotiate with the agent about how much you pay, tell the agent that you have talked to others that pay less than your quote you get. Most times, they will say, l"et me look at it again". I must admit that I am paying higher because I have some minor issues on my driving record. I am at that magic 5 year point for occurrence and I am going to negotiate some new rates, closer to the $200 rates I am hearing of others. I must add, Buying a new Slingshot verses a used model may affect the rates as I found out when I traded my 2015 SL model in on a 2017 SL LE. My rates went up and they said it was because it was a newer model. Just keep in mind, you should not have to pay more than $500 range at the very most with your personal profile. I hope someone will own up to paying over $1000 or 2000 like I have hear from some new owners. Tell the agent to come over hear and view our thread.

    As a new owner get information about accessories, you will want to install them. Lighting options are a big part of some of the items you may want to install. LED Lighting strips have become very popular. Your knowledge of basic electricity will come into play to make the job easier. I want to cover the Ground Term you may have heard. My video will show how Polaris using grounding to make the frame a common point for the Negative Terminal. Now the Positive Terminal of the Battery has a distribution system using fuses relays and circuit breakers. There are several Fuse Blocks that have fuses for the different systems on your Slingshot. The main Fuse Block That handle most of the circuits you will need quick access are located near the fire wall under the hood on the drivers side. There are other Main Distribution Fuses in the Battery Box Location. These Fuse are to protect the battery from a main shorting to ground. If you are going to add electrical circuits to your Slingshot, you will want to add a auxiliary Fuse Block to give more fuse positions. Never hook up any circuit without fuse position. This can be very dangerous and can cause fires. A fuse is a safety device to blow when too much current is flowing. Seek knowledgeable help when installing electrical accessories that you are designing yourself.

    Do not use the Chassis Ground Bolt and do not attempt to loosen it to attach your own ground leads. You could create some real problems that will be difficult to find. Find other places for your ground.

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    This is for new Owners and I found out that this may be important to mention. I met a new owner and we were exchanging accessories ideas when he saw my charging port on the console at the back just above the cup holders. He saw that I had charger cords going to the area. He thought I had added it. From that I thought there may be others that are unaware of this Charge port as it is hidden. This Charge port is hot all the time, so you can be parked with ignition off and it will have power. Hope this will help someone find a new feature on their Slingshot. Guess I should mention that the two hooks you see are Seat Belt Buckle storage hooks. This is my own idea and not a feature of Polaris.

    Now that you have had your Slingshot for a few months, you will want to ride with other Slingshots. It is so much fun to join a Slingshot Group and join the many group rides and events that are available. Our Forum Page has an Events Calendar that will give you an opportunity to hook up with other Slingshot Riders. We have a Members User Map Location Page. You may be able to find members that are very close to you, meet and go for a ride. I organize Group Rides for the Northeast Georgia Mountains. There are many national Slingshot Events that are on our Calendar/Events page for you to attend. Come on Join us and enjoy your New Slingshot with others just like you. I am always here to help any new owner get started to find all the fun for your Slingshot. Here is a video I created from a number of our group rides. It is fun to get photos and video of your ride adventure. I will comer cameras soon, come back and take a look.

    Youtube Video Link

    One of the first things a New Slingshot Owner has to deal with is Insurance. Now here is something you need to do some homework on before you buy your Slingshot and don't rush. I have hear folks paying as little as $250 to $2500. In your excitement to get your Slingshot you can make a costly mistake, so get input from other Owners. I have had Geico and now have Progressive Insurance. I think that you will find $300 to $500 a fair range to expect, this depends a lot on a lot of variables about individuals. I am closer to the $500 range for my insurance. Now, Florida is a state that proof of Insurance is not required for the Motorcycle Classification. Some folks drive without insurance, I know some that do. This is not a good idea. I would recommend getting insurance. If you finance our Slingshot, they will not let you out of the Showroom without it so start planning how much you will have to pay!

    Here is an example of what someone posted online.

    #SLNGIT sighting in Amador County

    @Sully Awesome View of your Slingshot, this is perfect look at the Slingshot angle low and front driver view!! Love it! Could I use your Photos in one of my Photo Edit Projects on my thread, Photo Edit Project Displays? one suggestion, don't cut off the total view of fenders, give a little extra view for total look. I am missing the passenger fender just a little.

    This is the other view of the two Slingshots of the Restaurant we ate at, out in the middle of no where near Portland, Or. I am know for Photo Editing, I will not post Photo Shop photos anywhere but my thread for that subject.

    Other View of same Location, north of Portland, Or location.

    I am going to give some help for the folks that want the best trailer they can get and they want an enclosed trailer with all the bells and whistles. The place you want to look is Sling Thing Trailers. I have been to the factory that makes the Trailers and did some video for them about the Slingcave Trailer they produce.

    SlingThing Trailers

    My trailer was purchased from Texas Trailers in Gainesville, Fl. I am very happy with my trailer and it has served me well.
    Good luck on your search for the right trailer for you.