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    I took a new 2015 20" rear wheel (so it matches the fronts) and had a company that does wheels widen it 2 1/2". To keep the same offset, I added a 1 1/4" spacer and the wheel is centered. It's a 345/25/20 tire and it has less than 1/4" clearance to the rear coil spring, so depending on what you are using for a spring, a 12" wheel may be pushing the limit with a 345 tire. It SHOULD be ok with a 315 though (but I'm not making any recommendations on that)

    Thanks @funinthesun. So if I'm following it correctly, the end state is a 20x12.5 wheel with a 345/25/20 tire. Surprised it will take a 345, but nice to know. With the spacer you used, it kept with the same offset too. Now question is, I'm fairly sure I'm measuring an offset of +42 on the stock rim. I see a lot of people talking about a +45. a 3mm difference may make a difference if you are that close to the suspension.

    All, I'm replacing the stock tires and wheels. I haven't seen anyone post any info with anyone trying a drag race tire. The Nitto NT05R looks interesting, but wanted to see if anyone has tried this tire.

    Also, I measured my stock wheels and it seems they have an offset of +42. I see a lot of folks talking about a +45. Not sure it makes a huge difference of 3mm more one way or another, but thoughts?

    Anyone use the TPMS Sensor Bracket? I'm not thrilled with the caps, but getting new rims and want to install the inside sensors, but only found one set that are bluetooth and for 4 wheels. I would imagine that you can't set the alarm if you aren't using one of the sensors and it's always at "0" psi. Thoughts?

    Thanks. From what I have been reading thus far, it may be good to have a custom block built with all the good stuff. May be fun to turn it into a project with the kids. Open wallet... may as well just throw it away as it may just burst out in flames.

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    @SaltyClownNY, welcome! Last things first....if you search in the main forum, using the box in the upper right corner of the page, you will find all kinds of information on both tire width and turbo possibilities. Lots of threads on that stuff. Happy hunting!
    So you know, we have a rule goes like this. "Pics or it didn't happen." :D

    I'm especially curious in your statement "created my own brackets for wheel well LED's as well." What's that about? Look forward to hearing about it!

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    @KayTwo - Fair enough!
    So as the 2017 LE had a white frame and white suspension, I wanted to light up the wheel wells a bit. I don't want to see the LED's though, so ended up having to make a bracket to hold a strip of lights at a 45deg. angle so to allow for this. Used existing screws mounts in the hood. Forgot that I also shortened the stock cold air intake and installed a DDMWorks Heat Shield around the air filter. Just used the factory bracket and bent it flat to hold it in place.

    Hi all! So it took me 3 years to finally jump into a SS. Health issues and lack of a turbo version were the main issues, but when I saw the midnight cherry color, just had to pull the trigger. Name is Todd and live outside of Albany NY. For me, it's about the speed, tunes and having fun. First week I had the thing I ended up passing an off duty officer who asked me "do you think it was a good idea to pass me when I was going the speed limit"... all I could say is "well, at the time I did...". Still can't believe he let me go, but what the hell, I'm not arguing with an officer who CLEARLY thought I was in the right!

    Upgrades... well, threw the horn out within 24 hours of me getting the thing and switch over to the largest air horn I could find. Wired a secondary 1600watt (max) amplifier into the stock stereo and added two 10" subs and 2 more sets of 6.5 Kicker marine grade speakers to it all with LED's. Also did my own underglow kit in the front and created my own brackets for wheel well LED's as well. Figured with all that, they can hear and see me coming and yet still almost get run over with people whipping out their cell phones to get a picture as we go by.

    So brings me to primary reason for me joining this group! I need more speed and want to do it right. Hopefully learn from others mistakes.

    So any stats on turbo and supercharger numbers are MUCH appreciated. I also wanted to see if anyone has ever tried putting a 20 inch wheel on the front that is 255mm wide (10 inches)? If my math is correct, it can be done with the wheel sticking 0.5 inches farther out the sides, but worry about the width of the tire making the steering a bit too stiff. Thoughts? Inside looks like I have 1.5 inches of clearance from the stock sway bar, so if I steel an inch... maybe... What I do have coming in is a 12 inch wheel for the back that I can get a 315mm drag tire on it (was thinking of the Nitto NT05F). After that, new shocks and hopefully ready to start doing some engine work!