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    Electric might be great for a family car, but I am not sure I would like it in a slingshot - seems boring that there would be no performance mods and personally the one thing that makes the vanderhalls a no go in my book is front wheel drive - - I hate front wheel drive. one of my greatest joys is stomping on the gas in my sling and power oversteering through a corner

    yep - thats pretty much how mine look when they get bad - and I tend to agree what what we get in the back is much more than just the brake dust - if it were 100% brake dust my pads would be long gone

    fact it the back of the slingshot is a giant vacuum that sucks of all of the dirt it can find and deposits it right inside the rear rim - - fortunately it all blows off in a jiffy with a blast from my little air compressor :)

    just to make it clear "pesky little laws" as you call them wont stop a corrupt government any "pesky little laws" that get in their way would be the first thing a corrupt government changes

    remember they make the laws and if they dont like one that stands in their way then - - - - -

    "pesky little laws" are only good if the government follows the laws and good governments that follow the laws are not what the 2nd amendment is needed for

    What always amazes me is the total lack of understanding these morons have of the 2nd amendment. They say things like "you don't need military style guns to defend your family from criminals"

    They seem totally oblivious as to the fact that the 2nd amendment isnt about protecting ones self or ones family from criminals - - the entire point of the second amendment is guaranteeing that the people can have the guns they need to protect themselves from the government.

    The founders were not worried about home invasions - - the wanted to make sure that the people could keep the government in its place should the need arise and they absolutely intended that the people have the same weapons as the government has so that if needed the people could come together with those guns to form militias to protect the people against a bad government

    I'm on air shocks and I know I need a stiffer sway/anti-sway bar up front. Just to much lean in the corners when I'm set on soft ride.


    I highly recommend the sway bar, as I noted above I am running the JRI GT's which give me a very nice ride and with the twist sway bar it still stays very flat in the turns.

    I was just looking at e rear fenders on and with all of the Metricks fenders that use the mounting hole on top they only list them as fitting 2015 through 2018 - taking this in to account and then seeng your picture it looks like the swing arm was changed for 2019 and does not have the necessary mounting boss

    You might want to call slingmods or better yet Metricks and ask them before you think about drilling the swing arm

    mine doesn’t have the built up area on top like yours does. I can see a circle but no reinforcements on top.

    The built up area on the side is the same though.

    Anyway, that’s why I asked. Since I have no idea how thick the metal is there, I think I will figure out another way.

    yes, on mine the metal on top where the pre drilled and threaded hole was is built up in a raised boss, I would guess 1/4 or more thick / tall. when I got my slingshot the hole was empty and there was talk on here where people recommended putting a bolt in the hole so that debris or water could not get into the swing arm. I dont know why polaris put a threaded hole there, but it would seem that whatever it was they changed their mind - - if yours is flat across and does not have the reinforced area I dont think I would feel comfortable drilling holes.

    I guess I have the newest version of the mount because with mine there was no drilling.

    There is a square welded to the back side of the strap . The strap itself is threaded and there's a bolt with a jam nut. Don't remember the numbers but you torqued the bolt then tighten the jam nut. ....... I just got a couple more pics

    I like that - - I am not real big on drilling holes if I don't have to

    Bigdog - if you are interested in this here are the links I shared before

    Road & Track - why stiff suspensions have less traction

    Hotrod - big sway bar and soft springs

    For me this stuff is very interesting, I am not in a position to do things like supercharging or other high HP mods, but I can play with and try to tune my suspension so that my slingshot is more fun for me to drive and play on the twisty mountain roads. Its also fun to try to figure how these things apply to our 3 wheeled situation - think about it, how do the principals of balancing front to rear sway bars apply when there is no rear sway bar? do we treat is as if it is super stiff because there is no shifting of weight from one wheel to another? or do we treat it as super soft because there is no resistance to roll? because of the lack of traction in the back and the ease with which it power oversteers do we need to worry about causing an understeer situation by having a too stiff front sway bar - - I doubt I will ever know the answers to all of this and I would love to have access to all the different suspension options and a few days at a track to actually try all of the options ad find the answers - - - it is so easy to find this information fo regular 4 wheel cars, but I havent been able to find much at all of three wheel rear wheel drive vehicles - - its the primary reason why I hang out on a reverse trike builders forum - - anyway I hope you enjoy the links

    If it helps here is a picture of the swing arm on my 2016 - as you can see it has the hole on the top near the drive belt - (I put a bolt in it to keep water from getting inside the swing arm) - and on the side of the swing arm you can see the square reinforced area that you are supposed to drill and tap - - if newer swing arms do not have the these areas built up as they are on mine there is no way in hell I would drill and tap it - - the reinforcement is there for a reason


    I have my sway bar set medium stiffness....could go stiffer. My adjustable shocks are on the softest setting...back shock is only up about 5 try to give it some sown pressure.maybe adding a few more wouldn’t hurt.

    I’m trying to get a “car ride” out of the SS. I can say with my stiffer sway bar I don’t notice any heavy leaning in tight curves....

    in my post above when I was talking about soft I was referring to spring rates not dampening or rebound - - - the only way to change the spring rate is to change the springs themselves

    I am running the JRI GT coilovers the fronts have a very soft spring rate of 185 pounds the rear is 350 pounds which is on the stiff side - - I find the ride actually better than many cars I have ridden in, but I also find it odd that they went with a 350 in the rear on whats sold as a Grand Touring coilover set - Dave@DDMWorks in one post said the ride is controlled more by the rear than the front which would make the 350 seem like a odd choice

    from what I have seen most of the adjustable coilovers are 200 to 250 in the front and - 300 in the back

    anyway, its not like I planned it, I bought the coilovers and sway bar before I started reading about suspension, but with the 185 coils in the front combined with my twist dynamic solid sway bar I definitely am doing the soft spring stiff sway bar thing and it does seem to both handle very well and also ride very well - I guess I got lucky :thumbsup:

    Just a question much tire grip is dependent on the type of shocks and torsion bar stiffness?

    The actual gripping ability of a tire should stand alone however the overall traction of a vehicle and how well the gripping ability of the tires can be applied to the ground is dependent on the vehicles suspension including the coilovers / shocks and the sway bars. - you can have the stickiest tire in the world, but if the suspension is such that weight is shifted off of the tire when going around a corner or if the suspension is so stiff that the tire bounces off of the ground going over irregularities in the road then traction will be reduced - - best / stickiest tire in the world wont do you much good if your suspension is not optimized in such a way that it maximizes the tires contact with the road

    Not that long ago I shared a link here about a new trend of some race car mechanics setting up the cars with very soft springs combined wth a very stiff sway bars as this allowed maximum tire contact on race tracks that had bumps and other minor irregularities in the corners. The softer springs kept the tire from bouncing into the air and allowed it to maintain contact better over the bumps where as the lateral spring rate was still very high due to the very stiff sway bar and this kept the vehicle and tires flat to the ground around the turns which also increased tire contact and traction

    It actually a very interesting subject as to how all of these things work together not just from side to side, but also from front to back and for use with only 1 tire in the back and side to side leaning only controlled by the front it gets even more interesting - - something I have been trying to learn as much as I can about

    I get my tires shipped to me from discount tire direct and then I have them mounted by a little hole in the wall tire place that is right around the corner from my house - I like this particular shop because they are very small, both times I have gone there only one guy has been working and I have been able to go right into the shop area with him and watch as he does each tire. He seems to be truly thrilled when I come in and is very curious about the slingshot. First time I showed him all of the proper jacking points and and we talked for over an hour about the slingshot and how he had seen me go by almost every day.

    Anybody watchin the Dem debates ?? What a sad sack of shit they are - if any one of them becomes president we are SCREWED !!

    sorry Bill - I am not even curious enough to turn it on - I know if I did it would just piss me off and why mess up an otherwise good day

    I bought a new wheel (18x10.5) so I could try the Achilles ATR Sport 2 305/30ZR18. That tire is .1" shorter than the stock base tire, so the speedo reads a little under its normal reading, but not enough to make a significant difference. As far as tread and grip, I like the tire, BUT getting the tire installed was a PITA. Mounting that 30 profile tire was significantly harder than mounting my Nitto 555 G2 315/35ZR17 tire on my American Muscle Mustang wheel, which Discount Tire was able to do w/o problem. Pep Boys was listed as a qualified installer, but the tire guy at my local Pep Boys struggled and finally gave up trying to get the tire to seal the bead against the wheel. I went to a second shop who found the bead to have been damaged. Although the tire tech denied having done anything that might have damaged the tire and the local store manager denied any responsibility, when I contacted Pep Boys corporate, I received a replacement tire. I had already ordered a replacement tire after my claim was initially denied and the independent tire shop I used also had a difficult time seating the bead, eventually resorting a strong web band around the tire to force it to seat. After this tire wears down, I will either switch back to my Nitto 555 G2 or I'll get the second Achilles ATR Sport 2 tire mounted and then switch back to my Nitto once the second ATR Sport 2 tire wears down.

    The Achilles ATR Sport 2 305/30ZR18 tire seems to be popular with Mustang owners and seems to have decent traction, especially for a tire that sells for round $105, but getting that sucker mounted sucked. The 30 profile results in a slightly harsher ride compared to a 35 profile tire, so I'll eventually switch back to the Nitto 555 G2 on the rear. I have Nitto Motivos on the front and have been happy with them so far, so I might even try a Motivo 315/35ZR17 on the rear instead of buying another 555 G2.

    right now I have the Motivo's all the way around, but when the rear wears out I am thinking about trying a 555 g2 on the back - - love the motivos on the front and like the idea that I can rotate them by just switching them from one side to the other. On the rear the motivo has been much better than the stock kenda, better traction and better life, but I am thinking that a 555 G2 would give even better traction at the cost of some life - - still have a long way to go before I have to decide, the motivo on the rear has about 12,ooo miles on it and should be good for quite a bit more

    If you have that tiny doesn’t matter what you have or don’t have hooked up......upgrade to a full size car battery...

    They put our exact GM motor in cars....they don’t use a motorcycle battery...

    yes they put our same motor in cars, but cars also have many more things that draw on a battery than a stock slingshot has

    personally I would rather have the smaller AGM battery than any standard flooded cell auto battery - down here in our heat an old fashion flooded cell would would evaporate like mad and the corrosion from the venting would be a mess - - just not practical the way the battery is so hard to get to in the Slingshot

    the "tiny motorcycle" battery as you call it is much more advanced design than the old skool flood cell battery design and in many ways it is superior. The AGM design will handle vibration and heat much better and is fully capable of doing the job it was meant to do in a stock slingshot

    seriously the standard flooded cell lead acid battery that you think is so great hasn't really changed since it was first designed in 1858 and it has a horrible energy to weight ratio - - AGM batteries have many advantages including reduced weight for the same power, up to 5 times faster charging, ability to deliver higher currents due to reduced internal resistance, the ability to deep cycle, better performance in cold temperatures, and resistance spilling and corrosion

    If AGM batteries like the "tiny motorcycle" battery or the yellow top were as bad as you like to say they are then why would they be what is used in military aircraft and vehicles?

    oh - and yes AGM batteries can require new and different charging methods than what we grew up with, but new and better technology often requires us old dogs to learn new tricks if we want to keep up - - and being to lazy to learn how to deal with the new technology does not make the old technology better, it just makes us old, lazy, stubborn fools