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    I think it has to do with he gearing itself and the design. Or the ratio of the angle drive (Not sure if the slingshot is 1:1 or higher). I have just read up on a few people that have swapped them out in other vehicles (not just slingshots) where they noticed no difference or better performance with out changes to any other part of their vehicles. It might be due to the change in angle of the drive drain. Not really sure but most of the things I have read is that even the heavier drivetrain is more efficient than the angle drive.

    I know that Kyle D did some testing of the power of a stock NA slingshot here, Truth about Power and on his dyno got 163whp and 165tq. if the HP at the flywheel is 173 hp as polaris gives in the specs then 163 at the wheel is less than a 6% loss - normally with a regular drive train that number should be closer to 15%

    if these numbers are even close to being correct then it would seem the angle drive is very efficient

    The funny thing about the weight is...there isn't much of a difference. Especially if you have a turbo will never notice the difference. The more I read up on the weight and how much the angle drive robs power, I figured the 4 wheel conversion wouldn't be that bad. All things would still be around 1900 lbs.

    why does the angle drive "rob power" its a very simple 2 gear setup with no slip. I would think that a differential with its multi gear design and allowable slip would be less efficient

    shortly after getting my base sling I was installing a stereo system and made my mounting face plate out of aluminum checker plate. It was a thing of beauty all polished and bright until I pulled out of the garage and couldn't see due to the blinding reflection off of it. All that work and I scrapped it for black plastic =O

    well - hopefully with this shift knob located down where it is I wont have this problem - - if I do I can always go back to the teardrop 1320 shift knob I have been running

    To be honest I think you already have the two best options out there in the top market. I love my sport top, as you say its the perfect top for someone like me who doesnt really want a top. Your new quick shade takes that a step further in being able to go with you and had it been available at the time I would have gotten it

    I think the one thing that would take it up a notch would be if you could design a top that could be opened or closed from the driver seat something so simple it could be done sitting at a stop light

    I was picturing something like your quick shade that was on a roller mounted on the roll hoops that you could reach back and pull forward and latch on to the front bar - I was thinking a spring loaded roller that would keep tension on the top.

    of course this does not meet your criteria of looking stock when open because you would have the frame around the windshield area and the roller box across the hoops you could make both easily removable to go back to the totally stock look, but then we are back yo not having it with you all of the time

    frankly like I said above I think the two tops you already have pretty much cover the light and easy to remove top market - in your lineup the top you are missing is the top that is intended to be permanent and there are already a ton of options out there for that.

    Looking for a set of front SL wheels (2016) and black springs (possibly only available on 2019?).

    by "black springs" are you talking about the spring color on the coilovers? if you are you can get after market coilovers with springs in just about any color you could want from any of the vendors like allthingsslingshot, slingmods, or slingshotonly, put dot com after any one of those names and check out all of the options.

    update - according to the gauge in my Slingshot it ranged from 113 to 117 on my ride home just now - - - I have to say I am very glad I switched to the OEM double bubble windshield at the beginning of this summer, air circulation in the cockpit is much better air ever circulates in the footwells - best $65 mod ever for this kind of weather

    Someone did that about a year ago. They came down for the Miata, pretty clear that they were very biased for the 4 wheels, two doors, trunk, and roof platform.

    I did the same evaluation with the Captain last summer - our verdict has 3 wheels... 🤠

    I think I may have seen that one, If it was the same one I dont recall them actually doing any heads up racing it was more of a opinion as to which one they would prefer rather than which one win a race

    Over the years I have learned not judge other peoples relationships - I have known couples who fought like cats and dogs and seemed like they wanted to kill each other who have been together for years and would actually kill for each other and I have known couples who seemed and acted like long life best friends who would cheat on each other at the drop of a hat - - - all people are different and every relationship is a unique thing that can only be judged by those living it.