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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    I spoke to a guy at Polaris about this. Allegedly, they have been wanting to release the automatic trans with a new proprietary motor moving away from the 2.4L Ecotec. However, they haven't been able to solidify a new in house powerplant which has postponed the release of the auto trans that was allegedly originally scheduled for 2019. I have no idea how much truth to this there is but I could not see why this guy would lie about it either.

    could be they want a smaller lighter power plant to offset the extra weight of an automatic

    I have found that another source of front end squeaks and creeks can be the sway bar mount bushings. The stock bushings are a hard plastic and they do not have any ability to grease them. I replaced my sway bar mounts with the DDM mounts with the polyurethane bushings and the zerk fitting for greasing and things up front got much quieter

    what do you all recommend to use for cleaning the belt?

    I usually just use a bucket of soapy water and a scrub brush. I scrub between the belts teeth on both the top and the bottom between the back of the tub and the pulley, I then roll the slingshot back so that the parts of the belt that were either inside the tub or on the pulley are exposed and then I scrub top and bottom again. After I am sure I havent missed any parts of the belt I rinse it off and then I like to rub it down with Lucas slick mist tire shine or Lucas slick mist interior detailer

    I like to clean the belt very regularly because I have found by doing this I have eliminated the horrible screeching belt noises.

    I have also removed my belt guard just to make regular cleaning of the belt easier

    IMHO The Democrats we have in Congress now are as useless as teats on a Boar Hog. Obstruct, Obstruct, is all they know how to do.

    I have to agree, but isn't it true that the Republicans did the same to Obama?

    our system has stopped functioning, our elected officials no longer care about anything except for their own power and both parties are equally guilty.

    And the people who support and stand by these parties are just as bad with most only caring that their side wins

    meanwhile we all get screwed

    Like Wolf I have no problem with an investigation, but when that investigation is done and then someone calls for more investigations and even investigations of the investigators I have to start wondering more about the people calling for the investigations that the person or people they want investigated.

    I dont think it is proper to just keep calling for investigation after investigation just because you dont like what was found in the first investigation. You cant just keep demanding more and more and more because you havent gotten your way.

    as a side note I would hate to be the next Democrat that is elected President - - pay back is a mo-foe and that is what all of this is going to turn into - one administration after another that cant get anything done because all the other party can think about is getting even

    The only good thing that could possibly come out of all this would be the complete destruction of the two party duopoly that now has its hands on the throats of all Americans - - its time for a do over for the entire system

    He was stopped at traffic light according to FB post.

    I guess it wasn't a matter of following too close as I thought - but I still hate tailgating

    You can see that there is an intersection right behind them that they probably just passed through - must be 2 lights right in a row

    this looks like a case of people following too close behind each other. Odds are the Slingshot was too close to the car in front of it and the car behind the slingshot was also following too close. Its one of my biggest pet peeves, drivers now days all like to ride right up on each others asses you should always be a minimum of three full seconds behind the car in front of you. If the car before you passes a mark in the road and you cannot count off a full three seconds before you reach that same mark you are too close! - - - what really sucks is how hard it is to actually do this, seems like 90% of the time if you leave proper room between you and the car in front of you some jerk always changes lanes and gets right into that space and as soon as you back off of him to safe distance another ass will come along and get into that space

    Having said this - I am very pleased looking at this photo at how well the passenger compartment of the Slingshot held up looks better than I would have expected and thats a good thing

    Looked at the vendor list, other than F4 customs didnt see any who would have Slingshot goodies, but I did notice that Vanderhall is going to be giving demo rides - - Does Polaris ever show up at any of the events with Slingshots?

    I have no experience with clearing codes, but can tell you that when I got my slingshot I purchased an extended warranty and the only time I have been to my dealer I had to leave my slingshot for a week and the extended warranty did reimburse me for the rental car I needed during that time - if you got an extended warranty you might want to check and see if it provides for a rental car

    edwardaneal you mentioned using a power brick for longer runs with the gopro, but I went looking for something permanent for power and found this :…Smartphone/dp/B07H7X37T6/

    I was originally looking for just a 12v to USB waterproof item and I'd put a short cable in place, something like this :…t-charging/dp/B07DSBTJ3Z/ but the first one has one less piece to mess with. This one does have two outputs though, and they have options for single output.

    Thank you, that might be just what I need if I decide to put a usb power port some place near the nose. for my mount by the windshield the cable reached the glove box where I can either use the existing port or as said a power bank and my fin mounting location has the power port right there

    still not sure if I will use the nose location enough the justify installing a power port, but if I do these links are helpful - thanks again