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    I think Dave@DDMWorks has posted some thoughts on the sway bars here before. Suggest a search for other threads on the topic.

    All you have to do is search "Sway Bar"

    yes I am familiar with the other threads and I have posted in many of them. unfortunately those threads are older and the Twist bar was not an option at the time. the only other sway bar with the three holes was the Alpha and from those older threads it seemed that Alpha was working on special end links to make the front holes usable, but never finished the project before going out of business.

    I hae been told that the Twist bar can use the front holes but requires the adjustable end links to do so I assume this because the length of the stock links is not correct - I appreciate all pictures of other sway bars using the second forward hole but it would be more helpful to see either the twist bar or an alpha bar with the three holes installed using the front holes which is not available in the other threads

    as a side note why do people assume I didnt search first?

    So, a long time ago I owned one of their pistols. What a horrible creation. It was really only useful as a club.

    Funny side story, a cop friend of ours got jumped by a couple of punks carrying one of the Hi-Point pistols, they got one shot off, and couldn't get another one, so he took the gun away and beat one of them into the hospital with it. Upon later inspection, the gun's safety was on, but the design of the gun is such as you can fire the round in the chamber with the safety on, but the slide will not cycle because the safety actually manually lock the slide. What a piece of junk.

    Anyway, that's not why I was commenting, I was actually wanting to ask how you like the carbine. I've actually heard a couple of half-decent things about it, but not from people I know or anything, so I haven't really paid much attention. Does it cycle and function without problem? Is it fairly accurate? How do you like it?

    I have never had an issue - has functioned perfectly with every type of ammo I have thrown at it. It isnt the sexiest gun out there , but in a 9mm carbine there are not many options you can even get in california, I also love that at the price it is not something I have to baby, if it gets knocked in the dirt or scratched up it isnt a big deal and even covered in dirt it still has just kept shooting and working. I love the Hi-Point carbines and I would not hesitate to buy it again if anything ever happened to this one.

    From what I hear we had huge rain at home - record setting with some flooding. Here on the other side of the world in Pasay City on the shore of Manila bay in the Philippines its been in the 80's and not to humid at only about 50% - - this is our hotel


    I just got agita again, and that is not what I need.

    So I definitely sign off on our Forum. I still go to events and pursue my hobby business. And yes I had a great time here and I will miss it, but I'm to old for BS.

    Free advice don't improve on anything.

    okay - I'm confused, I guess I didnt read down far enough before replying - - now am bummed I dont want you to be gone and I have to wonder what could have been done or said that was so bad that you would respond by dumping everyone - - wouldnt it just be easier and cleaner to ignore the people you are having a problem with instead of leaving all of the rest of us?

    Hey Mytoy Like others have said I am very glad you have decided to stick around I have never actually had the privilege of a face to face meet up and as far apart as we are not sure if or when I ever will, but having said that I do consider you to be a friend and I don't like losing friends.

    I would have popped in here sooner and begged you stay, but its a bit hard keeping up with everything on here with my limited internet access and the time difference being over here in the Philippines - At this point I am just very thankful I didnt get here only to find you gone


    I learn a lot of stuff on this thread - I gotta ask WTF is a bullet button?? Was this just a California thing ??

    California and New York I think. In the states definition of an "assault" weapon they had a list of "evil" "features" things like a pistol grip, a thumb hole grip, a forward grip and a bunch of other things. if a gun had any of these features AND a removable magazine it was an assault weapon and you couldn't have it

    the gun people quickly came up with a way to get around this they invented a magazine release where you needed a "tool" to get the mag to drop out basically it made the mag release button recessed so that it couldnt be pushed with your finger with an AR and its more pointed bullets typically the tip of a bullet would be able to push it in which is why it became known as a bullet button - because you needed a "tool" to get the mag out under the law this made it a fixed magazine and it was no longer an illegal assault weapon

    recently California changed the law so that a bullet button was no longer good enough to be considered a fixed mag as such I either had to make it "featureless" or register it - under the rules simply putting a fin grip wrap around the pistol grip makes it no longer a pistol grip so thats what I did and I also removed my forward grip - now I no longer had an assault weapon, but it still had the stupid bullet button - - since I no longer needed it Hi=Point was kind enough to send me the regular mag release parts so now I can release the mag and change it by just using my thumb

    here is a picture of a bullet button on an AR - as you can see it is recessed so you need a bullet tip to push it (my gun is a 9mm so a bullet never fit in the hole I had a small tool on my key chain I used)


    Personally its all very stupid - they base what an "assault" weapon is on how it looks - no one in their right mind would ever consider my 9mm an "assault" even if it had 400 rounds in one mag it still wouldnt have enough stopping power for any one to ever want to use it in combat

    I feel your pain on the long trips to the dealer but here, in the belly of the beast, I have my choice in any direction. I choose one that is about 10 miles further than my closest as I am a "waiter" and a lizard in their lounge while work is done. Got my coolant tank installed and out the door in a little over an hour on a Friday morning. Can't beat that!

    Can you tell me which one this is - - As you know I use Malcolm Smith

    I just want to give a big thumbs up to the people over at Hi-Point

    I have their 9mm carbine and when I bought it California required it to have a bullet button. Recently California changed the laws so that I had to make it feature less with a fin grip or I had to register it as an assault weapon. I chose to put on the fin grip. In the process of this law change bullet buttons are no longer required.

    Anyway last week I wrote a letter to Hi-Point to ask them if it was possible to remove the bullet button and if so would they sell me any parts I might need

    Well today I go out to the mail box and in it is a package from Hi-Point with full instructions on how to remove the bullet button and all of the parts for the new magazine release - - totally free of charge

    I had heard that they really stood behind their products with a life time warranty, but this was more than I expected

    Thank you Hi-Point :thumbsup:

    so - does anyone here have experience with the Voodoo Fab tank that Slingmods sells? it looks very similar to the DDM but it has a nice coolant level sight glass tube that looks easier to check the coolant level - - price is the same

    We traveled 150 miles to purchase our SlingShot in 2015, today we are having to travel 210 miles to get our SlingShot serviced. If they happen to also get out of the SlingShot business, then the next dealer will be 260 miles.................................... :(

    It is very hard to get excited about purchasing a SlingShot when you have to take a whole day just to go and look at one, or get it serviced. I simply do not understand where I would think that Polaris would want each and every one of their dealers to promote the SlingShot, rather than to continue forcing them out? :/


    My dealer is much closer, but even so I only go there for service if it is a recall or something I cant do. All of the regular service like oil and lube I do at home. In the time I have had my Slingshot she has only been back to the dealer one time and because she is my daily driver I had to rent a car and leave her there

    Not a problem, I was just joking because of all of the "emotional turmoil" that has surrounded the slingshot, especially due to it being still on the newer side of production and they are still trying to figure out how they can put their 2 cents in and control it as all government does. but no problem or worries from me. all good. But it is funny how they try to take one little change, one tiny modification as to say that you have now changed the whole thing. made something all new and now it isn't its original product and now it has to be ruled and regulated with a different set of guidelines. just amazing.

    California may be screwed up on most things, but on this I think they have got it pretty good. The Slingshot is motorcycle and there does not seem to be any talk in making it anything else.

    California law requires a motorcycle license / endorsement, a Class M1 - but this is specifically for a 2-wheel motorcycle - trikes reverse or otherwise do not require anything other than a normal drivers license - we do have to use a helmet, but I can deal with that

    As to changing classifications I have never seen that done retroactively - even in the States where they have classified the Slingshot as an autocycle they define autocycle as a type of motorcycle

    under federal law all our our slingshots are legally classified as motorcycles - it is how Polaris got them around the federal laws on air bags and crumple zones I could be wrong but I believe that this can not be retroactively changed - they could make a new federal class of autocycle which they have talked about but I am pretty sure it would only be applied to new vehicles

    I think the jet lag might be avoidable. We are leaving at 11 in Sunday morning here and arriving in the evening the next day there I did this before and I stayed awake the entire flight - no jet lag seemed like a regular day just a bit long, relaxed, had dinner and went to bed. Now coming back will be a bit tricker we are leaving in the morning there and getting home even earlier in the morning here. I figure if I can sleep the last 6 to 8 hours of the flight so that I am waking up when we land at 8AM I can trick my body into being back on the right time. - - hopefully this will work. Last time I made the mistake of sleeping on the flight home which landed at 10 at night and I was wide awake and screwed up for days

    Anyway at this point I just want to get on the plane and go. at least then there will be nothing left to stress about, So long as we have all the papers, passports and of course the remains with us in our carry on's everything else can be dealt with if it is forgotten or lost

    Hey at least from a weather perspective this is considered to visit the Philippines there is :thumbsup:

    Thats right - post your rant here, anything bugging you, pet peeves, bad drivers, whatever, get it off your chest and put it here.

    I will start, International travel is a pain, having to take a loved one remains home is a pain doing both is really a pain, the paperwork and trips to the consulate and getting everything perfect so you dont get in trouble or break some law - cant even believe all the crap they want and sealed stamped and notarized, And you need the right container for the ashes got to be able to xray it and in a sealed bag inside incase they want to look - thank God she wanted to be cremated having to deal with a body would have cost a small fortune

    And then theres the luggage 2 checked bags each up to 50 pounds and a carry on and trying to keep the weight down - when you visit from the U.S things they cant get over there are a must, pounds of chocolate and and all kinds of other items and shifting from bag to bag to try to get the weight right, only 2 of us going and there will be 5 suitcases - - best investment I made this last week was a luggage scale - amazing how easy it is to go over weight.

    and then there is the damn flight time 15 1/2 hours on a plane to get there, we leave at 11 in the morning our time and dont land until 7pm the next day their time, on the bright side coming back is 2 hours shorter and we actually land 3 hours earlier than we took off amazing how that works - - - done this before and I know the jet lag is going to suck - -

    I know once we are there and on the ground its all going to be worth it, but dang it sure would be easier to take I nice trip in the Slingshot

    anyway just needed to vent and this is probably the only place where no one will take it the wrong way or get offended

    if nothing else now we have a post your rant here thread that can go along with the weather thread the only question that remains is if you want to rant about the weather which thread to choose =O