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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    I experienced a situation a few months ago where my system would bog down when I hit 4000 rpm under heavy acceleration. I managed to clear what I believe was a dirty fuel filter on the fuel pump in the gas tank by running several cans of Sea Foam or its cheaper Walmart equivalent over the course of a month or so. I added an entire can at a fill-up and then added another can after the next fill-up and did this over several fill-ups. I now add a can of Sea Foam (or its Walmart equivalent) once every month or two.

    I really wanted to avoid replacing the fuel pump with its attached filter since Polaris wants several hundred Dollars for one. I found a couple sources that sell just the pump portion which you reconnect to to the assembly. See this thread - Bad gas?

    In my case, when I switched to all LEDs, the bulbs were not designed to fit the different bulb connectors, so I had to drill out the headlight mounts and the new LED bulbs were basically friction fits in the outer Canadian and Auxiliary headlights. I'm not sure how complicated it might be to switch to the newer LED or HID bulbs that are designed to fit the conventional bulb-specific mounts.

    Running a turbo without AFR/Boost gauges is asking for engine problems. You need to be able to watch AFR when boosted or you risk damage from a too lean condition. I bought an Innovate SCG-1 AFR/Boost gauge, which while it can display Boost and AFR or AFR & Boost, only one of the values is easily read with the other being displayed in the top left corner of the gauge with relatively small text. I wish I had purchased an Gauge which shows AFR numerically in the center of the display with Boost indicated around the circumference of the gauge. With the Innovate SCG-1, you need to also get an external data logger module, but I thunk certain models of the AEM gauges may have data logging capability included. I'm not sure on the specifics of the AEM gauges, but they seem to be more popular.

    Note to the OP - Go ahead and get Polaris to replace/fix your seats. That way you can sell them to help offset the cost of new seats, even if you go with the newer Polaris seats.

    I still haven't changed my calendar from it's May display and I think when I last changed it to May it was because I had finally mounted it on the wall. With all of my digital devices, I rarely think to look at a wall calendar!

    I bought 2 of these -…JK-98-18-VIC/133142131359 and still need to order some round air vents like mniron used in his floor vents. I plan on mounting the scoops behind the mudguards with the air vents a little above the bottom of the scoops in hopes of any rain getting in the scoops just draining out the bottom of the scoops rather than coming in thru the vents. Will post an update when I finally get around to the install.

    General Comment about WillTheyFit's speedo calculations - I entered the stock Polaris rear tire/wheel info vs what I'm currently running on both and Discount Tire's Tire Size and Conversion Calculator.The attached pic shows the info entered and the results each website produced. Both sites calculated the 305/30R18 tire to be approximately 2 mm shorter than the stock tire, yet WTF reports the new tire to run slightly faster while the DT site shows it to run slightly slower. A SHORTER tire will not turn as fast at the same engine rpms as a larger tire since the shorter tire will have a smaller circumference and will cover a shorter distance at the same rpm, resulting in a slower speed than indicated compared to the original tire. I like the WTF site since it provides a visualization of how the new tire/wheel will sit compared to the original tire/wheel, but the WTF speedo calculations are incorrect. The DT calculator provides a much better estimation of the impact of tire size vs speedo error.

    I will be try redoing the screen capture pic for easier reading. Redid the screen captures, but they may still be a little hard to read.

    Amazon has really warped our delivery expectations! I ordered a new throttle body from a GM dealer in NC on 8/19, but didn't receive shipping info until today. At least it's supposed to get delivered on 8/30!;)

    AS I was leaving the place where I had my laser alignment done, I realized my steering wheel was not at 12 o'clock, but it was raining hard and I wanted to get home. Once there, I mad sure the wheels were properly pointed forward, pulled the steering wheel and re-positioned it properly. That was around 18+ months ago and everything still works fine today.

    I must clarify that while I have read about tapping power from the alternator, I have not yet gotten around to doing so, myself. The first generation alternators had the red-capped terminal on the bottom, but at some point (looks like starting with the 2017 model), Polaris is reported to have changed the alternator to one that has the red terminal on the top.

    If it's not too much trouble, could you post some pics taken from the side to give us a better idea about clearances? I've beem thinking about ordering the Tallboy +2 for a while now, but would like to see some clearance pics. Thanks in advance.

    I need more info. One guy I know of ( Dale Earnhart) died from a spinal fracture at the base of the skull, brain stem area. Now out of the millions on millions of helmets in use have there been similar injuries, deaths. Just how many injuries in that area have there been? Average that number against the number in use and give me a number. For me the odds are way in my favor. I wear a half helmet in summer and a full helmet in winter, I also have a full four point harness. I still like my odds in any sub 100 mph collision, remember it was a full front on collision at over 100mph that took Dale. His death was exacerbated by his driving position. He had a very reclined driving position that had his neck in a position in which it just did not have a lot of flexation left.


    The thing that always bothered me most about his death was he reportedly would have survived the crash had he been wearing the HANS device, but his "gut-instinct" told him it was dangerous to wear. Similar mindsets were very common when seat-belts were first introduced/mandated.

    I would imagine that Polaris investigated the benefits & drawbacks of wearing both a helmet and a seat--belt before deciding to implement their seat-belt with helmet solution, if for no other reason than liability.

    141 kWh for 2 weeks!! $35!!!

    those are numbers I could only dream about. Last month, July, our house used 2,283 kWh of power and had we not installed solar in 2016 we would have been looking at a bill of close to a thousand dollars. And this is for a 1,650 sq foot home

    fortunately for the same month our 59 solar panels generated 2,694 kWh of power, and with it being the last month of our billing year with Edison they ended up sending us a check for $65 - - our only regular monthly bill is usually around 5$ to 10$ for taxes and the privileged of being connected to their grid

    Unfortunately, that $35 for 141 kwh was just for ONE day! We had several wholesale spot-market price surges this afternoon that probably raised our kwh average price to over $1 per kwh, so for an hour or so we may have been paying $3-5/per our for our electricity. I'll find out later tonight or tomorrow when I can see our hourly kwh numbers for today.