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    Here in Texas, helmet use is optional for riders 21+. I do have some concerns about wearing a helmet while belted since the helmet can induce a lot of torque on your neck. NASCAR now requires drivers to wear a head-neck restraint to minimize damage to the head and neck in a crash. They learned the hard way and I'd prefer to not be the case that generates a lawsuit for damage caused by wearing a helmet while belted.

    Sounds like both speakers are blown and must be replaced. Don't know which year your Slingshot is, but earlier speaker enclosures used smaller speakers and the 8" RF Roadhawg has should make a decent improvement in sound, assuming your head-unit/amp has enough power to drive them.

    When my new replacement angle drive was delivered, I found, upon opening the box and removing the foam that held it in place, that the box must have spent at least part of the trip on its side and the lube had leaked out , presumably thru the vent on the top of the angle drive. I wonder if your angle drive might have been overfilled enough that some of the lube was able to get out thru the top vent?

    IIRC, In WWII, it was learned that adding a bright spotlight to an aircraft actually made it harder to see in daylight! Not necessarily what one would expect.

    The fact that adding a bright light to an aircraft in flight with the result it becomes harder to see, doesn't necessarily mean adding bright lights to a road vehicle will make it harder to see. Personally, I feel folks tend to unconsciously look for patterns. For cars and trucks, people tend to look for single or pairs of headlight sources with the light sources spaced near the outer edges of the vehicle. For motorcycles, people expect to see one or two headlights near each other. I wonder if a vehicle like the Slingshot might confuse the subconscious mind since it has 2 lights centrally located like a motorcycle, but also has one or two outer headlights like a car or truck. This seems plausible to me and would explain how some folks manage to see, but not see what's in front of them.

    I got a survey from Polaris today.

    How much would you pay for a soft top?

    Store at home or in your vehicle?

    Anyone heard about these products?

    Not those items, but Polaris had sent me a survey in late 2015 asking questions about future options including asking if I'd pay $1000 for a quieter Angle Drive? IIRC, few, if any of those options made it into newer models. Polaris wants our input so they can ignore it!

    Purchase a 3-year membership in the American Motorcycle Association or yearly membership with auto-renew on your credit card and you also get free towing for all vehicles for all family members living in your house, IIRC.

    AAA extended towing ranges up to 100 miles, IIRC, when you purchase the RV membership package.

    Check each organization's website for specifics.

    Some folks enjoy the pursuit of hyper-mileage, but I don't think the Slingshot invites such driving practices! I remember sometimes getting around 35 mpg in my Slingshot, but most of us, me included, don't really find that the point of our Slingshots.

    This practice was initiated by Toyota many years back and has been adapted and used throught industry as a leading practice. Overstocked inventory requires time, space and energy.

    Covid appears to have thrown a wrench into that one! I'm waiting on an exhaust system ordered last December! Think of all the money lost. Perhaps a time to rething towards a happy medium?

    Just in Time (JIT) Definition (

    I understand the just-in-time stocking/manufacturing process. Stores like Staples and Office Depot originally had large stores to provide the warehousing capacity caused by unreliable supply chains. Once the JIT process came into use, they suddenly had stores that were too large. Some of the companies facing this problem adapted and changed. Others went out of business.

    My point was that the manufacturers should have made it clear that they were temporarily suspending deliveries of additional chips and that they would be resuming chip orders at some point in the future. At a minimum, the vehicle manufacturers failed to at least reserve their priority for delivery. Admittedly, it would have cost them some money, but it would have minimized the extended shortages they now face, especially since they would have maintained a production priority instead of seeing that manufacturing capacity going to someone else.

    It's been several years since I installed the Fog Light switch, but IIRC, @WingShot's post is correct. Install isn't that hard once you find the pre-installed wires. I assume you're using a relay that's similar to the ones Polaris used, so just orient it so the labeling has the same orientation. You can always pull a relay and make sure your relay's pins are oriented the same way. I initially used the Fog light circuit to power my outer headlights before Polaris came out with the Headlight recall solution and then continued to run the Auxiliary headlights on the Fog circuit until I installed the MadStad bumper and placed the bumper's lights on that circuit instead.

    Those bumper LEDs are pretty bright. Even with them aimed down towards the road, I feel they're too bright for operation with an oncoming vehicle. Good Luck!

    I had Hughes DirecPC back in the 90s, with dial-up uplink to a local ISP and then connecting to DirecPC for the downlink. We sometimes had as many as 4-5 PCs online at the same time and I don't really remember that much competition for bandwidth. Of course, websites seemed to require far less bandwidth than modern websites seem to use. My Daughter used to do custom web design and a lot of her work was refining websites that used stock templates so that they ran faster. It seems that a lot of modern websites seem to use programming languages with the processing needs for high-level code vs machine code.

    Overall, I have some big problems with Starlink's approach since Musk basically wants to setup a satellite network that has more satellites than have been orbited sine the start of the Space Age. There's a picture of the Starlink satellites interrupting astronomical observations and I feel that it shouldn't have been approved for that reason alone. The prospects of satellite collisions raised in the article are another reason I have concerns. Musk seems to be doing the same thing with Starlink he did with Tesla - selling untested tech to customers and worrying about fixing it later. He claimed they'd prevent interference by painting the satellites black, yet he already has enough satellites in orbit to cause problems.

    I wonder if it might be a pipe thread. See if the broken-off piece might fit a plumbing coupling. We have several Ace Hardware stores within around 10 miles and 2 of them have a significantly larger assortment of fittings, so the larger a store is, the better the chance of finding a match. Good Luck!

    I believe this is incorrect. In fact, I know it. The supercharger tune for the big injectors has adjusted and will still monitor air/fuel ratio. My Slingshot now has the lighter blow off spring, and blows off all boost if driving easy, even up into higher RPM (got it from Painter , thank you Dave@DDMWorks ). The SC does use a little power to turn it, so that will drop the MPG by a small amount. But I have the larger injectors, they only dump what I am calling for.... the air/fuel is still held (but can put plenty in it needed). If I'm revving up high with the pedal down, then yes.... the larger injectors will supply plenty of fuel (still within the air/fuel ratio that's programmed). But at lower or light throttle at most all RPM, it won't be dumping more fuel in unless boost is added..... only enough more to run the SC.

    I've gotten as low as 23 with the MeanSling Top at 80 MPH into a headwind. If I would push it, I'm sure it could be in the teens easily. But normal driving with some spirited hits along the way, I will get 25 up to 28 mpg. I've gotten as high as 30, but it was a gentle back roads day. My plugs look great, little soot if any. Only issue I have is at cold (engine) temps, I either let it warm enough or have throttle hesitation until it warms. I have the original tune sold with the Big Kahuna package. I'm very happy with it all, so I've left it alone!

    I don't look at this thing as a Prius. Within reason (mine does this with ease), MPG matters much less when compared to the the fun I get from it. Right foot down, if it puckers your tail then it's enough! This one is enough.... Smiles for miles!

    Looks Like a rethink on my part is in order as what you posted makes sense. I sometimes start typing before I fully think thru something!:/ I enjoy the extra acceleration available with my turbo, although I do try to minimize rear tire spin as I prefer to minimize how often I buy new rear tires. I also try to minimize rear wheel spin since I've been pulled after my rear end slid sideways (only a little, I swear), and the officer felt I hadn't maintained control of my vehicle, but I do enjoy the boost!;)

    Of the angle drive failures I have seen pictures of, it appears that the bearing/gear had been subjected to high heat, like the bearing failed first then cracking the housing?


    That's a possibility. If you look at the 2020+ Angle Drive casing, it has very visible reinforcement in the throat of the casing where the Angle Drive is connected to the driveshaft. The 2020+ Angle Drive has significantly more reinforcement in the casing along with a change in the parts count and how they fit inside.