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    This is probably one of the most off-center steering wheels I've ever seen. It's currently listed at $40.99, but it was cheaper when I decided to give it a try.

    The extremely short distance from the bottom of the steering wheel to the center of the mounting hub meant there was a noticeable change in the arc when the wheel is turned and while I didn't hate the steering wheel, I eventually got tired of the extreme change in hand placement during turns and replaced it with a Flat Bottom Steering Wheel from Twist Dynamics that I bought on sale from SSO -…eering-wheel-flat-bottom/. That wheel doesn't require that much of a change in hand position when turning.

    Be very careful with searchtempest. You may find what you're looking for 2,000 miles away in Minneapolis or 2,300 miles away in Houston. Ask me how I know.

    I've always found SearchTempest results to reflect the distance I specified in my search parameters. It would be nice if ST was smart enough to recognize duplicate listings, though.

    Like the pic states, I thought the front end of this tool was a special crimper, but upon receiving it I found it lacked any descriptive info and since it has conventionalc rimpers behind the hinge, I'm wondering exactly what the front of the tool is for. Anybody recognize this tool? will let you search Craig's List listings within whatever distance from your location you desire. Enter your search terms, zip code and distance to search. You will probably find multiple hits for items listed under more than one CL location, but it's the fastest way to seach Craig's List.

    I actually put the heavy duty velcro pieces under mine in a few spots. I did not do this at first. But after removing them a few times I broke a few of the plastic studs that you screw into. This caused them to raise up just a little out of their grooves. So after adding the heavy duty velcro they lay flat and hold perfect.

    If I need to add some reinforcement, industrial Velcro tape sounds like the way to go. Holds, yet allows disassembly. For anybody new to reattaching the Slingshot plastics like the dash trim and the hood accent pieces using the double-threaded screws, remember to not over-tighten the double-threaded screws as tightening just a little past where you first feel the screw setting tight will result in stripping the hole.

    Anyone come across slightly larger diameter double-threaded screws? Based on a Google search, it looks like these screws are known as Hi-Lo fasteners and are designed for extra holding power in low strength materials like plastic, so it hopefully shouldn't be too hard to find a slightly larger Hi-Lo screw for use if you strip a hole.

    Several years ago (2016, IIRC) I stripped all of the body panels from my Slingshot to have them painted, I let the painter do whatever prep he wanted, but did remove all of the tape from the hood panels and from the bottom of the accent panels before I turned them over to the painter. The accent panels have been on the slingshot for 3+ years now w/o any tape.

    I've had folks ask me if it's street-legal? I've also heard of people asking if it's electric, even thought people were stopped in front of a gas pump!

    I saw these same comments on various 2 wheel forums. Some folks feel you should never add a windshield to a bike that didn't come with one. Others hate tall windshields. I always preferred as large a windshield as I could find just so I could hide behind it when caught in storms and needed to get to cover.

    Once you buy a vehicle, what you do to it is your business. It's yours, do what you want and just ignore all the naysayers.

    Regarding @rabtech's comment above, he certainly has a point that siphoning out the gas or just driving your Slingshot to get rid of the gas before installing your SC will protect your new SC.

    I started adding a can of Sea Foam every month after experiencing stumbling under hard acceleration around 4000 rpm. I added a can of Heet gas line antifreeze and added a can of Sea Foam to every other fill-up over the next month or so and the stumbling went away. It's possible there was no connection between the stumbling problem and the use of the Sea Foam. My personal belief is that I may have had some varnish buildup on the intake to the gas pump in the tank that caused a problem getting enough gas into the pump once I started placing higher demands on the fuel system and the Sea Foam helped clean off enough of the varnish buildup to allow the pump to supply enough fuel. Don't know if that was the case, but I still try to add a can of Sea Foam or its Walmart equivalent every month.

    I would think that it would be the same as the standard car dolly....but than neither Indiana or Texas knew what a Slingshot was for months....

    The section I found referred to tow trucks using a two wheel dolly, but I believe it applies to all two wheel tow dolly users.

    I haven't actually asked him about how he does it. I bought the tow dolly almost 2 years ago and just haven't had a chance to use it, plus I'm getting some confusing info from the Texas DMV about registering it. I've found a section of Texas Law that says two wheel tow dollies do not need to be registered/tagged, yet the DMV responded to a query I sent them saying all trailers must be registered and I just haven't taken the time to go talk to them in person.

    It only gets worse as time goes. First the small mods then when you see something that just grabs you and you cant say no. Then you know your a sling addict :thumbsup:

    After resisting the temptation to try the DF Kit Car 4-wheel conversion kit (best price I've seen), I was tempted to order a MadStad bumper conversion for my Slingshot since it was on sale before Christmas, but I sensibly held off that, too. Unfortunately, at the end of January 2020, I saw it was still on sale and succumbed to temptation! Haven't mentioned it to the Wife!

    Thanks for the useful responses. I'm aware of the concerns about rubbing paint. From what I've read on conventional car trailering forums, the use of a cover is generally frowned upon when trailering, primarily due to wear on paint from sections of the cover which are not firmly secured. The only covers I've found rated for trailering are for conventional two wheel motorcycles from I've never found anyone on any of the classic car forums that recommended using a cover of any kind when towing a vehicle, yet I have read of several Slingshot owners using the Polaris Slingshot trailering cover and being happy/satisfied with it.

    I have a tow dolly from AllThingsSlingshot and since I will be towing the Slingshot backwards, I was concerned about wind impacting the canvas top from underneath and also about the wind's impact on my new NASCAR style Tallboy +2 windshield from AllThingsSlingshot.

    I've read horror stories where folks have towed jeeps and had the canvas top get destroyed from wind and I fear the Tallboy +2 windshield's large size would also present a serious obstacle when towing backwards. I know I can remove the canvas top and even the windshield, if necessary, but I'd rather not if I can avoid it since packing the windshield inside my Ford Edge tow vehicle would be a PITA. I've been waiting for Polaris to release a trailering cover that would fit on Slingshade-equipped Slingshots, hoping that the cover would be tall enough to fit on my TD Top, but my main concern is the lack of specific wording on the Slingshade cover website regarding using the cover when trailering.

    I just received a Groupon offer for a 4-Layer Water-Resistant Exterior Car Cover w/fleece lining, but they're sold out of the closest size that might fit the Slingshot (168"). I've even considered this fleece-lined car cover (168" size) from Amazon, but I think it would need additional tie-down grommets -…ing-Oxgord/dp/B00E4UT41S/.

    I have some comments and a question about the new Polaris Slingshot covers.

    Neither the new Slingshot Slingshade All-Weather Cover (…unctional/covers/2884670/) nor the Slingshot All-Weather Cover (…unctional/covers/2883563/) are currently available. The Polaris website lists both as available in Feb 2020 and allows folks to sign up for email notification when available. It currently looks like Polaris is using the same picture (the non-Slingshade version) for both listings.


    Here is the Slingshot All-Weather Cover description -Slingshot All-Weather Cover - Black

    Slingshot All-Weather Cover - Black

    Item # 2883563

    $464.99 USD

    Coming February 2020
    This product is in production and will be available for purchase soon.
    Visit a Polaris dealership to learn more about our accessories, parts, apparel and service options.


    • One Slingshot All Weather Full Cover
    • Fully protects your Slingshot wherever your ride takes you
    • Protects Slingshot in the garage from dust and any small impacts
    • When trailering, protects Slingshot from sun and the elements
    • During storage, provides full coverage and reliable surface protection
    • Features soft liner that won’t damage any surface finishes


    The Slingshot Full Cover protects your vehicle wherever your ride takes you. In the garage it stays protected from dust and any small bumps, and if you need to trailer it to another spot, it's safe from sun and weather. Features a soft liner that won’t damage the finish. (Emphasis added)


    The Slingshade All-Weather Cover uses the same general descriptions, but never specifically mentions use when trailering. - Slingshot Slingshade All-Weather Cover - BlackSlingshot Slingshade All-Weather Cover - Black

    Item # 2884670

    $474.99 USD

    Coming February 2020
    This product is in production and will be available for purchase soon.

    Visit a Polaris dealership to learn more about our accessories, parts, apparel and service options.


    • One Slingshade All Weather Cover
    • Durable, water-resistant, all-weather cover is custom-fit for Slingshot with Slingshade installed
    • Keeps your Slingshot clean and protects it from the elements
    • Ensures your Slingshot is clean and dry for your next ride
    • Polyester cover is engineered for outdoor storage
    • Features soft liner that won’t damage any of the vehicle’s finishes
    • Slingshot makes no claims that this cover will protect your vehicle in event of a severe weather event


    Protect your Slingshot with this durable, water-resistant, all-weather cover that is custom-fit for a Slingshot with a Slingshade installed. This cover protects your Slingshot from the elements, ensuring that it’s clean and dry for your next ride. This polyester cover is engineered for outdoor storage and it features a soft liner that won’t damage the vehicle’s finish. Slingshot makes no claims that this cover will protect your vehicle in the event of a severe weather event.


    Given the relatively close pricing and overall description, it doesn't really make sense to me that Polaris would manufacture a trailering cover that does NOT fit the Slingshade, but not offer the same trailering feature for the Slingshade-equipped Slingshot.

    Both new covers seem to have new part numbers compared to the original trailering cover (2880658), based on photos I found of the original trailering cover on EBay.

    IF the Slingshade All-Weather cover is also suitable for trailering, I was thinking about buying one to see if it also fits my TD Gen 2 Top, but I'd like more info before risking the expense.

    Anybody have any additional info that might help me decide?