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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    Buying used is your best bet if you want to have it now! The dealers can only sell units shipped to them with the new parts or units on which they have already received and installed the replacement parts.
    If you're dead-set on a NEW Slingshot, keep contacting dealers to see if they have any sellable units. Of course, supply drives price, so any dealers having units they can actually sell and deliver now may want a premium price.
    IMO, $21498 OTD is worth paying and waiting for an SL. Dealers should definitely/hopefully start getting parts sometime in Jan 2017.

    @harleyujoe, I really like the side panels you added. They really smooth out the side of the Slingshot! The smooth side panels also would facilitate the use of a tonneau cover that would secure the cockpit and when used to cover just the passenger area, might actually keep a little heat in the cockpit, if you are lucky enough to have any heat in the cockpit area during colder weather.
    As far as avoiding exhaust smells, I think as long as a system is running w/o a cat, it is going to have exhaust smell as the burning of exhaust fumes the cat facilitates should eliminate most smells. A high-flow cat should minimize the impact of the cat's restrictions.

    Wow I'm going to make this odd. I work for the Federal Bureau of Prisons. For almost 10 years I go to jail everyday.
    Worked aviation for several years after I got out of the Navy. 1989 to 1996 and also 2001 to 2002.

    Many of my relatives on my Father's side in West Virginia ended up working for and retiring from the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

    I had a good friend while in the Army who had been a Huey Door Gunner and crew chief (as I recall). He had retrained as a German Voice Intercept Operator and eventually retired from the Army and became a Historian and Park Ranger for the National Park Service. I don't think he was ever as happy in the Army as he had been when he was working with Hueys.

    US Army Active Duty for 11.5 years as a Voice Intercept Operator/Supervisor (German), getting out as a SFC. Then spent 24 more years working for the Army as an Intelligence Analyst for the US Army Intelligence and Security Command and then the US Army 1st Information Operations Command. Supported modeling and simulation efforts, foreign media analysis/monitoring of reporting about US military actions and beliefs about the US War on Terror and enjoyed the opportunity to work with US foreign leadership analysts.
    MY wife was a Russian linguist in the US Air Force before going to work for the Army, fielding intelligence collection and processing equipment. She eventually moved to the Department of Defense handing Intelligence budgeting and retired after 34 years with the military.
    We'd often dreamed of running a used book store, and seriously considered buying one that was up for sale near our community, but didn't like the numbers. Someone else bought it and ended up going out of business less than 1 year later.

    Just got mine in the other day. Let them rest flat under some books. I assume I just apply them to the Slingshot's tail on top of to replace the third light cover? Just saw the video on Slingmods!

    It is my understanding that Xmas started a s a shorthand for Monks who wrote X representing Christ and the Cross to save time when they were transcribing. Many references to this when Googling "Monks Xmas shorthand."
    If someone finds that opffensive, they need to be more aware. Similar situation here in Texas. Recently, a so-called evangelical minister ran thru a mall in Amarillo shouting that the man in the Santa suit was just a fake and that Christmas was about Christ. Seems he didn't know the original St. Nick was a priest who wanted to bring some joy to his congregation and spread gifts at Xmas, including dropping money down chimneys so parents could free their children from slavery/indentured service. According to legend, one the bags of coins fell into a child's stocking hung up to dry by the fire, starting the tradition of hanging stockings by the fire at Xmas.

    I need you guys opinion please. I am on the fence about putting the 2 chrome raised letter "Turbo" emblems on the hood. Many of you have seen mine and say "don't touch the paint". You think I should do it or will it be too "busy". Thanks in advance for any opinions.

    The Chrome lettering might stand-out better if you place it on the black trim instead of on the paint. The paint scheme is a little "busy" (not criticizing the paint job), but I think the chrome would look better against a solid background.

    Got up Thursday morning to drive 100+ miles to my dealer in Lufkin, TX for my 30K mile service. I wasn't too thrilled when I checked the weather report and saw temps forecast around 39-44F. Since I had removed my TD Top a few weeks ago before I decided to wait until after Xmas to install my turbo, I wore a full helmet (I don't normally wear a helmet with the Top on the Slingshot) and it kept my face and ears comfortable. I also wore some insulated overalls I bought for winter riding when we still lived in Virginia and they and my Cortech motorcycle jacket kept my body warm. I was actually surprised how much I enjoyed the ride even with the relatively low temps for this part of Texas.

    The gas station mechanics I used back in Virginia before we moved to Texas in 2009 installed several engines and transmissions from Jasper and reported their customers were happy. I haven't looked at Jasper products in years, but they used to have a good rep for support. Don't know about now. Their site has links for finding installers and costs - Remanufactured engines, transmissions and differentials | JASPER Engines. Since you are looking for an older engine, I don't know if they have what you want or not.

    Biggest issue isn't the cost factor (although it is tough justifying that expense to use it twice a year) but it's the fact that the typical passenger sedan will not tow that much of a load safely through the mountains etc without the potential of having issues. Some of us don't have the space for another vehicle to have laying around the house and don't need or want an SUV or truck as our primary vehicle. Believe it or not, my city has an ordinance that says you can't store a vehicle or trailer on your lawn. I'll be damn if I'm going to pay $200 a month for a parking space at the local storage facility

    Does that include in your backyard out of sight behind a fence? MY HOA at least just doesn't like trailers visible from the street or cars on blocks that are visible from the street.

    I gave 2500.00 on ebay for my Sloan Kwikload.. Kenny bought his Sloan Kwikload for about 1/2 what they are new off of ebay... And I purchased my Challenger 5 ton car lift off of Craigslist for 400.00.

    You just have to keep searching. The deals are out there.

    You just seem to have more luck searching than I do! SearchTempest is nice for these types of searches. I just wish I could establish standing searches since I tend to search on an infrequent basis.