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    Don't you love it when a group of people who are in our country illegally wants to tell us to change our laws?

    I would bet we also have people in prison who would also like to change the laws the broke

    What? No. They just want America to know they were tricked into breaking the law. They will sight America vs. Flynn and get set loose.:D

    Whats even sadder is that there are never Trump people who would agree - - - to hell with following the law - - just get Trump and anyone associated with him! - - - - nothing else matters.

    Right Wolf?

    The end justify the means?

    Wrong, wrong... wrong, wrong......wrong, wrong... wrong, wrong...your wrong, your wrong, your wrong.

    Plus, you don't pay attention very well.

    Also, what's even sadder is people that cry fowl on one hand and cheer on the other hand over the same thing, depending on side doing it.

    How is a person "tricked" into lying?

    Which do you think the FBI asked him?

    A: "Did you have contact with Vlad"?

    B: "Have you ever, not really, but maybe, ever or not ever, possibly not found yourself in a situation where you didn't have any or some contact with a person that could have a name not at all similar to Vlad"?

    Admittedly B could be argued that any answer is wrong or a lie. Was it B in your brilliant mind?

    are you assuming someone is guilty and therefore is getting away with something?

    Not an assumption. He lied to the FBI and admitted it.

    I know, I know, "perjury trap" or the DOJ reason, "The statements made by Flynn whether false or not were not material to an investigation".

    Really?! So lying about Russian contacts during an interview in a Russian collusion case is not material?

    Hmmm.:/ Square that for me.

    Now this shit is frightening - LA City counsel considering taking over privately owned hotels against the owners will to house homeless

    This is why the people need to able to come together and form well armed militias - - - out of control government!!!

    Did you read the article?

    I understand the guys point that requiring a hotel that also has multi-million dollar residence condos incorporated to take in homeless is unfair to those residence.

    However, if these hotels received millions in tax dollars in the past. It would seem to be a tit for tat. Especially if the city is going to pay the hotels the nightly fee for housing the homeless. It does appear to me that the hotel could get in trouble for discrimination.

    On a financial side. Why wouldn't the city seek out hotels with lowest nightly stay fee, instead of the most expensive? This is where, as a taxpayer, I would aim my angst.;)

    Now the big question is will my Sara keep the $52 - - --- or will she "reinvest" it once again?

    I suspect it will get "reinvested" - - - 8o

    She should "reinvest". Based on her current trend she should "win" $104.:)

    Unfortunately only having 3 functioning brain cells leaves one to believe everything they see and hear.:D

    Trump has a better shot at my vote next time, simply by being in office. I look at it as any job. IF you are doing a DECENT job, why replace you with a new guy that will have a 2 year learning stage. ;)

    Bill Martin I got the teleprompter working.:)

    So Brother WOLF - I know you never said you hate Trump but I feel pretty good saying you are a never Trumper. Do you really believe Biden is capable of running this country - especially facing the dire straits we are post virus ?? Thoughts please...

    You do know that I have stopped even reading his thoughts

    HE HAS THOUGHTS????? I thought he just couldn’t read the teleprompter :00008172::00008172::00008172:

    Sorry, teleprompter is broke. Unable to answer your query Bill.

    man crush? - - I didn't even vote for Trump - I voted for Gary Johnson last election and so did my wife

    Now I will say that as things stand now I will vote for Trump this time - - but that is mostly due to the fact that I feel it is important do keep a person with obvious dementia out of office - - the fact they will even nominate such a person makes me suspect their real plan is to use him in a way where they can replace him with someone the party knows the people would never elect - - - Joe is either a pawn who will be replaced once they get the voters out of the way or if not that he is a puppet they know they will be able to control

    Yep you could run bozo the clown against Biden and I would be forced to vote for Bozo - - -

    Yes, man crush. Voting for him last time or not, you are deep in love. :*

    there you go snarky anti Trump rhetoric and accusations - - - and then you try to say you havent said you hate trump - - The man has given away his Presidential pay thats a fact - yet without a single shred of evidence you assume he is corrupt

    its called prejudice - - pre judging - - - - usually people who do this do it because subconsciously they know thats what they would do

    Actually of all of the politicians I have seen the ones that most used the political system to become wealthy it would be the Obamas and the Clintons - - - - Trump had money before he was a politician perhaps a billionaire, perhaps less but no doubt he was very very rich - - - the Obamas and Clintions made 100% of their money by leveraging their political position - - without his political rise Obama would just be a professor and no one would give a cr@p about the dreams of his father or any other book he wrote

    Here I go "spinning again". I suggest he may have become a billionaire while being President and you ASSUME all ways to get rich as President are corrupt. Thus you conclude I called Trump corrupt.

    As for his charity, it was forced to shut down because of shady stuff. FACT!

    There is a case that will have Trump in court if he isn't re-elected. FACT!

    You are quite blinded by your man crush.

    One day you will stop putting words in my mouth or projecting onto me, one day.

    Is there a day Obama wasn't blasted on this thread. This thread blows up based on FOX reporting. FOX never took a day off from bashing Obama.

    The difference you see is the number of news agencies, not the frequency.;)

    Edward Neal before you go off on a list of conflicting views. Let me clarify as I do constantly for you. Here is an example of one time you accused me of being biased. 16 accusers is more damning than 1. 6 accusers is more damning than 1. The party doesn't matter. That will always be my view. Get it?

    Another helpful top for you, while reading my posts. This will help reveal to you how badly you project a false image onto me.

    Read my posts very clearly. I often will point out where a Republican or FOX has done exactly what people in this thread complain Dems do.

    Here is the important thing.

    You reading?

    Do you understand things up to now?


    I don't ever deny, rebut or defend against the factual statements of left media and Democrat hypocrisy and bias. NEVER.

    Go ahead and look.

    Furthermore, PAY ATTENTION!:*

    Since before Trump was elected he has refused to release his tax records, this is 100% within the law yet despite being totally legal many on the left, and if I remember correctly this would include you Wolf, have said is evidence that Trump is hiding things he knows are so bad they could at a minimum turn his supporters against him and might show criminal activity.

    I have to wonder if all of these people feel the same way about Biden unsealing his senate records? - - if he continues to say no will they, will you Wolf assume this is a sign of his guilt????

    Or, as I highly suspect will you all simply defend his right not to do so?????

    You have learned nothing from our exchanges. If you go back years, through our archives, I am very consistent with my views regardless of party.

    I haven't personally heard Biden say he won't unseal anything. Assuming he did verbally refuse, he would be very suspect to me. Innocent people don't hide things that can clear their name.

    Trump's refusal to, even though at one point he did actually say he would, release his tax statements leaves him suspect to not being a billionaire. That is all. Since becoming President I'm sure he corrected that, "not a billionaire" thing.

    All his other shady dealings were or are being investigated by those that have access to his tax returns already. His charity was forced to close because if such an investigation. Also, he is set to go to trial, then prison if he isn't re-elected over another financial issue. If re-elected the statute runs out before his second term would end. The President can't be indicted.

    Damn it! I didn't know that and it takes away my conspiracies crescendo.:)

    I don't know how more middle I can get. I split my votes pretty evenly whether it be for President, Senator, Congressmen, Governor... My record speaks for itself.

    When it comes to issues, I agree with each side on a whole range of issues. I have gotten "likes" in this thread, by you on immigration, guns, economy and yes, even the rare time I compliment Trump.

    I have "liked" many of yours and everyone else's comments on various topics. I don't expound on, or engage those topics because you all do a great job covering every single finite point when you guys go off.

    I do however, comment when I think something that was said is blown out of proportion, false, speculation or partial fact. I also comment when I understand a person's point of view and feel like offering other options or scenarios.

    And I know that had Hillary said in a rally in 2016, "If you live in one of these 16 states and cast an early ballot you can change your vote", I would have played her silly game too. I would have changed my Evan McMullin vote to Trump. :*