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    I'll say it now. If he finds something the Dems will cry foul because he has personal reasons to find something...Youth, hair and swagger.:00008356:

    Here is the creators thread on TDS. Not sure if he is still around.…lable-2-5-ft-x-4-ft.2572/

    Just ordered some new tires to come with my new rimes, going with Nitto NT555 G2 with rear being 305/30/20

    Great choice. I have that exact tire on mine and like it very much.

    What did you go with for fronts?

    I went with Nitto 555 245/35 R19 because I was shooting for a near perfect front to rear ratio as stock with minimal speedometer change. I must have done good homework because Polaris came up with almost the exact same sizes for the SLR about 6 months after I did mine.:)

    I'm almost the same as you Edward. Fun isn't my legal name, but it IS my middle name :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

    Sorry if ANYTHING I've ever said offends you

    Hey, what about a sorry to me for all the offensive Eagle bashing?

    I've shown nothing but love for your Patri-argh-ooof-ots. Sorry, almost threw up there. I guess we're even.:00008356:

    agree,.. but every family has a dumb ass that needs to be told to shut up once in a while. Has anyone noticed how many old members don't post anymore? Why? Because they are sick of the repeat threads that when they try to help, they are told they're are wrong with their opinion or knowledge. OK, figure it out for yourself then. This place is turning into the dark side with it's membership. Not because of the forum admin,.. but because of some of the members coming here from there. Yeah, this place was fun and the OG's were and are awesome. We, or they just choose to communicate elsewhere. I guess times are changing

    Are you telling me to shut up brother? :00008172::00008356::*

    Nevermind ;):P

    That is the difference between Conservatives and Liberals - I could not stand Obama but we didn’t spend 8 years trying to impeach him as he drug the country to the left to his “vision”. They will still be tryin to impeach Trump or stop his “vision” all the way thru his 8th year 😬

    There were many Republicans calling for his "real birth certificate" through his entire presidency(Trump...). The Republicans did try to stop Obama's "vision" for 8 years and cheered when Trump reversed almost all of his work that did get done.

    No, the Republicans never tried to impeach Obama, that's unheard of. They supported him because he was the President and they always treat that position with respect.:rolleyes: Don't make me scour this thread or TDS to find examples of utmost respect and "support" for President Obama by Republicans.

    The "difference between Conservatives and Liberals" is an (R) and a (D), sorry counselor.

    Calling an investigation a witch hunt, calling for it to end , trying to discredit the entire intelligence community, firing multiple people involved in the investigation are EXAMPLES of TRUMP as President tampering.

    You say all investigators were hired by people no longer in power and they were going against their new boss for job security. How does that logic check out?

    "A party" has nothing to do with what Trump went through for the last two years. His actions and relationships with all the "great" people(prisoners) he hired has everything to do with it.

    Pelosi and Schumer aren't my parents. Unlike Trumpies and Pelosites I don't blindly tow a party line.

    The Dems never said they don't like the outcome. The Dems are simply saying they would like to see the outcome(400pgs). I think if not the public, at least the full house and senate should see it, and a special committee should be able to see the entire unredacted 400 pgs. Transparency erases hearsay.

    .......annnnnd how is this different from certain Democrat(s) and a little place called Benghazi ????

    Nobody claimed anyone involved it that would be remembered as the greatest president ever.;)

    Let's have a twentieth investigation into that one.

    The Dems shouted "no election fraud" in regards to illegals voting. Trump after he was elected formed a committee to find the claimed "3 million + illegal voters", you know, the amount he(egomaniac) lost by. That committee found zip, zilch, nada and ended in relative silence after a year and a half.

    As for Craig getting netted by Mueller, the Dems will applaud Mueller and call for Craigs head. Trust me, if not for justice, they will do it for optics.

    As for a the "leftist "Investigation Team" that contained NO Repubs". (R)Mueller , (R) Comey...Comey's Hillary investigation announcements timing clearly helped Trump.

    The only "obvious" thing about the entire investigation was that when anything bad came out republicans cried "Democrat witch hunt" and when anything good came out, "the honest investigators are proving Trump right". Trump said it and all the Trumpies followed suit, for two years, right up to the end. A week out from the end of the Mueller investigation Trump said, This is a witch hunt, Mueller is a Democrat lacky, all the investigators are working for the Dems and are never Trumpers. After AG Barr "summarized" the Mueller findings(which now "wasn't a summary":/) and said Trump is cleared of all suspicion, Trump said, "Mueller is an honorable, honest, great guy" and Trumpies ate it up and regurgitated it. Some even go as far as to say they believe him NOW because he caught Dems.

    "And remember, the Dems repeatedly claimed that Mueller was above reproach, was the best in the world at what he does, and would be honest.

    That was until he found NOTHING that pointed to Trump, collusion, and the Russians, but did uncover the Dems relationship to the russians, the collusion of the Dems, the fake evidence, the illegal wire taps, the SPYING" AllIn5450

    Oh and I haven't heard a single Dem say Mueller was wrong on anything. Nobody should since BARR IS THE ONLY ONE OUTSIDE THE INVESTIGATION THAT HAS SEEN WHAT MUELLER FOUND. Well there was Temp. AG Whitaker.

    Whitaker was an interesting case. I found it par for the course that Trump would assign somebody that was vocally against the investigation, "witch hunt"... After he had a couple weeks on the job a reporter asked him if he feels his vocal feelings about the Mueller investigation should keep him from being in charge of the investigation and if he thinks he should recuse himself from overwatch of that investigation. The interesting and encouraging(not a blind Trumpie) thing was his answer. He said, "I had those views based on the limited information I had as a private citizen. I no longer hold those views".

    Par for the course, after that Trump stopped fighting to make Whitaker the AG and appointed Barr. Hmmmm:/

    It’s of us is right.....

    He won't be forgotten, that's for sure. I suspect for reasons that are the exact opposite of "the greatest". But you are correct, one of us is right and time will tell.

    "Treasonous Dems"?

    Most Republicans wanted to end an investigation into foreign interference into our election and hacking of the DNC servers. They wanted it to end because their habitual liar of a candidate was caught up in it. He was caught up in it because he lied about obvious connections, meetings and associates meetings. He was caught up in it because he strangely knew when Wiki Leaks was dropping email dumps. He was caught up in it for asking publicly for Russia to find the missing emails and Russia responded.

    It was not a witch hunt. The hacking was real. The election interference was real. Trumps lies that made him look very suspect were real.

    If anyone acted in a manner that was at odds with protecting our nation, it was those Republicans crying foul, trying to stop the investigation, trying to discredit those faithful Americans in the intelligence community that were doing their best to get to the bottom of all of it. Those republicans are the definition of "party over country" and that sir is very close to treason.;)

    Speaking of CONNMAN, where is he? I sure miss seeing him here. All over some blow-up attack. Too bad to lose a great guy like him over a difference of opinion

    Is that what happened to him? Yeah, he should come back. I like that guy.

    I'm surprised that there hasn't been any Pelosi supporters complimenting her famous words yesterday when talking about the Attorney general of the United States. She says that he has his head up Trump's ass so far that it's hard to tell where he ends and Trump begins!. Wow. I'm sure that the democrats can be proud that the Speaker of the house has so much command of the English language that she has to lower herself to this point. What little respect I had for her is now left the building. So much for raising the bar and putting civility back into politics. this bitch has to go

    By, "lower herself to this point", do you mean to Trumps point? I understand her frustration with Barr. However calling him out and insulting him before she even knows what's in the Mueller report that drove Barr's conclusion could very well make her the moronic, hyper partisan, blinders wearing person.

    I know, "she already is hyper partisan".;)