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    I think Warren showed us why Bloomberg is there. He is a Trump stand in to use during the primaries. The attacks can simply be used to distract from the dems message on everything while practicing for the general election. Her "and I'm not talking about Donald Trump" line says a lot.

    I think whoever said, "Bloomberg is in the race to spend as much as he wants against Trump without breaking campaign finance law" is correct. Trump doesn't care about campaign finance law or many other laws because he is unidictable.:D;(

    I do recall President Obama being titled as the campaigner in chief. Perhaps President Trump should invite President Obama to a golf match. Call it the Presidents Cup. A pay per view event! I'll bet that would smash viewer ratings! :)

    I would watch that. Watching them trying to play nice with each other for 3-4 hours would be interesting, so would their reactions to bad shots.

    I think he is heading to Arizonian for a rally? The man just doesn't slow down!

    "...doesn't slow down" or doesn't stop campaigning. Somebody could probably cry about him being the "campaigner and chief" and pontificate about how worthless he is and how "he should be in Washington working". Anyone that would cry like a little snowflake about a president doing it much less than Trump surely wouldn't clammer to watch a Trump rally, defend the frequency of them or make side mouth excuses about it "being different".

    Just an inner thought I had while reading your post. Not necessarily directed at you Frankie55 . I honestly don't remember all the people that called Obama "The Campaigner and Chief" and spoke from such a high ground as they complained about how useless he was for "just golfing and campaigning", yet defend/cheer Trump who does both a lot more.

    We let the Democrats take over our schools and let them teach our children their doctrine. We also let them take God and Country out of the schools so we only have ourselves to blame. What we need to do is put God and Country back into our schools and get the Government control out. Also we as parents need to take back control of our children. We have let the Government raise them for us for way to long.

    "Separation of Church and State" ring a bell? Who's God should be put back in schools. If your local school prayed solely to one God that wasn't the Christian God, would you be good with that? God and prayer would be back in school.

    The Caravans came because the Democrats were so weak in trying to prevent them. All they can say is what about the children and let them all in illegal or not. And then along with Bernie will them healthcare for free. I don't understand how the Liberals can even think that way.

    "The liberals" don't. SOME seem to.;)

    they didn’t think Hilary would flooding the border with illegal caravans became their plan after trump won...they needed more democratic voters....pretty simple. You don’t think it’s odd that it all started right after he got elected...

    how many republicans are in the caravans? Or digging tunnels or climbing the walls or swimming the rio grande?

    Technically there were no Democrats or Republicans in those caravans.;)

    Trump stopped the Caravans (brought on by Democrats in Congress) - Obama never did anything like that.

    Trump has built a hundred miles of border wall - Obama never did that.

    Trump has also gotten the Mexican government to work with the USA and stop illegal crossings in the the US, and into Mexico from Guatemala, Obama never did that, either.


    Not sure how the "caravans" were "brought on by Democrats in Congress". Those "caravans" came at right when Trump needed them politically and got bigger with each caravan as Trumps political needs required. I pointed out that coincidence at the time.

    I won't dispute the rest of your factually correct statement. I will say that none of them prove Bigdog 's picture correct, which was the point of my comment, not to get Obama a third term.:*

    I have said on numerous occasions that I wish Trump would simply keep his mouth shut. By the same token I wish the Democrats would get over they LOST AIN 2016 !! If you leave me with a choice between a brash New Yorker and the Democratic front runner who wants to run our nation’s economy into a brick wall - I can turn the volume down when he speaks and thumb thru my portfolio making more money under three years of Trump opposed yo 8 years of Obama !! If your retirement investments tank if a Democrat wins- you might look back and say “now that I think about it what Trump says doesn’t mean crap/ it’s what he does that matters”. They say voters vote with their pocketbook - YES !! Lump me in with em - what you gonna do ??))

    If that were the case, Trump would have only served one term and could run again and "make it great again".:)

    exactly which one of those things mentioned hasn’t happened yet?

    For one, "relaxed border, flood illigals". More illigals have "flooded" the border under Trump than Obama. Also, 3 years into Obama's presidency, he had deported more illegals than Trump has at 3

    Bill Martin I was right for like a second time or thousand.:) Trump admitted in an interview with Geraldo that he sent Rudy to Ukraine he also said he didn't regret it, even though it led to his impeachment. How many times did I say Trump clearly ordered Rudy and was met with "nah uh, Trump said he didn't" from people seemingly certain Trump isn't a chronic liar?(redundant, you don't have to research that;))

    I might have to consider these. I purchased a slingshade late in the season last year. I noticed far less airflow through the cabin. Might get a little toasty this summer

    They make a big difference, you can direct the air right at your chest. They also help get cooler air off you in the Spring and Fall. I sold mine when I got the Madstad windshield.

    why couldn’t Bloomberg step down?

    he’s been spending millions on every democratic candidate.....he just wants trump out at any cost.....

    with Hilary in they can finish their 16 year plan....


    You shouldn't post links to "opinion" articles where they have zero legal requirements to tell any truths. The picture you posted, which was pulled from that "opinion" article is very much based on opinion and not very much on fact. ;)

    Ironically that is my opinion, yet still very much fact.:P

    Same one trump has. Rob the poor and make excuses for the wealthy so they pay nothing. Same oh same oh. We should discuss this worthless topic some more. NOT.

    Rather than shit on our parade. Start a new topic.

    Most people will never win a lotto jackpot, but it is fun to talk about once and a while. I'll probably never have a garage that can hold the 100 plus cars, trucks and motorcycles I would love to own and drive/ride, but I like to read about them and talk about how great that would be.

    There was once a time when people dreamed about and talked about having a country where they didn't have to listen to a King or Queen, where the people chose their leaders and people would not be treated differently by their government because of religion. I suppose you would tell them to stop talking about that "worthless topic". NOT;)

    Perhaps a consumption tax would be a better alternative than a flat tax? Think of all the people making a living illegally or subsidizing income illegally i.e. drug dealing, counterfeiting, human trafficking etc. no taxes charged and its destroying the country. Those businesses are getting a free ride! The very thing costing taxpayers & businesses billions a year.

    A consumption tax would include everyone. It could be adjusted to slowly and steadily draw down the deficit.

    I like the idea of capturing illicit money. Many states already have sales tax, which is consumption tax. Michigan's is 6%.

    Either flat or sales tax would be better than the complicated, loophole laden system we have now. I would have teams of accountants work out all the math based on the most recent 5 years and compare sales figures throughout the U.S. and incomes/ corporate profits figures from the same 5 years and which ever came out to the highest government take, go with that one. Illicit funds may slip through depending on the outcome, but the country would be in the best position.:)

    The problem with a flat tax is that nobody wants a truly flat tax. Everybody, bottom to top pays the same percent. All the plans I've seen allow people at the bottom end to be exempt. It won't happen because it doesn't pander to any group to get votes.

    Not pandering to any group is exactly why it should be implemented.

    so are you saying you are for a flat tax where all income is taxed at the same percentage for all people?

    and should people who own a closely held corporation have to pay both that flat tax on their personal income and then an additional corporate tax? like it is now or would all of the income of the corporation and what they take personally only be taxed once?

    I have made it very clear through the years on this forum that I would love a flat tax. A flat tax would put an end to class warfare. People aren't upset that rich people are rich, they get upset when they make $30k a year and pay more tax than a billionaire or corporation. A flat % tax, with no loop holes would fix that and help get rid of the deficit. Who knows, once the deficit is gone, maybe we could have extra money for great social and recreational programs. I would have voted for Cruz if he were the nominee last time, because he said wanted a flat tax.

    If I was an owner of a business, I would expect my business to get the flat tax, and my income as an employee of my company to get hit with the flat tax. Since my wages wouldn't count as profit for the company, it wouldn't get taxed twice, it would only get taxed on my personal income records.

    I would want companies only to get taxed on profit, not all income as much of that goes right back out the door to employees and other businesses.

    At minimum, since no head count was given, you would have 2 kids that don't find socialism attractive and one that loves it.

    Not sure what any of you see as socialism. For me, expecting corporations and people of all incomes to pay nearly the same % in tax and feeling that those in need should be given a hand UP, is not socialism. It is fair and the right thing to do, respectively.

    I believe so, since a battle cry of the left is that conservatives are not just wrong, but evil. Hard to come back to the middle after taking such a stance.



    All it took to soften them on that position was a single vote on 1 of two articles of impeachment. Which helps prove my point that people respond well to those that are willing to cross the isle, if only for a moment.

    I agree - as nice as it would be to bring people together I think the thought that the "other party" would be next in line for the Presidency would severely hinder peoples willingness to vote for a ticket where the VP candidate were from the other party.

    hell if Trump had a Democrat VP what do you think the nuts would be doing to try to remove Trump?

    However, Trump voters would still vote for him and "Never Trumper" republicans may feel less "Never Trumpy".:)

    We've wondered if republicans would vote for a democrat for president if they had a republican running mate (let's leave Jeff Flake out of this!)

    I have to wonder if you could get democrat voters in this day and age to vote for a split ticket... wouldn't a republican running mate poison the ticket for a majority of the Anti-Trump democrats today?

    It shows a true willingness to, "work across the isle" as many claim they will do. I believe regardless of who is President in a mixed ticket, that will register with some voters from both sides and many in the center.

    Much like everyone voting third party to buck the two party system, this intellectual exercise may always remain just that,:)