Painter didn't like the inserts on his Sling, but he liked them on mine!

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  • Those look more like they have been dipped ..? As the pic when it repeats Is a perfect copy of the next one in the pattern.. am I correct ? Either way it looks pretty cool..and I would agree with Orange it wouldn’t look as good,as I would think the detail would get lost,but on yours the skulls are darker and show up better against a lite gray..

  • Sometimes you have to be lucky. I was at Painters shop (before the new paint job) and he showed me these inserts. He laid them on his Sling and asked me what I thought. I could tell that he really didn't like them on and asked me what I thought. I really didn't like them with his color of orange so I took one and laid it on my hood. "That's it, they're going on yours!" The rest was all his idea. The man is one of a kind! Thanks Jim, it's my honor to call you my friend.