Offer: Twist Dynamics Cold Air Intake - Used, Bright Red, 13K miles but still great condition

  • Okay, here's a great deal for someone: Used Twist Dynamics Cold Air Intake, Bright Red, ~13K miles. 2015-2019 SS. Removed when I installed the Turbo, but still in great condition.

    FREE - you pay shipping.

    That's right - you just pay shipping. It's already in a box ready to go. Everything should be included (except instructions) as I removed it from the SS but I make no guarantees. Don't come back to me because it's missing a little screw or something.

    But here's the deal - I don't wanna see someone turn around and try to sell it for a profit. Yes, I see people trying to sell them for $100 - $200 or more. But I'm not that guy. I believe in Pay It Forward. If someone else can use it, great. If not, I will sell it and make myself a few bucks later.

    Box is 12 x 12 x 24, 10 lbs, shipping from 78628. You figure out the freight carrier, method, & cost. Then contact me for Paypal instructions (round up to cover PP fees). I'll get it out within 1 business day.

    Thanks, Chris

    Shipping only.


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  • Sold! Shipping today.

  • Okay, Roadhawg, you're second in line so if the other doesn't come through, I'll let you know.

    UPS shows about $32 via ground and 3-4 days. Round up to $35 to cover Paypal costs. I'll let you know if the other doesn't come through.

  • awesome gesture