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    We've got the same thing happening here with all the so-called asylum seekers (freeloaders, ISIS fighters, Sharia fans) living in 4 star hotels at tax payers expenses. They're shitting all over everyone and everything. At least your President doen't want them. Our asshole PM just keeps bringing them so he can build his own nation. 100% of friends and aquaitances can't wait for October when we go to the polls. Trudeau is destroying our country.

    @WOLFMight as well if it didn't. Our Libtard PM is basking in Islam and finds original multi generation Canadians to be Racist Natzis for questioning him on his immigration policies. So he's giving Millions to Isis terrorists and returning Jihadist fighters benefits. He puts convicted child kidnapper, rapist, murders in native "healing facilities" which is more like a resort. He has put thousands of unwanted illegal asylum seekers in posh hotels while veterans die on the streets. He believes he owns us and we work for him. I've never seen Canada so divided and in turmoil in my entire life. Thanks George Soros. The bane of whats left of Western civilisation.

    Thank you for the clarification...and can you tell me why you went that route rather than loosen the jam nuts and turn the inner tie rod? With the steering locked like you say...there is no change to the steering center angle by turning the inner tie rod.

    I'm sure if one side requires 2 turns and the other side requires say 3 turns of the tie rod it will set a code for steering angle. Most Laser alignments done at a shop require the digital wrench to clear the code after.

    I do not understand what you mean when you say turned the ball joint? You disconnected the outer tie rod and turned it?

    That is correct. I pulled the ball joint bolt after breaking the tie rod jam nuts and turned the ball joint. No problem there because I was shortening the tie rod. (showing fewer threads)

    Ok just went through this. If the tires are cupped chuck em. Is the cupping on the inside or outside. The Sling requires .25 toe in. I did a home laser align using a magnetic laser level.

    1) parked sling with steering wheel centred and then cargo strapped it in position.
    2) Jacked and removed front wheels and lowered to normal ride height.
    3) Place the mag laser level on the rotor (make sure rotor is pushed inward/flush) and shot a line on the floor and marked it using a drywall cutting straight edge on both sides.
    4) Measure and mark on floor 2 ft. in front and rear of each hub centre on floor (hub centre found by using a plum bob).
    5) At forward and rear 2 ft points measure across and calculate where your align is.

    I decided to turn the ball joint so I wouldn't need to bring it in to have the steering centre code cleared.
    At the same time I put 2 new G-Force 2 tires an and all I can say is WOW!
    My alignment was out 1.5" toe out from presumably the dealers techs when they changed out my steering rack last spring.
    Just my 2 cents worth.

    Stay tuned for the results. But I'm sure by getting rid of the 35 lb. suit case in front of her feet and heat wrapping all the piping will make a huge diff. By the way the muffler will be the outsider so nothing under the hood but wrapped pipe.

    I'll be bringing my Sling into Neil's Power Pipes for a complete gut of the exhaust and replaced with an outsider next week. Similar to this. Won't be the Alpha side exhaust tho. Neil is a absolute genius and superior craftsman.

    First of all I thought Auf was trolling when I saw this thread :/ .
    Had 2 too many close calls (on the lake guiding fishing) but the 3rd time was an indirect which tossed my ass about 10 feet. Wife saw the hit and couldn't believe how my 240 lb. frame got tossed like a hanky. Pretty freaky went and saw the Dr. and he figured it hit my head and exited my heel. I'm like no shit is that why my teeth are killing me and it feels like I jumped out of the box of my truck barefoot? Now I'm a chicken shit and hide in the basement when at home during one of our always frikken wild storms. Tornado 3 days ago.