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    We have had some weather delays in the pool building process as I am told this was an unusually wintery winter here for Texas.

    We have the concrete decks, pads and kennel poured. The dog kennel is now completely built. The next couple weeks will be rock work and coping install. We are looking at a completion date of end of April. We are getting excited and the size of the pool and patios are starting to sink in. :D

    Found a nice sunny day to drain and pressure wash the 7' fountain. It looks amazing now. I also put it on automation so I could control it from anywhere on the property.

    The boom truck they brought to sling the concrete around was massive and impressive.

    My only question is how old was the date code on it?

    Since it was a discontinued tire, that was the first thing I checked on the tires I special ordered at Americas Tire. The date codes put them only a few months old at the time of purchase. It isn't an old tire that had been sitting issue.

    Hey Joey when we going riding again? Don’t think I will today cause it is kinda chilly out right now

    I am free most days ending in Y... That is until I decide to take up employment. Still playing stay at home dad and monitoring the progress of the back yard oasis. Next 60* weather day, let's meet up for a ride and lunch.

    I live in California so I am required by law to wear a helmet. 95% of the time I use a very small 1/2 helmet but I also have a bell vortex for when its cold or raining. What do you use?

    I quit wearing a helmet in CA after 4 months of wearing it and hating it. To each their own on reasons... But I found it wasn't something I needed in the SS. I had a 3/4 helmet and the skull cap helmet. Hated having to wear both. I also sit behind and view through a windshield, so the helmet wasn't a factor for vision protection.

    I'd argue a helmet is not required per CA law and for a year and a half and 10K miles on CA roads, I never had an issue with the CA helmet law. I carried a print out of the law in case I was ever stopped. Which was only once. I was not ticketed. I also had conversations with multiple LEOs on the subject. They ranged from agencies CHP, Sheriff, and local PD. All agreed the SS does not require a helmet. I know of several helmet tickets thrown out in the state of CA and only 1 case where the citation stuck. I liked those odds.

    No longer something I need to debate since I left CA.

    I still have the AS-03 installed on a second set of wheels and can tell you... swapping it out for the stock Kenda and doing the same stretch of road around me, it breaks free much faster than the Kenda. I really wanted to love the tire and thought I would based on the reviews I read here when shopping for the right all around tire.

    I hated the General AS-03 tire for two reasons... I found it to break loose and lose grip much faster than the stock tire. I didn't have to try and spin the rear tire, it just did it everywhere. I tried to play with the air pressure and then thought it needed to break in. Put about 1K miles on the newly installed AS-03 and it was still slippery as all get out.

    The second reason is how loud it was when doing a burnout. It squealed and squelched LOUDLY. Gone was the ability to do silent burnouts. Figured it was going to cause me a ticket as often and I lay down the rubber. I went back to a stock Kenda tire and I am much happier.

    I do love the look of the tire!

    I have a new AS-03 I picked up in August. Not intending to use it. Will offload for cost paid.

    Picked up two of them for a steal based on reviews here. Used one and not in love with the tire. If memory serves me right, I paid $150 ea. Can validate. It is the 20” stock size.

    I'm not sure how you hid the TV crew - this is going to be an episode of Mega-Pools or Lifestyles of the Slingshot Owners, right?
    That looks like it's going to be awesome Joey. Are ya missing California right now?

    funny you mention Tv shows about pools. One of the bids we got was for a company who was approached by pool kings from the DIY network. They mentioned having our pool filmed. But when the sales guy insulted the wife... I had to decline their bid. Not to mention their design was sub par.

    This pool will be bitchen when finished and fully landscaped.

    We aren’t missing CA in the slightest! The wife misses some of her family there... but nothing else.

    Early summer SS party is being planned.

    Come summer months you will want to add some Barker 'Air Wings' ---

    A very true statement. I should have added them sooner. More air in in the summer when wanted... and keeps more cold air out in the winter. I would argue get them now and not wait.

    Love my original F4 +5 windshield. Finally have a few scratches and rock dings. Going to wait for the next sale and replace it with the new un-distorted view version.

    Glad you are satisfied... It does a great job keeping a barrier between you and debris.