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    It was cold, but mostly dry and there was no salt/calcium on the roads! The smiles on the kids faces warmed our hearts, and to be honest (only about 15 miles ridden if that) it was WELL worth the gas for the truck (pulling the trailer with the SS) up to LaPorte, Ind to do this (3rd time for me and my wife)! Tomorrow is our anniversary, 41 years together, and we are still best friends! Life is great, and make it that way if you can! Cold and damp, just deal with it, the memories are well worth it!

    Thanks for this thread ( EjFord )!

    Whenever a business or doctor or whatever wants my phone number I always give our landline number. My cell is for family and friends. If someone I don’t know calls my cell I know it’s a sales call or some other bs and ignore it

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    I thought I was the last person in the USA to ditch the landline! That was 2-3 years ago, and no worries or problems. Not saying something couldn't happen that I could use it... (think "nuke, detonated the precise miles above the surface in my range"), but it that should happen, I'll know very soon! Kudos to you! Not sure if you are a survivor, or just hanging on to the old stuff "because". I did for years. My landline eventually became a "non use" or a "message delete" phone. I got very tired of both, and instead of deleting the messages, I deleted the phone. May not work for everyone, including you. It has worked for me....

    If a nuke hits in any way, I lose my cell. That is the least of my worries. Whenever a business wants my number, I decide if they get it. If my doctor wants it, why not give it to them? If a problem, they can be blocked, but if they have your best interest... why would you want to? If not, why deal with them?

    Happy with just cell phone here. If it all goes south, I'll shut it off and anyone is welcome to come find me..... I'll be watching at that point ;). Just saying....

    If you figure that out would you please explain this one to me?

    Easy. The upper "angled piece" is just a little longer at the angle. Look at the low block on the right hand side, and compare it to the lower block on the "lowered angled piece" that moves upward to the right. The slight difference isn't easily noticed, and spread over the 3 blocks wide makes up for the one "extra" rectangular piece.

    Slick the way they did it though!

    This whistle is in the S.C. for sure. We took off the intake filter and when we put a hand over it, the whistle stopped! However, when we disconnected all air tubes to the Rotrex, the whistle was there.... all the time... idle or throttle. very strange!

    Still following... closely as I can (work constraints, 3 job changes within my workplace for me, now in an area that I'm familiar with, but not comfortable with yet). Jim, if you or the "other Jim ( SlingRider ) " (since I call you Painter and him Jim) find out the cause, please let me know! I am still not sure, sound is from right front. Possible it could be from a few things. It runs and drives fine, just an annoying whistling sound under slight load (as in steady throttle at speed.... 60 mph or so) or a bit above. Full on I don't notice it, but I've only put about 1000 miles on it so far. I've not had it past 6k give or take (only a few times) because it didn't need it (and couldn't use it) in the first 3 gears. Brody said he never had it anywhere near redline. I believe him, as it has awesome power that doesn't really have a use (traction wise) near that. Well, maybe 4th or 5th, but I'm not a speed freak, I'm an acceleration fan.... and 3rd gets me there.. :D

    My Mods for the day.... hmmm.. I have done several to the new sling lately, but I want to focus on Angie@DDMWorks and Dave@DDMWorks for their continued outstanding support of their products. I have developed an incredible whistle in my SuperCharger that made it start to sound like a jet engine. And no this is not a good thing.. :) Dave and Angie took multiple calls from Painter and I as we walked through this problem. Dave/Angie quickly sent out replacement pulleys to see if that was the issue. After tearing up our hands and fingers we got them replaced and nope that was not it. We called Dave again yesterday and like the man he is, he said. Box it up and ship it to me. Love this guy. So my sling is down for a while, but not gone.

    Thanks Dave and Angie.

    I have a whistle or squeal from the one I got from Brody ( bjk81 ). It sounds like a bearing, or a disc brake dragging. It only happens under throttle, even just steady once at speed. It's defiantly on the right front side. Could possibly be a whistle from something (maybe the side exhaust from Alpha?). I've only put about 1000 miles on this one, still learning the quirky type of issues from mostly setting the past couple of years. I have most fixed (Master clutch cylinder included) but this one has me stumped. Jim, please let me know what you find, it may help me also!

    I got my notice in snail mail today also. The notice was on my old Slingshot, not the one I have currently. I'll contact my dealer sometime in the near future (I use a dealer over 2 hours drive from me, the best one I've found in that distance) and give them my current info on the Slingshot I have now. It was built just about 4 years ago, and while I will have this done, I'm not in an extreme hurry to do it. I'll have them order the parts, and notify me when they come in so to schedule a time to bring my SS to them. It (the notice I got) states that it's a 30 minute changeover, and I'm not going there for a return visit. It's possible I'll need to trailer down (weather this time of year), and there's no reason to do it twice for that length of time on a repair. I'm sure this dealer will work with me on a "one and done" trip. That's why I go the extra distance to get to them, they have gone the extra mile for me in the past.

    I used everything my Sling I had, and it was the regular thing to do. Rev limiter bounced many, many times, usually a few times each tankful. I sold that one about a month ago, 49k on it and used no oil, no noises, and the oil was relatively clean at 3500 miles (Mobil 1) give or take. I had Bob's tune, CAI, Header, CAT delete.... but I really wanted more.

    The boost Gods smiled on me. I bought Brody's SS ( bjk81 ) with the DDMWorks Big Kahuna package. Sold my original one, but took many mods and switched them first. I can tell you two things.... 1st and 2nd are a no go if pressing it hard above 2500 ish RPM. But 3rd.... (yes, I've have it break loose under hard acceleration at 75 on a hot day) is more controllable. To be honest, it likely will be more of a challenge in the twisties, but every time I nudge it in the first 3 gears I grin like a 13 year old on his first ride at the local amusement park....

    Expensive... yes. Worth it? Let's just say that I'll keep this one and fix anything that breaks..... it has more than I need, but all that I want.....

    Ok, I'm way behind on this! I got off vacation after Labor Day week, and basically SHTF! Busy at work, home, then health issues in my family (not wife or I). I should have posted, but I've not been able to even look at the many new threads in the past 3 months. I just have checked in, did any message or wall stuff, and responded to things on threads I've been active in. Enough on excuses, on to the task at hand!

    I don't have pics of all the things. I thank you for the poster sized picture you gave me over Labor Day Ross ! It's like the one ThomaSS other than it's a picture of my wife and I with our (then) Slingshot in a curve. Sorry, but I don't have the pic or the poster with me at the moment (I know, pics or it didn't happen, but it DID happen!). I got a rock also from DER and his lovely wife Bonnie, thank you for that! Harvey Bu11sh1t I thank you for many things, the Smirnoff's, the Root beer, the windshield stuff.... and many other things.... but mostly for our friendship! That goes for many on here, but sometimes I just want to point that out!

    Then today, I got a key fob with a note from my brother Rob the Slob ! I thank you so much for that! If the pic isn't big enough, it says 0-100 Real Fast! He welcomed me to the boosted club.... and I'm thankful for it! ( bjk81  


    I took yesterday off from changing mods over to Sling II. Four days of at least 8 hours were enough for one week, this is like doing everything twice. I still have around 12 mods to change over worth around $6,000 that will take a little bit more time. Makes a lot more sense, rather than buying new stuff. 22 mods changed so far! Hey! I still have the stuff I am not changing over that I will order on Black Friday from SlingMods

    I can appreciate this so much! I saved many things from Sling I, (one of them ended up still going with the new buyer) and still I have many things to put onto Sling Deuce. I have stuff I didn't change over (still needs installed), and some I have bought from Slingmods. But the biggest will be the exhaust from Jeff Welter (and his sellout to them) ... from Slingshot only. Hate to say it, but I need to go there to get the one I need.

    But as of now, I don't "need" it that badly. Black Friday isn't that far away.... :thumbsup:

    Well, I got a Fast Red one. Thanks for the update and link. I look occasionally in the Matchbox/Hot Wheels section, so if I see another one, I will grab it also (several if they happen to be there). Then.... maybe.... I can open one and display it the way I choose too! Otherwise, it stays new in (box) package....

    They are single led, spaced out, yes.

    Those look very nice! Equally spaced, not to many but enough to present it well! Kudos! Perhaps a pic later in twilight, showing them on? I have only had my "new to me" SS for 2 weeks (other one should leave the stable this week) but I have all the performance/handling things I need for it. Might be interested in a few well placed LED's, and these could just fit in with that bill.......

    The fan is a experiment. Trying to remove heat from footwells. My next design might be a larger radiator fan underneath.

    Madstad adjustable windshield fixed that for us. In the down position, heat in the footwells stays (a great thing for some rides and evenings in Indiana). In the raised position, (even the day I installed it at over 90 degrees) when you hit a shaded area.... you will feel like the AC is on. It sucks the heat out of the footwells with a little speed. For us, it is a "Never regret" type of mod.

    i order a six pack from amazon along with a k&n filter. I don’t get the synthetic.

    Buy 3 and get free shipping. $37.99 for 6.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong, but cylinder compression isn't affected by intake air pressure. Cyclinder compression is measured with the intake valves closed.

    At least that is how I understand it.

    old school way of upping compression slightly is to use a thinner head gasket :) Then again, I was told that by a guy who would hone a brand new engine out to loosen it up for the track. No science to it, he'd just hone for a while on each cylinder.

    The way I understand it, is that you have increased the intake pressure to actually get more air/fuel into the cylinder before the valve closes. N/A the piston sucks air/fuel into the cylinder, then the valve closes. On boost the air/fuel is coming in faster, being pushed rather than sucked. If you have 6 psi in the cylinder when the valve shut (whereas N/A would be zero) then you already have pressure in there before the compression. Boosted may not increase much, but it must increase the amount of pressure at TDC over N/A. That was my thinking. Sort of like exhaust scavenging on the backside. I've ran performance pipes on a non built Harley (30 years ago, still was trying to figure it out) and they were scavenging so well it was actually sucking fuel/air out of the cylinder before the exhaust valve shut off (overlapping cams) and was causing mileage to drop greatly and built up heavy soot near the head in the exhaust.

    Think of it in a different way. If an air tank has 0 pressure, and you compress it to 11:1, now you have pressure in there. However, if you had 100 psi in that tank, and then compressed it the same 11:1, there is much more pressure in that second tank compared to the first.

    That's the way I understand it. Otherwise, it has the same amount of air in the cylinder boosted or not when the intake closes. The amount of compression doesn't change, but you are starting with pressure in there to begin with. The end pressure with boost has to be higher at TDC than N/A. But I bet Dave@DDMWorks could tell us next time he drops in..... and what oil he would recommend us to use. (I'm running the Big Kahuna with the large pulley)

    what windshield are you using. I am on the fence about madstad 11 inch adjustable. I have a F4+5 now. If I get the other, need to sell one I have.

    Any thoughts out there?

    I have two. This is the lighter tint Ripper from Polaris. I like it a lot. I also have (courtesy of my good friend Bu11sh1t ) a Madstad 7" light tinted. I don't think they make the 7" any longer, but for me the 9" I think would work better. I should still be able to see over it when it's up, or can duck down slightly and tuck in from rain. If I were to only have one windshield, either of the ones I have would work..... but I prefer the Madstad for my own personal tastes. It really sucks the heat out of the footwells when it's raised.