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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    Thanks ThomaSS for mentioning this! I meant to do the same thing, but have been seriously busy since returning from vacation! I only wanted to add that we didn't have their number at first, and it was close to noon before we contacted them. They were both working their respective day jobs at the time, but communicated with us very well and managed to overnight what we needed! We came back after the motel sent a text stating that they had the package, and we got it fixed to go out on another ride later that afternoon. Best customer service..... they set the bar for others to strive for!

    Yea, 2 years and how many miles? Four sets in a little over 2 years. 86,000 miles in almost 4 1/2 years!

    2 years and around 27,000 miles. If you take your 86k and divide it by 4 1/2 it comes up at 19k per year. Yes, it's more, but I'm not retired, I work 2000 or more hours a year. Give me a break....

    We just talked at SOG, you are getting a bit snappy my friend! (tongue in cheek for what happened to my pin) :00008356:

    I just spent the last 4 hours trying to make it work. This has kicked my ass and I give up. I will just use the old buttons to cover the holes.

    I truly hate that. I had one of my hood pins fail, not Phil's fault.... I've been having issues getting the rear latches to close. I tried to bend the pin, but it was hardened and it snapped. Just ordered new ones, hoping I can make it work. Phil's setup worked great for me for over 2 years, and well worth what I spent. I got to see how well the system worked when one failed, and I was on vacation (last week). The side that is still working with the hood pins was solid and stable, while the other fender looked like it was giddy and bouncing with joy..... not a good thing!

    Will keep you and your family in prayer! Went through that with my dad in 2011, and mom 3 years ago. It was tough both times, but also a blessing to be there to help them for the last few years of their lives. What an honor to have been able to be there for them.

    =O Speak text:00010166:

    Gunna have to start proof reading....fixed it for ya🙂

    And yet, "ware" still is there. It's "wear"....

    That was for dalancroft . Pointing things out on this forum is rather not cool. Pointing out things and missing some just make you look bad. This is a site to help each other, not be English teachers. Please be kind and look for what was intended, not necessarily what was actually written.

    Just yanking your (you're... haha:D) chain Dalancroft!!

    I will look for the lines, and thanks SoCal ! That was the intent of the post, and I am thankful to know to look for it!

    OMG! Everyone ok and safe? Hope so! Stainless lines and zip tabs in someones future I would imagine... and some "scrape-a-way" as well on the underside ;(

    Not as bad as it looked. Harvey had some bolts underneath that were holding on some mod, don't remember what one, but it hit those. We had just rounded that corner (stop sign, just started moving) and it dropped to the pavement. He tried to get it off the road, but was dragging hard by this point. Had this happened moments before, we were riding twisties at higher speeds. That could have been really bad. Luckily, there was enough line to cut off the 8" or so to get past the hole, once we pulled it out of the zip ties routing the direction. Ran it a little more straight, and had it fixed and riding again in about 20 minutes give or take.

    Not sure about the stainless, but I'd venture he will have some inline butt connectors for emergency in the near future. Lucky this time.... get prepared for the next time.

    Well, I was busy at work on your birthday, and then getting ready to go to Huntsville. I missed this entirely, and I'm not even fashionably late....... I'm unfashionably late! Happy one to you my friend, and I truly hope it was a very blessed day for you!!

    See the source image

    The fact that I have to keep taking my sling to the midwest to get things done is killing me. Now I want to get Painter to do some work...son of a...

    If you choose to stop by painter's place on the way back, I'd likely meet you there to meet you in person. Jim is a great friend of mine. He's such a pay it forward person, it rubs off.... (yes, I originally typed that in Elmer Fudd's "voice" on here.... "Wubs".... :00008356::00008172:)

    I have to say the same thing as MACAWS said I wasn’t able to help with the planning nor with SOG as much as I would of liked. The mission and people are amazing though and I imagine this great group will so amazing things as they are amazing people! Sad that I couldn’t make it to Alabama for homecoming.

    I texted ya awhile back Brody, asking about whether you were coming to this. Sorry you won't be there, was hoping to meet up once again.... but see you in Sept!

    Truck is mostly packed. Weather here has sucked, flood warning tonight and tomorrow. Sling is in SlingCave trailer, strapped and ready. Today after work, I put on stainless lug nuts (should have been on a trailer of this design in the first place) and put CRC rubber coat on the tires. I greased the wheel bearings even though it only has about 3,500 miles on it at best. Good thing I did, the passenger side was only lightly greased from assembly, read as about half a thimble full of red grease in it. My Mobil 1 grease came in clean, feeling good about the trip. Meeting up with ThomaSS somewhere in Northern Kentucky to run caravan down. Leaving at 5am, should be there by 1 or 2 Huntsville time. I'm soooo looking forward to this!!!! :00008040::thumbsup:

    I hope you torqued it down correctly... ask me how I my torque wrenching thread...

    Looks hard was that to install?

    Really? You say in the first quote, "I hope you torqued it down correctly... ask me how I my torque wrenching thread..." like being the authority on the install, then turn around and say, "Looks hard was that to install?"

    I've never blocked anyone on here. Keep it up, you might be the very first.....

    For anyone that thinks I'm picking on this person, be sure to read both entries.... Both quotes were the same and originally from John Price on post #23,362