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    Thanks for the welcome. @Bill Martin I'm not a lawyer (not that there's anything wrong with that). Previously a 17 year police officer. In Pennsylvania, district judges are commonly just "common people" who are able to be certified through testing by the Supreme Court of PA. Although there is a trend for lawyers to get those positions. District judges are elected every 6 years.

    I was a district court judge in Pennsylvania for 18 years. Heard hundreds and hundreds. maybe thousands of civil cases during that time. Small claims is supposed to be for non-lawyers but with that said the rules of evidence and procedure are the same as any other court so you really need to know your stuff to have the upper hand. My thinking was always to relax those rules a bit to let the case proceed. Most civil cases were no shows by defendants in which case the plaintiff automatically wins. Collecting civil judgments is totally up to the plaintiff who holds the judgment. The court assists only by request of the plaintiff by filing actions of recovery. Like others have said, be sure whomever you are suing have assets you can attach and sell. Otherwise all you have is a piece of paper saying someone owes you money. Good luck...

    @airoutlaw no I don't have a third brake modulator. The ESP warning light issue pre dates any mods. The Slingshot pretty much came with it. And no, I didn't opt for the overpriced 500 miles service from the dealer. An oil change and u joint lube shouldn't cost $375... The brake failure issue is brand new and came about on the last ride before putting the Slingshot away for the cold winter. I realize there isn't much I can do to motivate Polaris to make this right. My factory warranty will expire but at least the dealer and Polaris have acknowledged the ESP and brake failure warning light issues and that they are currently happening and will honor the warranty on them once the weather gets to a point where I can get the Sling to the dealer. If I had known of Polaris's lack of concern for customer relations I would never have purchased a Slingshot. It has taken away from the whole ownership experience. I agree another dealer may be the best resolution. Especially with this whole registration snafu as I am sure my selling dealer has something to do with this as this is where the information Polaris puts into their system originates. I will have to start doing some homework... Thanks for chiming in.

    My current PITA has been ongoing since new. Bought the Slingshot on April 16, 2016.. Never received anything from Polaris regarding having purchased a new SL/LE and that included recalls. I checked with Polaris well over a year ago, gave the customer service guy my VIN and he says "sorry but we don't have you as the registered owner" and he gives me the name of who their records show bought the Slingshot the December before I took it off the showroom floor.. I call my selling dealer and he reassures me they did send my registration into Polaris and Polaris much have made a mistake along the line. They will correct it. I let this go about a month which I think is a reasonable amount of time to take care of all that needs to be taken care of, call Polaris to check and lo and behold I am still not the registered owner BUT they do have me in the system with my warranty expiring 4/1/2018. That's 2 weeks short I tell them and with the issues I have had with the ESP and Brake Failure warning lights it would be better to have the warranty expire 2 full years after purchase. I send in my bill of sale and title and am reassured by Polaris that this will be fully investigated and corrected if necessary. Another month and call back. Nope still not me owning the Slingshot. Still expiring April 1 (April Fool's Day) so I ask that a supervisor who can correct this situation call me. And about 2 weeks later I get a call on my wife's cell phone but she didn't have it on and the super leaves a message. I call back, he's not in but will call me back. That was a week ago and still waiting. Some I have relayed this story on to have said the dealer must have sold me a used Slingshot. Well, if so they have created a fraud since their bill of sale says "new" on it and titles in Delaware require "new" or "used" and it clearly represented as "new". Amazing and disturbing at the same time... So now I am getting recall info from Polaris about some grommets on the swingarm that are there but Polaris insists they are not (dealer said they have notified Polaris of the status). Yet I am still not the owner according to Polaris.

    I replaced the stock shocks on our '16 at about 3K miles and have them in the shed with a bunch of other SS OEM parts. Let me know if you are interested in them but shipping would be quite a hefty tariff.

    I complained about the mushy brakes for almost a year after taking delivery and was met with the standard "yours is the only one doing it" from Polaris and the "they all do that" from the dealer. When I had the recalls done, a new brake bleed procedure had been issued. It was done and the brakes were and still are great. What I need more than anything right now is for some at least 45 or better, dry weather so I can get it up to and back from the dealer's. It's only a half hour away but in freezing temps that can seem like quite a trek.

    I've been having that ESP warning light on and off since April. Took it to the dealers with the light on and they could not find the cause. Opened a case with Polaris and still waiting for any guidance from Polaris on where to begin looking. No codes.......No fix.

    Hopefully it is a sensor and that sensor is also the culprit making the ESP warning light come on, go off, come on, go off (since April 2017)... Like I said I didn't notice any problems with braking or hearing any odd noises.. If I had, the wife would be driving the Sling to the dealers :-)

    I took advantage of this beautiful, late January bright sunny day with the temperature 25 degrees above normal to wake up the Slingshot for a bit of a spin around town. Lo and behold, the grumpy Sling greeted me with a Brake Failure warning light. Ah, I just reboot the thing and it will go away. Oh no it won't. Took her out anyway and had a good ride. I didn't notice any problems with the brakes but didn't check the cruise control to see if that was working. I have read that usually when that light shows up the cruise control disappears. I did have brake lights (at least the hoop running/brake lights that I could see).. Got back home, snapped a picture and sent it off to our selling/servicing dealer to make them aware of the issue since our warranty will be expiring April 1st and not knowing what kind of weather we will have I didn't want to let it go without at least a mention. No problem, I was told. It is probably a sensor. They have done quite a few of them. Now we have the Brake and ESP warning lights to address. Hopefully the coming days will find a few that are "fair" enough to get the Sling to the dealers for them to have and then "fair" enough to bring it home once it is repaired.

    OK, OK... I have been out in the sub zero cold for the past 2 days and my brain cells were looking for a warm place and wandered down to my ass. I edited the date to read correctly. Thanks for the heads up GUYZ!

    As you continue to add more and more electrical mods to your Polaris Slingshot, it's important to monitor the voltage levels to insure that you have enough juice to start your ride. This product includes a Plug N Play "Y" harness that integrates into the factory audio harness that is currently on all Slingshot Models. The product has been designed to connect directly to the battery constant wire for the most accurate voltage reading. The battery voltage level will display through the included optically clear, epoxy sealed digital display.

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    Polaris Slingshot Plug N' Play Digital Voltmeter by Electrical Connection

    Is it me or do the wires on the connections not match up color to color??

    1/5/2018 current weather in beautiful downtown Lincoln Delaware is 11 degrees F. Feels like -2 degrees F with the blustery wind... Drifting snow from yesterday's storm has some highways blocked. State of Emergency was declared earlier by the Governor but has since been lifted but the advisory is still not to travel if not necessary. I have been out the past two days with my snow blower clearing my driveway and walkway and also helping neighbors clear theirs. Thank God I brought this beast with me when I moved to Lower Slower Delaware from the Pocono Mountains where this crippling snow would have been a mere inconvenience. Weekend forecast calls for more extreme cold weather but no precipitation.. The Slingshot is tucked away in the garage along with several mods I was planning to do but they will wait for at least warmer weather when fingers actually work.