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    The only time a tune, or an ECU modification is required, is when the engine uses a MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor to control the air/fuel mixture. These engines don't use MAFs, thankfully.

    The horse head was a hit. Lots of laughs, lots of ... well ... I don't condone the activity of the person who jumped out of her car and went running through traffic to take a picture. But it was fun.

    The morning commute was very foggy. I can only imagine how it looked to see a horse horse come out of the fog while driving one of these.

    Here are a few pictures...

    Damn it! Hadn't seen the other thread for fear of spoiling... Oh well, I hope it's quick... Will be watching tonight maybe. Hard to find time with 3 girls under 4 years! (4, 2, and 1 week)

    I feel you. There was a time I had 3 under 3, including the twins. It's both an exhausting and awesome time. Enjoy it when you can!

    Last year I drove around as Mario (see avatar). This year is going to be a bit colder so I'll need to keep the full face helmet, but I want something that can be tied to the top of my helmet and still be humorous.

    I'm up for any ideas you guys can come up with!

    (I'm also thinking of putting a blow up dinosaur or something similar in the passenger seat)

    Nothing special, really. Warm sweater under a windbreaker. Gloves. And a full face helmet. That's about it. Canadians can handle it. ;)

    I'm far more concerned about the tires, though. At these temperatures, the tires just don't warm up. A few times I've gotten a bit sideways. Which I guess is the same as summer, except for the it being intentional part. :)

    I know you are just one of those "northern neighbours" who spell words funny and can't say "about" properly but Donald said the Mexicans will pay for it and I think they should also pay for the wall between Canada and the US to keep all the vehicles with 4 wheels out. Of course I don't know how they will build a wall on the Great Lakes but I am sure Donald will figure it out. Not my problem as I have 3 wheels. or alternatively we just print more money.

    I ... I honestly don't know if this is a joke or not...

    I'm in favour maybe we can put all our people on social programs to work.

    I'm curious to know where the money for building the wall would come from? Creating jobs is important, obviously, but the money to pay them needs to come from somewhere, no?

    As a Canadian watching the insanity that is going on south of the border, I'm curious to see who my fellow Slingers think is going to take over from Obama. I don't think either of those choices are good choices, but now that there really are only two options left (three if you consider the Libertarian option as a realistic option) there must be a lesser of the two evils.

    So who do you think will win?

    Burrr....this time of year is always crazy. Coat and snow pants in the morning then shirts and a t-shirt in the afternoon.

    Do you tend to get snow in October? I'm in Michigan and we might see it mid November.

    It usually doesn't stick around, but yeah, getting snow once or twice in October is common.

    I put a Scorpio on mine, since I often drive it to work downtown. I park in a fairly decent parkade and I've been parking on the roof. After a few months, I got a warning from management of the parkade that they've been getting complains about the car alarm going off. Turns out, I've been parking under an apartment building.

    The alarm goes off all the time, for no reason. I quit using it, except when I'm legitimately concerned about people messing with it. In those cases, it's great. But it just goes off all the time for no reason. I've had it go off in the middle of the night, parked securely in my garage.

    I dunno, maybe I have a lemon. It's not too sensitive, because there is literally nothing going on, and it takes a lot of shaking to make it go off when you want it to. It just goes off for no reason...

    I don't care how big it is still a crap ass Kendra. If your going wider go aftermarket.

    That's fair. But even going 255 Kendra to 305 Kendra would be an excellent comparison.

    A wider tire would obviously increase surface area, but would reduce weight per square inch and increase rolling resistance and rotational weight. So I'm wondering where the sweet spot is for these machines.

    The 255 that comes on the SL seems small. Even the base model has a bigger one (by 10mm, but still bigger).

    Since the SLR is coming with a giant tire, I'm wondering how this affects performance. The extra grip would be better for launches, but the extra rotational weight would likely slow it down somewhere around the 2nd-3rd gear mark. I also wonder how it affects general handling.

    Anyone have any opinions or experience?

    That is awesome.

    But that picture that shows the hood and windshield scares me. You must have followed a truck delivering flour and sand while it was raining! Wow. That Slingshot is almost looks like you wetsanded it getting it ready to paint!

    So what you're saying is, the 4 year olds were right...

    I play hard, just ask the wife. But it's true, this wash was well overdue.