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    As far as the engine failure, after DDM
    broke down my engine we found metal in Pan, Oil Pump and Pick up. Excessive wear on oil pump and all bearings etc. I’m 99% sure the reason is 100% my fault. The metal shavings in the pan looks like they came from a drill bit. After taking pain staking care when drilling my turbo return line fitting it was the reason for the failure. I used gease on flutes as recommended plus added a couple psi by tapping oil fill cap so when I broke thru the block oil actually blew back on me, I drained and flushed several times so I felt 100 % confident I had a clean drill. I was Completely Wrong.
    WARNING to all going forward, pull the oil pan and do the job correctly. This is not worth the shortcut as it’s a very expensive risk. A complete engine failure risk. Also I would highly recommend if using a builder to install your turbo or SC tell them to pull pan and confirm it’s clean.

    My Built DDM engine is alive and kicking and after a spirited ride along with Doctor Dave I had a big smile on my face and and a lil stain in my shorts.
    I’m not a comfortable passanger seat rider and holding the laptop for Dave as he does some flat foot pulls caused the lil stain. amazed-squared I would like to Thank Dave for the hospitality, it’s such a pleasure dealer with a professional group of people. Not just the products but the support and passion that comes with their products. Dave took his time and talking and teaching me, answered phone calls and
    Txt’s and explained everything I asked about.
    Another thing to point out about DDM if you need to visit them, Greenville SC is a great town to visit. We spent the weekend downtown between trips to bug Dave and had a awesome time, food, bars etc. :00000436:

    Hi Hoooo Hi Hooooo it’s off to DDM I go, picking my Sling this weekend with a shiney new bullet installed. After dropping her off a few weeks back Dave determined most likely a number 1 rod bearing failure so out with the rattling one and in with a built DDM works and a new tune. Thanks again for all the advise and help from my friends here and the educating phone conversations with Dave. After looking back at the beginning of this thread a couple of you said right away connecting rod and you nailed it. I’m excited to get a strong,balanced power plant that I can trust. The next question is why? Not sure I will ever now for sure, my best guess when riding the mountain roads last summer on vacation and doing long pulls uphill at low rpm and high boost I started hearing the detonation and started the damage on the rod bearings. Will update after a couple rides and Dyno results.

    Congrats Dave, and best of luck to Jeff.
    My recent first visit to your location I was nothing but impressed by the professionalism and patient you and your staff showed me and my fiancée.
    Continued success to a deserving crew.

    If you'd like, as we're not very far from you, two options come to mind as to me having an expert listen:
    A. You could visit us.
    B. We could visit you.

    As to A, anytime you'd like to make the trek, just let me know. Give me at least a day's notice so I that can assure I'm not out of the office/plant.
    Insofar as B, I travel a bit, and am now making regular voyages to the Daytona Beach region as we are preparing to re-locate there in 2018. I intend to be heading that way in the next week, so let me know when you might be available (PM if you like), and we'll get together.

    Thank you for the offer Bill, I will plan on visiting you in Daytona once you get moved in.

    Have had good luck with the hahn system, not running the new intake. Communications with them can be an issue but I live close enough and I’m big enough that a surprise visit resolved that.
    I sent a video to Dave at DDM and had FunintheSun come by and listen the the expect believe it’s not piston slap but in the front end. Will find out when I take down or it blows up.

    Well that’s a good question, still not really sure.
    The noise had almost went away completely but as of recent has become more noticeable again at cold start up. She is running great and making full boost.
    My goal is to bring up it to DDM over the winter for a tear down. My guess based on conversations with Dave it’s Something with the chain tensioner or VVT although I replaced both VVT actuators. For now im running the hell out of it and having fun.