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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    You may want to look at some advancements in the Hydro world. Many of your arguments regarding Hydro sound very similar to the arguments against electric.... Just saying....…gy-economy-hytech-storage

    You know... I have read through this whole thing and I am still at the "Who gives a ....". If you want to drive electric drive electric and if you don't, then don't. I have a buddy that has a Prius and it is a mixture of both. I personally like that world but still never tell him what to drive.... I did give him some crap one day when we were "idling as it were" in his Prius.. by say... Hey you're wasting electricity....

    Have a great gas, diesel, electric, hydro, day.

    In my opinion the future is here...

    I am sure you all are aware that the current Ride command app updates when you have it logged on and turn on the sling (2019) with mileage and oil stats. I think the rest could be easily done. The Ride Command already has a screen that says diagnostics.... Sorry I guess I do not know how to do pictures.... if you click on the pic it shows you the data...

    As is stated earlier, this is a great forum. I initially joined the week before I went to Georgia and got my Sling. I live in Colorado. I asked for advice for a smooth drive home and was given lots of great advice and offers for help with oil changes and places to stay. It is an awesome forum no doubt.

    FB is something different. I go there to talk with people I grew up with that still live in MN. Some of them I haven't seen since the 70's. I have joined several closed groups... (I worked for the "Phone Company" for 42 years) and they have a retirees group, I have joined two slingshot groups, several other riding groups, Can-Am groups and veteran groups. Yes, there are some people who don't get social media and scroll right by is your friend.

    I am also a member of It is a forum similar to this. To be honest these types of forums have much more accurate information than FB regarding technical issues for these machines. But, there is much more diversity on FB in regards to what people are doing and have done to their machines. On FB you need to remember that if you ask about the intercom on a Spyder one of the first things you will hear is get Bluetooth.... nothing to do with the intercom question that the bike has but someone has and likes bluetooth.

    Regarding the unfortunate accident that was mentioned earlier in this thread... it is unfortunate that some responded with comments about seat belts rather that condolences. That is our society... we seek to find blame rather than compassion.

    Just like here and other forums, if I don't like what I read, I move on. These social media interactions do not control me and my thoughts... Anyway, I just wanted to share that and I hope I did not offend anyone.

    I am a newby here and you guys can go ahead and tell me how wrong I am. I am a big boy and the MC taught me not to give a .... With that being said I see so many say they will never use FB but the reality is that what we are doing her is exactly the same as FB. Posting thoughts and Ideas for others to read. I have even seen some of the same memes here that I have seen on FB... Again... just an opinion.

    I have been part of the slingshot community for over 1500 days now. And most of the old school folks on this site and on that other site have always been great. They want to develop community, they want to develop things in their community and for each other. I have noticed over the last year now...that the newest owners of Slingshots are turning a lot of the pages on Facebook in to drama filled high school playgrounds. It's gotten so bad that I have contemplated selling the slingshot and just walking away from it all. Walk away from the reviews that I write, walk away from the social aspect of what slingshots have done over the last 4+ years., walk away from the essentially everything slingshot related... so on and so on.

    I guess I am confused. This site is the best site I have been on in quite a while. Everyone is very helpful and for the most part respectful.

    FB is just that .... FB.. it is social media... and with that comes all the stuff that social media has to offer.... If I looked at what you are saying I would not be able to buy a Ford, Chevy, Spyder or anything else because of FB. All of that has drama because of our society and not because of FB.

    Here is a classic example... "What type of headlights does my sling use on the outside lights>" Answer... get rid of the crappy stock lights... If you use stock lights you are an idiot... Posts picture of their slingshot... I like the glow rings.... none of those responses answer the original question of what headlights the OP's sling uses.

    That is the nature of social media. In my opinion, if FB makes you give up your sling... I guess I look at this as drama.. Not being rude to you... just my two cents.

    An LP generator connected to the house is the way to go. If the electricity stops it automatically kicks on. It runs a self check each week to make sure it’s always ready.

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    My buddy that lives in the mountains here in CO has natural gas. His generator works on that. I believe he has a Generac. He says it will power the whole house.

    I have a similar issue but it is not Slingmods fault. I ordered a Madstad Winshield and it says 5 to 7 days for shipping... Madstad says 7 to 10 days shipping. I ordered about two weeks ago and contacted Slingmods. They were extremely helpful and told me that Madstad should be shipping out my order today... Again, they sell products from other companies and really have no control over when the manufacture ships the product.