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    Well, the virus news is starting to dwindle or loose some interest... so now the media is inundating us with racial stories again. For for most of March, April and May there were not racist stories.... but now.... It won't be long and we will be back to the multi gender stories. For this whole virus period there has only been a tally of how many men or women got it/died from it... Just wait.....

    The media truly sucks...

    Can't compare the two, a cookie track what you do at one given website and it is mostly used to remember website preferences(user name passwood etc) it doesn't track you across websites. Facebook on the other hand creates a unique ID based on several parameters, IP,MAc ID,Browser ID,OS and so on which can track YOU when you visit websites other than facebook as long as these sites have the social media icon(Likes us on facebook) in their site then you are tracked even if you did not use your "facebook" log in in that 3rd party site.

    This level of tracking is what lets facebook serve you with so many "relevant" ads of things you might want to buy.
    Again apples and oranges.

    For some reason I do not see the relevant ads you mention. I know other people have spoken about that but I have never seen that. Anyway...

    Just thought I would add this... Please, I am not arguing with you just pointing out that most web sites "track" what one does and shares info. I thought the EU had a big law suit regarding this so now when you go to a site that uses "tracking cookies" they are supposed to put a disclaimer on the site and require one to accept that policy.

    Tracking cookies are a specialized type of cookie that can be shared by more than one website or service. They are commonly used for legitimate marketing and advertising purposes, but because they contain a history of the user's actions on multiple sites, they may be exploited or misused to track the user's behavior

    This is true for any tracking cookie that is on you PC/Mac.. I use the Brave browser and it tells me if and when I am being tracked and allows that not to happen. Almost any time one goes on the internet they are being tracked either by the homepage you use or a site you go to... There is no absolute security.

    I hope you realize all these sites sell your personal info regardless of the privacy settings you’s all available for sale.....criminals search those sites all day long looking for idiots that tell everyone in the world they aren’t home. or I’ll be in Maui next month...or I just hit the lotto...or big at the casino...or hey wish me happy now they have your name and birthdate old your kids are...when and where you graduated....Where and when you work....all the new stuff you just much it was and your monthly payments..everyone likes to brag ....look how many criminals turn themselves in with Self posted videos...

    Dude, you don't have to put "your" birthday on there... And if one is stupid enough to post their travel plans.... Or anything personal for that matter...Nothing about my kids, graduated, or any of the fear rant you just posted...Come on man... do you live in this century??? These type of rants are on FB also.. they propagate fear... which is what is needed to be controlled. I know one may think they are not controlled because of thoughts like those above, but I submit they are more controlled...

    Google Hangouts, Skype, Webex, Zoom, facetime (if both have an iOS device)

    These are just some of your options that are free, or have free options.

    Those are free options and if one really digs there is a bunch of data that gets shared and security for some sites is terrible... Zoom meeting have been hacked so many times that lots of businesses quit using it.. Skype is great for a closed network but not so much for internet traffic. Google Hangouts.... no offense brother, but if you think that is any better than FB... Google has a terrible record for privacy.. I don't know much about Webex....

    Honestly, anything that goes out over the internet is subject to being hacked... Just my two cents..

    ahem, have you looked at their privacy sharing policies?!?! I signed up pretty soon after it became public, long before it needed to know my birthdate, where I went to school, etc. Their partners all get to share in what info you provide with no way to opt out that I could find easily.

    If I login now, it prompts me to answer a lot of question and I refuse. From my understanding, these are required now when you create a new account.

    I can't even login without them notifying others that I did, no thanks. I logged in once last year to sign up for a slingshot ride for the kids team, because I couldn't find another way to get in touch with the team.

    In case anyone would like to know...…ks-platform-data-sharing/

    I agree with the platform is good, but some of the people are crap. School I went to... Life, still learning.. I work at who really cares at who really cares.. nothing else is shared. My public profile only shows things I share to the public... Not to my "friends". I limit my friends to people that I actually know and not everyone. If one takes the time to look through FB settings it is really not that hard to see things one wants to see and block the rest. One can even limit which friends see certain posts...(I am in a couple of Veteran/Marine Corps closed groups) and there is a really fun time to be had there... takes me back to when I served and some mornings I am laughing so hard... it is all good.

    As with anything Social Media is not for all. Some people get their underwear in a bunch over a post on a social media site and forget that it is the internet... Who really cares what is on there. When someone I know posts something that looks "fishy" I always take the time to check it out before I comment or share or whatever. Most of the memes I see on this page are on FB as well (and other social sites I am sure).

    If one joins groups, the groups usually have "rules" for posting and the admins adhere to them really well... i.e. no political posts... and such.... In the Marine Corps site it is a free for all... but with minimal political crap and no reporting other Marines. If anyone gets butt hurt and reports someone the admins remove them publicly and let everyone know why they were removed. On the Polaris Slingshot Owners group they have a strict "no politics" and some guy posted a picture of his new cupholders that go above the Ride Command and look like they attach like the shade used to... but had a Trump hat on is dash... He was deleted from that group... A little much as he was talking about the cup holders... but that is how it is.

    I believe as with anything... the black and white approach is not the best in our current world (probably never was) but for me it has been nice to connect with people I haven't seen since high school, and lots of Marines I served with.

    Take Care.

    I have those and they are great. I was wondering which top is that in the pictures? I am thinking about getting a top, but was not sure how much that would interfere with putting bags on the Racks..

    Does that mean to just pull the Ride Command one has to take apart the whole dash?? Just Curious.. I may get the Polaris 9.5 windshield... Can't imagine it is much more difficult than the 7.5 that cam with the Sling.

    I have always been like that too. Go to work and do my job, better than some and not as good as others. After working for the "phone company" for 42 years towards the end, it was no longer go above and beyond it was just give an honest 8. Never took advantage of that place like so many did, but as the "new" management came in they were afraid to confront someone not doing their job and just gave that work to someone who would work, thus the honest 8 rule for me.

    I heard about the Colorado number adjustment and it was not the first time I heard that anyone who died and tested positive was being counted as a covid death - I think this is a bit of an interesting subject with a great deal of grey area - clearly the guy in Colorado that died of alcohol poisoning who triggered the recount testing positive probably had nothing to do with his death, but I think it is also reasonable to assume that many people who have some other cause of death like heart failure it might not be as clear, perhaps if they didnt have the covid they might not have had a heart attack - - think about it - people that have AIDS NEVER die from the AIDS - they ALWAYS die from something else like pneumonia - - we still call it an AIDS death because without the AIDS and the lower immunity it creates the Pneumonia would not have been able to kill them - - - could be very possible that many of the people dying from other causes who have COVID would not have succumbed to whatever the cause was if they did not have the COVID

    Also yesterday on the news I heard a doctor talking about the colorado recount and saying we should be careful in assuming that the number of covid deaths is artificially high because of this type of counting he said that it is almost 100% guaranteed that there is a huge number of people who die where covid was a contributor who were never hospitalized and never tested - - - he went onto point out that when the government does the flu death count each year they have to multiply the actual number counted and tested by by a good amount to account for all of the people who die but were not hospitalized or tested and said its the same with this - - they dont test every person who dies for flu or covid especially if they are elderly and have been bedridden and sickly - - they just call the morgue to take the body away

    seriously, do a search for how they count the flu deaths each year - Its really kind of crazy the number they report is like 10 times what they actually test and can confirm - - they multiply by a huge factor to estimate the number that were never tested or reported

    I get that... This isn't the first time the news has reported on this in Colorado. A while back a nursing home had 7 deaths, the corner said 4 were covid and the other 3 were not... All were counted as covid...

    It lends credence to that video that youtube pulled with Dr. Erickson asking why are doctors being "told" to add death counts to covid even if it wasn't covid. I do believe the numbers are exaggerated.. to what degree... I do not know. To the point of wether or not it is related to covid, we all have viruses in our systems... strep, staff and the like... We carry that with us..and if I have a strep virus in my body not affecting me, and have a heart attack they say I died of a heart attack not of strep. I think the way they are counting now makes more sense... Died with Covid or Died from Covid...

    Personally, I think this may be a way to justify what they have done to US, we the people in the name of safety. I can with certainty say the next time they want to do this there may not be as many who just lay down and take it.

    I am not a Republican/Democrat kind of guy. I believe we should all look at the individual regardless of the affiliation. Surprisingly those who are of the more liberal persuasion, regardless of affiliation seem to be more afraid of this and bow to the media fear factor.

    On a separate note, it was nice while it was quiet... not traffic noise, plane noise and the like... Back to normal pretty soon.

    I haven't seen much about this but Colorado just started two deaths counts because the local news did an investigation into the death count. They were fudging the numbers and counting everyone who died with covid as a covid death.. They just dropped about 30% of the deaths from about 1200 to 830 and now count ... Died with Covid... or died from Covid... I wonder how many other places are fudging numbers as well?? If that is representative of our whole country.... I just leave that there.

    As you said this is with all germs, even if you don't cough on your hand. As Dr. Erickson pointed out (unless one is immunodeficient) most of these germs we need to keep our immune system functioning properly. So from that video and the one I saw on Yahoo, we should only isolate and never go out.... I thing they are just spreading more fear.

    Looks like a real nice trip... Can you tell if there are any hotels/motels open, or are you camping? I would like to take a trip from here to AZ as well...I can do it in a day, but just in case it would be nice to know... Thanks