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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    You trying to tell us that you get dressed up to commit crimes?

    If I got dressed up to commit a crime I'd be caught for sure. This is the Appalachians. A fat man in bibs with a beard. I already match every most wanted picture in all the post offices around here.:D:D:D

    I received something from Painter right after "Mayhem in the Mountains". I didn't want to post a picture of it until it was installed. I am very honored to receive it and can now display it installed with great pride. This is the part where you are hearing the drum roll in the background.

    For those that don't get it. My screen name is 123hotdog and I am always in Bibs. If you see me in pants its a funeral or a mug shot. Not only was Painter considerate enough to do this for me, when I started looking around on YouTube for a how to video, low and behold but what did I find but two videos from Painter himself showing Cameron how to install. This is a fine example of what type of person Painter is. This is also a fine example of how members on this forum are so giving of their time. We all can make all the money we want but when people give their time, well, that is just something that is more valuable than money will ever be. Thanks Painter. Just in case anybody needs them. Here are the links to the videos.

    I am so embarrassed about not posting this sooner but I literally just put them on this week. I want to express a sincere thank you to Greyghost and Sassyslinger2. They gave me these at Maggie Valley and sadly enough, it took me until today to put them on. Thank you guys so much. They look great. they fit like a glove.

    Welcome. Good people on this forum with plenty of knowledge. Just about anything you can think of has been done to a Slingshot and somebody somewhere on this forum has done it. You will find that this is the most helpful bunch you will ever meet. I change my own oil and brakes always but am NO MECHANIC by any means but this forum and the people on it has given my the knowledge and courage to tackle anything on my Sling.

    As I sure up the dates for next year, I would like to take a moment and thank each and every one of you that came to our event. I know it is hard to take time off from work and family to travel and some of you traveled quite a way.

    I would really like to say a special thank you to all my little test subjects that willingly stood on the deck. :POKESS::00000024:Thank you so much. After "Mayhem in the Mountains" I was sure it wouldn't fall, so I just got done painting and adding all the bells and whistles.

    Rab. I have bought a ton of trailers in my career and a ton of used equipment. Two tons of slightly used equipment. I can assure you it is priced exactly right. I built my business on buying equipment at 50% of the purchase price and using it to the point it was scrap. If I hadn't bought a new work trailer last year tailor-made to accommodate the Slingshot I would snatch it right up.

    I did my tranny at 50,000 and I do my angle Drive every other oil change even though it does not need it. One thing I haven't done is the brake fluid. Let us know how hard / easy it is the bleed the brakes

    FunCycle told me how to do brakes and it went word for word how he said. Easy easy. Trust me I don't have near the talent people on here do and I breezed right through it.:thumbsup:

    I understand how it goes chavey2. I had refused to lead a ride and then got pulled in too. I wasn’t even in Eureka. Ended up leading a ride on a route I had never been on even though I live in Rogers and have driven most of the roads through the hills In my 35 years here.

    GPS in the hills is often not usable and will tell you to make turns onto dirt roads that start out paved. We compared 6 GPS units at one point and all 6 were different or just quit.

    About a third of any large group ride will be happy no matter what happens because they are getting to see an area they haven’t seen before and are just enjoying the ride. Another portion will complain about going too slow and the final people will complain about going too fast.

    In my 4 years of going to rally’s it’s always the same. Doesn’t matter if you are leading or riding along in a group.

    I prefer to just go to the rallies to see old friends, meet new friends, and get with a small number (4-8) who want to ride aggressively in areas we can be reasonably certain we won’t have major incidents.

    Very very well said. Everybody should read this post before they go to a group ride.:thumbsup:

    Bless your heart. I learned exactly what happened to you first hand. I had someone walk up to me after a ride and say, " I know why you put the motorcycles in the back, you go to fast for a motorcycle to keep up!!!!" My question was, " Are you serious?" . His wife replied, "once we got up to 73 we just slowed and and decided we were not getting killed". I said, " I never once did 73" She said, " I know you went right past 73". The speed limit was 55 and I never once went over 60. What I learned was it was the accordion effect. There were ten or twelve Slings in my group. Everybody else felt like the pace was great.

    Slingshot owners are like my customers. I can make 95% of them happy 100% of the time. The other 5% would complain about a winning lottery ticket if it wasn't torn off properly.:D:D

    What are the dates for next years get-together

    I need a little more time to solidify the date. I know it won't be the first three weekends in September. There is just too much going on in town those weeks. It will be the weekend of Sept 26 or early October. I will nail dates down after going to the Chamber of Commerce and looking at the town calendar. I will have it on the schedule before this Thanksgiving.