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    Take your time, look at how it is supposed to go together, and then make your decisions on how to accomplish that task. For me first up were the damned clips... I recommend spreading them out a bit to make putting them on easier. I put the license holder on immediately, then the light, attached the y splitter to the license light and the light, and secured the excess with a zip tie. The next step was to drill out the plug and split it. Once that was done it went on the power feed from the slingshot in anticipation of when it would be run through the fender then slapped the stealth piece on the underside of the slingshot using one bolt. (I was surprised how well that snugged up when I tightened the bolt, and was happy it did!) I then put (after trial and error) one bolt in the back of the machine and slipped the fender onto it. The most frustrating part was getting the bolts to line up with the underside of the fender so they would engage the clips. It takes pressure on the fender to make that happen. Do not forget to put the reflector bracket on there before putting the bolts in. Make sure you have an extension for those #10 head bolts so you can use a ratchet and maintain upward pressure as you tighten them up. If you rely on the clip to pull the bolt in under that stress you will be disappointed. After that just hook up the power for the lights and slap on the license plate. Bang, done.

    I just picked up my slingshot on Thursday and I too have seen the Club Slingshot. I went ahead and registered as I figured it is pretty benign. I thought it was interesting that the membership was at no cost for a year but didn’t see a cost for time after that. So far no email’s from that so I’ll see what comes. Kinda lame at this point IMHO.